Be soft

Be soft


Be soft, as you hum to the raspberry plants and say thank you.

Be loving, when you stroke Tomtom and he purrs.

Be aware, when you touch, you transmit love.

Be here, as this moment is your now.

Be genuine, laugh out loud.

Be true, Smile more because you can.

Be real, Cry when your heart aches, it lets the pain out.

Be comforting, and hug you.

Be giving, because your heart longs to just love.

Be gentle, because you can.

Be who you are, show true Spirit.

by Colleen van Heerden


All women are real and Beautiful

All bodies


I love the human body, it is unique in everyway.

Society promotes inadequacy, yet if you can breathe on your own, be strong, do what you love,

Are you not awesome?   I believe we are Awesome Goddess’s! 

I for one never felt comfortable THIN! For the past 8 years I have eaten

healthy, exercised, changed my diet, drank green juices,  explored every aspect of being

healthy and what I have learnt is, Love Your Body and Accept it! and I do.

I accept every imperfection, every stretch mark, every love handle, every muscle, every part of who I am.

No one can truly define what makes you happy, only you.

I am happy, so happy to be alive. To have relationships with nature, plants, my partner, my cat,

my friends and with other human beings on the planet.

At best, I try to live from the heart, to just LOVE, we are all imperfect but love whole heartedly.

Step out of the box of who defines you, and create you for you!


Words of Hope

Phuzamoya Nov 2015 (80)


It has been a hard year for me. I have moved house twice, unpacked 3 times and shifted time and space to be at Phuzamoya, it feels like home. Safe, Solitude, Blue skies, green garden, our vegetable garden keeps blossoming and the raspberries are growing. I watch the fig trees starting to bear fruit. The road is maintained well. I am happy. I even have wifi now, a 5 year wish which has now been realized.

I needed to recap and keep me inspired. I will be turning 40 next year, and I feel freaked out, not for what I have achieved but for what I still want to do, my visions, my dreams, my aspirations.

I have learnt some hard lessons, being an empath doesn’t come with a free pass to Karma, as a Reiki master the Karma is Instant, like a whiplash.

I listen to peoples words and body needs and when I feel I can help, I instinctively do, but what I am finding is people sometimes don’t want help, they will easily use an excuse, to opt out to actually accepting what they need or take full responsibility for what they create. It is far easier to mouth off and complain, and be hooked on drama.

I am not immune to getting angry, sometimes when I get angry. (My anger is stirred by Injustice to human beings or others)  I get sick, this time I had a apses growing in my mouth connecting to my sinus, it took 3 dentist visits, antibiotics, 3 injections to get it all out of me. But until I was ready to talk about it or deal with it, it stayed. Anger – It is a form of fear : fear of being hurt, fear of disappointment, fear of being harmed.

My protective layer instinctively creates a wall, so no hurt can enter.

There is no one who feels more deeply than an empath, we remember everything. My memory remembers smells, pictures, visions, dreams from my childhood. My senses store memory, it remembers everything. I remember words, conversations, life events, I remember the human body, I remember everything.

If I have ever worked on you, I will remember your body too.

I needed to reboot myself with Wp’s help. I needed Hindi music, I needed to read the 40 rules of Love by Elif Shafak, (thank you Sharon) I needed to recap with myself.

Moving is very UNGROUNDING for me, after having received 2 acupuncture and myofascial releases weeks ago, all of this just came tumbling down.

I am good again, I can see the beauty of life. I can feel the natural chi in the sky. I can feel the birds chirp, I can see the trees growing, I can feel alive again with a open heart, mending, healing, believing once again.

I dreamt of an old friend of mine, he was a altar boy, a good soul, he was kind hearted and it felt like my spirit was accepting and having processed all that has happened this year, that it was ok. I have grown.

I have learnt hard lessons but even that was ok to.

No soul lesson goes without its hardship.


I saw Jack Pye this week, one of the babies that was created with Reiki and intention. He was walking, 2 weeks short of his first birthday. I remembered the journey we undertook a year ago, the process of birthing, the treatments to his mom and watching him smile, filled with Life and a deep happiness, makes everything good again.


Makes everything magical, awesome, balanced and conscious.

Words cannot describe that feeling of awe, I have when watching him.

I am grateful for this process. I keep being redefined as a Healer, a wife, a therapist, a journey woman.

A feeling that yes, I must always remember to protect my spirit,

Because it is who I am, the two intertwine, they have meshed, and become so part of my reality, my dream, my Universe.


I remembered holy men telling my mom, I was special, many people warning her to keep me safe, I finally understood it. I have processed it and

Understand this purpose of a healer, it is not for everyone, it is a path  of a disciplined life of truth, it is not easy but wisdom is gained through every storm, every pain, every heartache.


A life of deeper responsibility and accountability, the deeper I venture into

Spirituality, the lesser this world makes sense.


True meaning of life is  Love and to be loved, honoured, treasured, appreciated, to give service and to be adored by those who love you. These are things money cannot buy, only true character will prosper here.


May your healing Journey continue to keep you connected to Your Inner self, your true being.


God is busy with the completion of your work, both outwardly and inwardly. He is fully occupied with you. Every human being is a work in progress that is slowly but inexorably moving toward perfection. We are each an unfinished work of art both waiting and striving to be completed. God deals with each of us separately because humanity is a fine art of skilled penmanship where every single dot is equally important for the entire picture.

 (Quote from The 40 rules of love by Elif Shafak pg 162)

I quote this page because after writing this blog, it just made sense …



Colleen van Heerden






Social Media = Distraction = Disconnected from Human Contact

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I will be the first to admit that I have facebook before I have breakfast and so many other people do to.

I joined facebook in 2008, when I lived in India, so I could keep in contact with friends and family. I shared pictures of my life and journeying on.

At 5am in the morning, people are on facebook, checking to see whats happening? Me too….:-(

Weekends facebook is boring because people are exercising their free will and being free, and doing what they love.

From Monday to Wednesday it is the ‘moaning’days : all forms of vomiting on Facebook is acceptable, liked, acknowledged from disasters to break ups.

By Wednesday facebook becomes motivating. People post things of inspiration.

By Friday everyone is happy for the weekend. By Saturday and Sunday the fun pictures of posings appear and people look happy.

Social Media = is a distraction = Disconnects us from human living.

Our phones has become an addictive substances, you cannot see it or feel it because who doesn’t get excited with a flickering light, someone demanding attention. Someone interrupting your thoughts, someone interrupting a moment of living.

I have started disciplining myself to leave my phone on charge and to answer the messages when I get to it. My corporate conditioning has taught me to be super efficient in answering calls and messages because it was a LIFE and Death situation. In this day and age, reading a message later, is ok, it is not LIFE threatening.

I asked myself to become mindfully aware of hugs and kisses.

To read a book : I am reading the Highly sensitive and 40 rules of love.

When I go for a walk, I observe nature, everything has a pattern, a cycle a deeper awareness of living, there is NO distraction.

A sunrise, A sunset is beautiful.

I don’t want my awareness to be subdued by a object like a cell phone, so I will miss out on living.

Eat your meal without your phone, be present.

So put your phone away and become more active in your LIFE.

Give more hugs and love.

Talk face to face.

Look into another persons eyes, interact and be present, fully.

Stop reading newspapers, stop the radio, stop the TV, reduce facebook and twitter.

Do use them as social media tools  . . .


Let us become the people who value living more than using.



Overcoming an affair – Stepping forward…..

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untitled (9)


Affairs happen. Lets lay blame with both parties equally. Imagine you have a partner but over the years, the sex dissipates, you feel lonely, you feel anxious and unloved.

Along comes this person who pays attention, who shares his or her emotions with you, you feel their pain for being unloved and you begin to open up as a Empath to them.

You begin to see this person as your support system, you share emotional and daily happenings within a day. This person becomes your friend, since your partner  has withdrawn, theres no harm to be have a friend. There is no physical contact, yet.

It begins with a HUG, a Kiss, a Touch, a word that compliments your dress, your smile, your look. Slowly, you become hooked on it, and even begin to fall inlove with this person. The act of having sex, is the least of the problems.

The problem started with your partner not being their for you.

The emotional, sexual, physical neglect = Ground is fertile for a affair.

I write this blog to bring awareness of how easily it does happen and how to overcome it.

  1. If you had an affair, be honest with your partner, your feelings, your reason, your logic. It doesn’t mean you don’t love your partner, it just means you were distracted for a while.
  2. Forgive and Forget : This is the hard part of any mistake to truly forgive and forget : You need to let go, truly let go of the incident and let it not define your character.
  3. I’m sorry : Say I am sorry : make amends. Embark on a journey to heal you. This incident came from a space of neglect, lack of love, and an absorption of anothers energy.
  4. Start with a reiki session and explore your inner self : Inner child, Adolescent, Adult self
  5. Be Accountable!  not a victim : Divorce is the easy option. The harder option is to be accountable for your action. Saying I am sorry. Make amends, help your partner repair and heal. He may face depression, illness in this time, know that LOVE is the strongest FORCE and it can heal anyone, with an open heart.
  6. Do not JUDGE : Refrain from JUDGING, Judging is not loving or kind or gentle, it is a condemnation of separation which isn’t healthy.
  7. Both of you decide to not JUDGE, see it as an act, and move on.
  8. Healing : Embark on a healing journey for both of you. Start with REIKI and then embark on touch healing with Massage, learn about yourself and your body.
  9. Trust : When you betray a partner it is hard to fight through the walls of pain which are created. Start at the Beginning, make a decision to RECOMMIT to each other. Start to get to know each other again, start to romance and WOO each other, highlight the positive of your love.
  10. What about the Kids?   Kids are so innocent, refrain from sharing your problems with your KIDS or projecting your feelings onto them. They only need to be KIDS, so love them and let them be.
  11. Be quiet : Stop revisiting the DRAMA of the event, how this one was wrong or that one. Take full responsibility for your actions. Make lasting amends in your attitude and changing you.
  12. NO Quick fixes : Healing is a JOURNEY, your relationship will never be the same, but you can choose to build on a Solid Foundation of LOVE. Love, we seek it, it is what gives LIFE meaning, do the Inner work and focus on healing, repairing and becoming WHOLE.
  13. Struggle with Your Purpose : Your greatest purpose is to be happy, no one can tell you what that is, Only you can decide it. Let LOVE be your Guiding Light, may your heart be healed, may your gentle spirit, soar.


I hope this helps you on your Journey! Do come see me : 084 603 0604:








My 10 week Kahuna Journey with JENNA – :-) ; tears of Joy

My 10 Week Kahuna Journey with Colleen

My 10 Week Kahuna Journey with Colleen
For the last 10 weeks I have visited Colleen every Thursday as part of my Kahuna Massage Journey. This began just as she moved into her new home and quite close the start of my pregnancy too. (Thank you Colleen for keeping my secret for all those weeks – I know how hard it was for you not to tell my Mom!)
It was a time of new beginnings for both of us and that energy fueled these sessions.
To start off with, I wasn’t sure what to expect. So I Googled – as I do – to try and understand what Kahuna is all about and to learn about the different Hawaiian cultures, beliefs etc.
Kahuna is an ancient Hawiaan culture, “huna” meaning “secret knowledge” and “ka” being given to anyone whom is a master of these Kahunas. Kahunas must practice the art of “Aloha” (love) –  meaning they need to be completely focused on their client offering love and compassion throughout the entire treatment.
During these 10 weeks I had to learn to trust, Colleen would lift my legs and also massage my stomach (something I have never been brave enough to let anyone even try) once I learnt to trust, the massages become something more flowing & relaxing. The massage involves the fingertips, hands and forearms, moving in a single motion along the length of the body #youwillfallasleep!
Over this time I have changed (maybe not so much to others), if you saw me 10 weeks ago and again now, you’d probably just think I’m a little chubbier :). I see a better version of myself in the mirror and that is where it starts.
I have learnt to acknowledge the importance of patience, love, self reflection and growth. I am more aware of the people around me, what they bring to my life and what I give theirs. I appreciate people more, even if only in my own heart – I often smile thinking about what others bring to my life and remind myself to embrace it and share it <3.
I am comfortable in my thoughts, feelings and emotions.
I feel free to express what I feel and believe in.
 My flaws have become “work in progresses” rather then “out of orders”
 I have energy and love.
I am more patient and calm
I have learnt to breath, make tea and just carry on
I have learnt to just let it go – sometimes :)
I let myself cry, laugh and get excited
I have embraced my pregnancy with love and joy – even without the wine!
I have enjoyed my time getting to know Colleen better, over the weeks and countless cups of tea (thank you) shes someone I’ve gotten to know as a person. While I don’t believe you need to share the same beliefs or ideas as others to have a relationship – we are far from being the same – I have grown to understand her, what she does and why :). We accept one another and take what we can learn from those around us.
The biggest thank you to Colleen for this wonderful journey and for offering me the gift of “ALOHA” you are indeed a Kahuna “master of the secret knowledge” <3 xxx

Fix it. Fix me.

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I often hear the phrases of “fix me and fix it”.  These all relate to feeling PAIN or feeling out of sorts.

Society promotes instant gratification = Buy this – Get that!  Do this = Be that. It is a MALE dominant society which promotes

Fear, Anger, Worry   = Just look at the TV or Newspaper or even facebook.  It is everywhere.

Healing oneself on the other hand is a FEMALE energy. It is KIND, Loving, GENTLE,

it is a journey rather than a destination.

The next time you feel stressed :

Take a walk outside.

Read a Book.

Watch a Sunrise.

Do something nice for your Partner.

Play! Switch off your phone.

Fold the Laundry.

Walk in the garden and look at the vegetables.

Everything in nature has a time, a purpose, it is neither RUSHED or Stressed!

It flows with the greatest of ease and LOVE!   and so should you! 

Don’t be overwhelmed by the WORLD! control your WORLD inside of you.

All my LOVE





Our 10 week Kahuna Massage Journey!



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Today was our 10th Kahuna massage session! And I must say, I loved every minute of this journey with Jenna. She has blossomed and grown! (literally), Jenna is going to have a baby in 6 months time! I am very excited about this,

the baby is oh so happy! I can feel the heartbeat when I massage her tummy! It is such a miracle.   I digress…   Lets starts at the beginning!

Every week, I changed the music, I changed the oil, I changed the massage routine.

  I would massage her body differently every week! I would use hot stones, sarongs, towels, I would create a sacred space of meaning.

 The smells, the incense wafting the room, became a magical space of infinite possibilities.

Our first Kahuna massage session, Jenna was nervous and a little fearful, but the kahuna magic took over and she relaxed and let me fill her body with LOVE chi with long, loving strokes of Kahuna magic. It started changing her on the inside.

Each week, Jenna became softer, gentler, more loving and so aware of her body.

She was embracing being pregnant, embracing telling her family, embracing a new journey of being a mom for the second time.

Her life has been growing, from marriage to a honeymoon, to quitting her job, to becoming her own boss and making her own rules.

Jenna slowly slowly started being free. She went from impatient to patient.

She went from snappy to tolerant even with herself. She started to listen to her partner more.

She started transforming into this love filled being of magic, of expecting magic and receiving it. She started writing her blogs with her heart and Soul.


I will keep the mystery and only share some of what Kahuna massage holds.

Imagine lying on a heated massage bed, imagine being touched everywhere on your body,  (no pelvic massages) loving, warm, delicious, strokes of CHI being blown into your body, connecting with your DIVINE feminine self, a spiritual being of gratitude and immense love.

Jenna has ignited an improved JENNA.

On arrival today, she almost cried, being so sad that this was her last one! I assured her, she can come back anytime for another session of kahuna massages.

Kahuna massages are ancient and traditional Hawaiian massages, it is both spiritual, awakening, loving and releasing. I feel changed by them, everytime I give or receive them.

They hold such magic!

Want to book yours : 084 603 0604 or email me :   Let Your magic begin.
 :Jenna’s Kahuna journey

My Fit and Healthy


2015 had been a HUGE adventure – filled with excitement, change and new beginnings :)
:) We got married :)
:) We went to Thailand on Honeymoon on our first over seas trip together <3
20150509 160624
:) I watched my little Roo grow and change into an almost 6 year old
:) I stayed fit & healthy for most part of the year (even winter but not during my two months of morning sickness)
:) My “little” bother started University and my “little” sister is about to finish Matric
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We are having a baby <3
We have traveled to new and old places, explored new things and had ALOT of fun!
20150712 122348
One of the things I ave tried to focus on this year has been my health and fitness :). Generally I don’t get sick often and I run on and off as I feel my jeans getting a little too tight for comfort – that was the extent to which it concerned me.
With a huge media focus on this in 2015, Health and Fitness was definitely something that drew me in. I have given it all a shot, new eating habits, yoga classes, smoothie binges, vitamins, exercise programs…. you name it :) – and my conclusion after it all:
What I have realized over this year is that I needed to give myself time to get to know myself & my body. Roo said to me last night: “You know Mom, I love you and dad the same – to the moon and back 20 hundred times – the only person I love more then that is me.”
Well said kiddo :).
With this in mind, this is what I have been up to the last month or two
1. Exercise –  I love to run, so I run! There are days I feel like my body doesn’t feel like and I try to listen to that, there are also days my head doesn’t feel like it – I try to put my takkies on and get out there (it only takes one minute & I’m into it). I also try to do a yoga class once a week to stretch out, relax and tone my pathetic arms!
2. Eat –  I have tried to learn what types of food my body doesn’t like (bloating, stomach cramps, nausea, sluggishness – all signs).
3. Listen to my body: I have started to google my cravings –  it is so often your body needing something else – the most important one chocolate = magnesium, eat a nut, take a pill or eat some dark chocolate at least :) & fixed – also I use this chart :)
3. Sleep: I am married to a dairy farmer :) and so we go to bed at 8.30 or 9pm and I cherish these precious hours of sleep & catch up
4. Water: drinking water, lots of water, has been the nest habit i have learnt this year, its harder in winter when its chilly but has made a difference to my health, skin and cracked heels :)
 5. Time out: I take time out, weather it be a super long bath, a massage with Colleen, or just lying outside for 30 mins – I give myself time to relax, close my eyes and let go.
Kahuna number 9 has come and gone – this journey is coming to an end quickly but has been that a journey, one that has given me something and taught me something. Learning to love, listen to and appreciate my body is such an asset. I know my own goals, what Id like to look like, how far Id like to be able to run and what food I’d like to be able to eat guilt free :).
P.S… This is what works for me – figure your list out :) : read all about Claire’s Reiki journey


Five years ago, on our second wedding anniversary, Seth and I bought ourselves a hammock in Ko Tao, an island off of Thailand. This present to ourselves followed us around from home to home, but only this week found itself a place to belong, in the corner of our garden. And from this humble spot, it saved my life. Well, at least my sanity.

Let me regress a little. Last week I visited Colleen of the Midlands House of Healing* for a reiki session, my first with her. Usually our sessions together involve gentle massage and some energy healing. They are all about sighing softly, feeling nurtured and loved, settling into relaxation and body repair. This week’s treatment was, in contrast, deep and demanding. She placed stones of quartz, obsidian, dioptase, sugilite and moonstone to cleanse my aura and dislodge stubborn fears. She traced her fingers over my armour, searching for chinks to let the light in. I sat up an hour later with my heart lighter but my joints aching. It felt like poison was seeping through my body. Not poison – said Colleen – memories. Shoved-down, calcified, mouldy in the dark – the trapdoor had opened and they would out. But there was also a rush of energy to carry me through. I was buoyed up, vibrating high and fast. This elation lasted into the afternoon. But as the day drew to a close, the pain increased so that it hurt to move and my head felt like it was imploding. I collapsed gratefully into my bed, only to be woken within the hour by a pitiful choking gurgling sound of my baby girl vomiting while lying on her back. It was the beginning of a long long night.

The last spew of vomit woke us with the dawn. That morning that followed was hazy, marked out by cycles of cuddling and water-drinking. Emma wouldn’t settle, exhaustion itching her skin. Finally I carried her over to the hammock. Before the arc of the first swing had completed, she was asleep in my arms. So there I was, suspended in the dappled light. The cries and clicks of birds and insects swelled up and clogged the air. My mind swirled. There were things I could do, things I should do. But Colleen had warned me that my male energy had surged up to dominate, driving me on to produce and achieve. I had to make time for dreams and floating and friendship with myself. Staying in that hammock was so incredibly hard. It was the middle of the day in the middle of the week, projects and chores and deadlines gaped about me. Only they didn’t. I was doing the most important thing I possibly could. I was listening and feeling. I was remembering that life is lived in the moments between breaths. I know this is where the magic happens. But my thoughts had worn a groove they ached to follow and my body had forgotten there was any other way. They were out of practice. So I stayed. It helped immensely that I was weighed down by my sleeping babe. Any parent of a young child will tell you, their eyes haloed blue and deep as they insist: baby naps are sacred. After a night of retching, bodies slick with regurgitated milk, mountains of laundry and a heart sore from worry, the holiness of baby naps approaches that usually reserved for the likes of the Dalai Lama. So I stayed. My thoughts raged like a river forced through a narrow gorge, then stretched out into a lazy wide flow, then fell into a waterfall and smashed against the rocks below. Still I stayed. I didn’t reach nirvana. I didn’t solve any problems of the world. But I had made a tiny brave step forwards.

In the days that followed I moved tentatively into the open spaces and fresh-paint smells of new habits. I linger in the curtained bedroom in the morning, even after the staff fill the house and paddocks. I sharpen my pencils and shift furniture. I make pastry from scratch. I walk a little slower across the garden. I feed the baby chicks and stop to feel how they’ve grown. Along this path I find my toddler is my best teacher. She lives in a place of perfect balance and her emotions flow from heart to expression with no detours. She sees beauty in places I’ve forgotten to look. I know what is important. I’ve moved country and continent in my efforts to craft a life that grows in truth and freedom. But it is the kind of knowing that never shouts. It waits patiently, accepts the layers of dust time grants, and blends into the shadows whenever we are called to look elsewhere. I’m coaxing that knowledge back into my bones, into my flesh, into the pulse of blood through my veins. I choose to practise a new rhythm. And my hammock is swinging perfectly in time.

*This post was sponsored. Colleen of Midlands House of Healing is a Reiki Master. She has taught reiki to 45 students from all over the world, and practised this form of healing for 11 years. She uses the channels it opens to read bodies like a fortune-teller. For lonely spirits she offers salve and sustenance. In all the many styles of massage in which she specialises, she blends reiki intuition to find the shortest path to healing. To book a massage or reiki session, call or message her on 084 603 604.

Disclosure: Reiki is not for the faint of heart. As with any form of healing, transformation or spiritual growth, it usually hurts. Sometimes a little. Sometimes a lot. Do it anyway.

Cut, Colour, Change Hair : How about keeping it…. reinvent it


After watching Vikings season 1 and 2, I totally loved the womans plaited hair.

I have decided to Reinvent the way I wear my hair, emphasising being a Goddess and a Warrior,

being soft of heart but fierce in Spirit.

 Do Reinvent Your Hair, it is part of who you are and it links to your Intuition, so keep it!

Take the time to plait your hair and feel amazing!

I am loving planning my new hairstyle!

I hope you do to…

Here are some ideas.



Ask. Wait. Receive. Give. = Trust in the Universe


images (4)


I have been very blessed since moving to Phuzamoya. I am learning that IMPULSIVE purchasing, or fear or anger based buying is not for me. Let me explain.

I viewed a Tibetan Gong at the Cosmic crystal shop, I loved the vibration and sound. I decided I definitely wanted it in my space and to assist with healing. It has taken me 3 months to pay it off, but I loved the Journey and the discipline it took to reach the success of having it free and clear of debt.

I am learning to ASK the UNIVERSE : Send energy : Wait : Receive : it is a natural flowing of energy to completion :

We were in need of a refrigerator, Sandy the farm manager had a small fridge at hand and

Happily offered it to us for the last 4 months. (thank you Sandy) Last week, we decided to start sourcing refrigerators, we were blessed with R1000 from Wp parents, that added to our savings, so we knew it was time to search, ask, look and gather information. Sandy is moving to a new place, so she asked if we would like to buy the fridge, and we said yes, as it was within our budget. (thank you)

When we just arrived at Phuzamoya, I decided to host movie evenings however, we only have a 2 x 2 seaters couches, we either needed another 3 seater or another armchair or 2. Barbra Zietsman has happily blessed us with a pink lazy boy which was sitting in her store room. Thank you Barbra and Universe.

We have been blessed with a toaster from Wendy Carruthers, thank you.

We have been blessed with a kettle from Arthur and Vicky Gobey and the most beautiful wall hanging from Cape Town, thank you. (Thank you for the additional standby toaster)

Today, Sandy Booysen arrived, I treated her 14 months ago,  her life has transformed and

She has been healed and is a practising healer since seeing me. She has blessed us with a oven,

To bake healthy breads in and create yummy delicious meals in. (thank you)

Thank you to Sharon for my awesome water dispenser.

Thank you to Isobel for the plants. Thank you to Isobella for the pot for the plants.

I am learning to ASK the Universe for whatever we need, then WAIT, then Receive, Be Grateful and give of myself, in whatever capacity it is : In terms of serving.

Thank you to all the amazing people I have on this journey :

There are so many magical people here who live with open hearts of Love.

Bless you and Thank you!




Delayed Gratification




untitled (6)



Last week I was offered a credit card (again) by Nedbank, I had to convince the lady why I didn’t need it. Saying NO! just didn’t answer her persistant nagging.

We live in a world filled with instant gratification, like 2 minute noodles, you take It out of the packet, microwave it for 2 minutes and bam its ready. You receive a non nutritive meal in 2 minutes filled with microwaves which have altered the food substance.   Instant yes, gratified yes, but healthy No.

I am starting to believe that the whole system of the world is designed to manipulate One.

They suggest, eat this and you ll be thin. Do that and you ll be happy, but true happiness comes with a disciplined life and a dedication to be happy.

I love saving money. I have just saved and paid off my new GONG, I negotiated with Cosmic Crystals and even though it took me 3 months to do it, I feel good. I feel debt free.

I feel that the Journey it took of discipline and choosing to save for it, was well worth it.

I am so enjoying my new gong. The sound instantly reboots your chakras and heals the body.

It has also made me realize that I used to be an impulsive buyer, compulsively buying this or that and I was wasting a lot of my own time by creating debt.

Being a free person, means you should be 100% responsible for what you create in your life, including creating debt.

Living with what you need and NOT what you Want, is really good for you. Sometimes not getting what you want, makes the silly craving go away.

A disciplined life, both in finances and rather saving for what you would like, that impulsively using credit which you do not own, will eventually create chaos.

By using credit, you sign away your freedom of being free and clear of debt.

I am not talking about buying things of value, like a House or Car, those are completely different topics. I am discussing the system of having credit and using it impulsively and the consequences thereof.

Society promotes inadequacy! You are actually beautiful with your clothes, with your hair, with your appearance as you are.

Credit doesn’t buy you what you seek, it drags you into a pit of debt which you don’t need.

So before you swipe the card, ask yourself ? Do I need it? Can I save for it? Am I prepared to wait for it?   If the answer is yes, save save save, you will enjoy the Journey more….and become more aware of money earned rational, than money spent impulsively and without awareness.

Welcome to Conscious living and spending. : Kahuna no 8 : Jenna s Experience

My Little Goblin

 My Little Goblin (it needs a name) #namingmygoblin
Last night we were watching a reality program (I KNOW :) – we may need to get out of the house)!
Couples were asked to identify 5 negative character traits in their partners. Given a list of 15 each individual had to identify 5 within themselves which their partners then had to guess 5 out of the 15 correctly.
It was amazing to see how many of them got it right, and how easily! The problem came in the one or two times when the partners got them wrong – being called jealous or moody suddenly became a problem…
So experiment time – with no pool of 15 (so making it a little harder) –  just off the top of our heads, Chris and I each named 5 negative character traits of mine… time to compare :
Mine                                          Chris
                 – Controlling                               – Controlling
    – Stubborn                                 – Stubborn
– Quick to React                          – Abrupt
             – Perfectionist                             – Over Committed
– Bad Listener                             – Moody
I am such an optimist and think of everything in the positive, I over trust and have faith in everything – which can sometimes be a negative thing, but its the way I prefer to live my life, rather than the opposite :)! So these are all FIXABLE, horray!
It seems so easy to identify the negatives in ourselves, one, two, three, four, five and there my list was! We don’t get easily upset by them either – but what is actually important is what others (especially those closest to us) see as our negative traits. Relationships are so important and special, and while I don’t think any are perfect, refining our actions and decisions to move away from these negative traits is what helps us to evolve, grow stronger and become closer & more loving.
Chris and I basically chose 3 very similar traits out of the 5, but the 2 that were different, where very different! I called my self a perfectionist while he see’s it as being over committed. I said bad at listening and that a lot easier to fix then moody :). Nevertheless – being honest and truthful was what the experiment was about and now I have some new things to work on :)!
Kahuna reminds us about LOVE!
My Kahuna journey has given me time and space to reflect on myself, and whilst I feel much more balanced and in sync internally, I still have a lot to work on on the outside. I am far from perfect but reminding myself to guide my decisions and actions with my heart rather then just my head has made a difference to the person I am. Its about teaching my body to love, breathe and flow with life, this would in turn get rid of moody, stubborn, controlling and abrupt Jenna – sounds easy, haha :)!
I still make mistakes, I snap, I get grumpy and I sometimes scream and shout before I remember to listen! What is important is that I am now aware of this and each day I work on internalizing it! Each time I make one of these mistakes or see one of these traits come out, I remind myself to be aware and work on and live a life that is lead by love…
In time it comes, growing slowly but surely … the love is there – its about remembering to use it <3

Dear New Mum



Creating new life in your body is an experience. Your chakras filter through double the amount of energy to sustain new life.

Your organs start to move and re arrange themselves.

Your body becomes more of a OVEN and it feels like you start to fade away. Your body starts having a mind of its own………

Fact is your entire world and life is about to change, a new journey begins.

The person you once knew, starts to become a mother.

Start with eating oats for breakfast to reduce the morning sickness, and stimulate your body with wholesome good fruit and vegetables so you can sustain your body and not put on to much weight.

After 15 successful pregnancy and happy moms, I decided to write about what I have experienced.

The key to a successful pregnancy, birth is your starting point : Attitude, Motivation and determination.

You are certainly NOT your pregnancy. You can decide to make it as beautiful and romantic as you want. Shut out all the NAYsayers, the people who freely give their opinion without validation.

You can choose to have a Nurturing, loving, special pregnancy, the choice is YOURS.

What has made all of these 15 pregnancies amazing, is that the baby is Created with INTENTION, an intention of love, kindness and welcoming!

It started with REIKI and Massage, a loving experience. Every week or every second week the MOM would receive a Session to LOVE and Nurture her body. The baby loves this experience and often will take a nap with Mom.

A special connection and birth preparation is energetically ignited within, a special bond of Intuition and Knowing is created.

I admire woman as they have such dedication and fortitude to be NEW mom’s.

In todays fast paced life, deciding to have a baby, you need a community, you need

A Supportive husband, parents, friends and helpers. The key is to ask for HELP, often.

If you have a nanny or a maid use this time wisely to do things that you love, like sleep or nap.

Every mom wants to do her best for her child and create a safe, healthy life for her baby.

Nurturing you is the KEY to surviving parenthood.

Please do join :  explore her journey of Motherhood.

Connect with other moms and share experiences of being a woman and have a good support system.

This is a Life long journey of being a parent, but also adapting to a new role which

Has endless needs, the key is to keep your balance and receive massage and reiki often as

This will help you do more.

If you don’t have my details, here you go : Colleen van Heerden 084 603 0604/ email :







Clear out time…

IMG_20151016_132746 IMG_20151017_064206 IMG_20151017_065111 IMG_20151013_085403

I am male energy driven, but also a soft female energy. I have been ever since I was 4 years old.

My grandfather gave me toys imported from China (he had contacts) which I had to build, repair and figure out.

I was the fixer. I was tiny toddler with a big spirit,  but had lots of strength and energy to do what I loved.

After living off the grid this year, I have decided to clear my life of lame ducks or victims or people who sap huge amounts of energy or people who are needy or people who have the endless fountain of drama which means I must work on all of these issues within myself which I am prepared to do.

I have started with my Inner child meditation, I reiki me everyday, I exercise, I jogg, I have had 2 sessions of myofascial release and acupuncture and I must say, YOU need to be strong.

After both sessions, I could barely walk, I have had phleghmy, coughing, irritation and disgruntled emotions all surfacing.

I have had this constant feeling of wanting to Growl! Loudly like a bear.

I have learnt that until you get to know someone over a period of years, you don’t really KNOW them.

You can think you know someone but unless you witness them in their living space, you don’t know them.

People lie, that is the fact, they often bullshit themselves and cannot face their own TRUTH so In turn try to lie or manipulate others.

The outside world is somewhat dangerous for an empath, one who feels anothers pain, we try to assist, we give help, assistance, guidance and therapy however, people love their DRAMA. They love their pain, it takes great courage to be vulnerable and sort out your SHIT.

I have decided that I will no longer tolerate bad behaviour in my space also. So, if you arrive with a disgruntled hormonal teenager, I will put you into your place and I really don’t mind loosing the friendship because it wasn’t real anyway. Point is : fake is over!

It is the year 2015, we are all connected on a energy level, however, I can still choose to be your friend or not! I am sifting through my own soft heart and realizing I don’t want to be associated with victims, if you have given me the 3 excuses about something, yet you drive a new car, you have taken holidays, you have enough food to eat, I am sorry!

You aren’t poor or suffering!

Life is short, we all will die one way or another. I choose to live my potential to work hard, to be determined to achieve my goals, to exercise, to work on myself, to live a full life and to LOVE every minute of it. Time wasted on excuses, gossip, bad mouthing etc, is time wasted.

On your death bed, you certainly won’t be wondering about that, you will be wondering about what You didn’t do, moments not lived and time wasted.

Fake is OVER!   It is time to Harness Your ENERGY and sort out Who you attract, Lessons learnt and On ward we move!
 Jenna’s Kahuna Journey


Feeling, Knowing and Going with it :)

 It has been more then a week since my Kahuna 7 (in fact I am going for number 8 today :) HORRAY!). Yes I am a human being and sometimes life gets away with me – luckily “life getting away with you” isn’t always a bad thing!
I have had a week for buzzing around meeting with clients, new & old and have taken time to remind myself
1. You are SO lucky to do something you love :)
2. When life sends you buzzing, buzz with it!
I have a tendancy to let myself get stressed out or even overwhelmed when times get busy and have to remind myself to just breath and go with it :). #letitgo
When I first began my Kahuna Journey with Colleen, I don’t think I shut up for the entire first massage, now shes lucky if I can even get a word in :)! My mind was full of questions to start with – what is this all about, what will it do, what should I feel, how will it change me…
Now I just shut up, relax, breathe and take it all in. There is no right or wrong when it comes to what you take out of a massage with Colleen. You could have a limp and leave without one or you could be stressed out and in need of a tension release. Colleen is a healer and will look at a person with insight, intuition, feeling and obervation and know exactly what you need. She will give you what you need, and your body will take it… if your brain manages to figure it out or not is another story completley!
I lie there, switch off and take what I need…. and then lucky you I tik… tik…. tik all about it :)! Last week felt “high energy” to me, much deeper and more intense then before – I felt energized afterwards!
Maybe thats what I needed and so that’s what I took – clever bodies and a clever healer!
Off I go for number 8 and then its buzzing once again!
On a side note NUMBER 8 already! Time goes SO fast, stop and take a moment – now just appreciate that moments even exist!

Matric? 18? Pressured? Stressed? Choosing a path . . .

untitled (5)

Yes, I was 17 once. I had just matriculated and my certificate held the alphabet from A to G.

I excelled in what I loved which was numbers, biology, languages, typing, what I disliked, I didn’t pay much attention to.

I had chosen a path already at 17. I had no option, I needed to work and earn a living, I needed to become independent and financially sound.

My first job was in a Lingerie factory. The noise, people, instructions and discipline was foreign to me.

Clocking in and out, putting your hand up to go to the LOO, having a total of 5 minutes to wee, rest your legs and standing the entire day.

I couldn’t believe people did this for money. Money!

Sacrificing for survival, living and endurance. I kept to myself and made sure I found a administrative job with the use of my love for numbers.

It took me 3 months and I happily left….

Point is in matric, you know nothing. I will say it again. You know Nothing. You are young, you have been conditioned by Parents, teachers, friends, others.

You believe that it is good to study, get a job, earn a living, buy the House, buy the car, get a wife / partner, have kids. Sir Ken Robinson has a video on it,

on you tube, its called dangling of the CARROT.

You think you have arrived at YOUR destination : but what you receive is a DEBT = you owe on your house, you owe on your car, your owe on your credit card, you have made debt by signing on the DOTTED line. You sign away money that you don’t have…

..I calling it stealing from yourself.

I believe that when you 18 it is Imperative that you take a GAP year and go find YOURSELF.

Go find out what YOU LOVE? What makes you Happy? What will make you wake up at 5 am every morning, to do what You love!

If you have a CHOICE and means – go travel. Check out

Check out

Check out the eco friendly community in Hawaii , go adventure.

Follow YOUR heart and NOT your Head. Look at all the unhappy people around you, look at your parents? Look at peoples lives. . . . . LOOK.

I only took my gap year at 32 after working from the age of 17 to 32. What I learnt is you need to be free! I went to explore India, I learnt to drive a motorbike, I had parties, I danced, I lived. ….

I found out what and who I was and what I wanted to do with my life.

My advice :

Don’t conform.

Say NO.

Take a gap year.

Learn to earn your own money.

Best of ALL don’t sign on the DOTTED line.

Do what You love.

Have fun and Be free.

Life is short and being YOUNG will pass you by so quickly, so Take back your LIFE and

Assume full responsibility for all of you.

We are living in time where instant gratification is the NORM.

Step back and realize its healthier to read a book.

Feel more.

Absorb less.

Be wise and Listen to the INNER voice inside you.

Speak up.

And Be YOU!


Plan of Action :  When writing exams …..

Wear hematite/ obsidian gemstones to keep you  focused.

Limit your time on the cell phone.

Limit time spent with friends, boyfriends/ girlfriends.

Refrain from speaking to anyone before the exams.

Ground yourself : imagine growing roots to the Earth, seal your aura in white light and a

Blue shield. Protect you.

Shy away from Drama = parents / pressure / decisions.

Focus only on the task at hand.

When you are seated in the exam room : say this prayer: I tap into the energy of the person who set the paper, guide me with gut feelings to answer correctly. When completed : sweep your aura with your hand and say thank you.

Learn to meditate. Breathe in and out, say Ha a a a a.

Take a gap year to figure our who and what you are.

Learn to say NO, shy away from People Pleasing.

Burn incense in your room.

Keep it neat and tidy.

Listen to music which soothes you.

Take snoozes often.






Loosing your Spiritual connection?

Connection to your Higher self or Spirit takes daily dedication.

In sharing this blog, I need to explain a few things.

Connecting to Your SPIRIT and a Spirit connection is NOT rocket science.

Your intention, action and vision for the day is created by YOU.

I wake up in the morning, I make myself a cup of rooibos tea and I do my morning prayers in hebrew, this activates a sense of aw to the Universe.

I do my Inner child meditation of envisioning myself and sending healing to all aspects of me and  to this present moment, using REIKI.

I then do Yoga, deep breathing and releasing of the old energy of yesterday.

By the time I go for my walk, I am warmed up, I am ready for a light jog and ready to view absorb and appreciate all of nature.

The view of the forest, the mountain, the dam, the green grass all inspire me. Mornings for me are the best time of the day!

Silence, Walking, Connecting more and more to Spirit is my GROUNDING method.

After my walk, I have a deeper awareness of myself and what is around me, I feel alive.

I perform an Kahuna Hawaiian ancient chant, connecting more to the Divine.

My body is my receptor to the spiritual world and my Inner voice guides me and leads me, so it is important that I connect with SPIRIT everyday.

I feel peace filled, at ease, and connected to the UNIVERSE.

Most people have lost their connection to SPIRIT. The world is mostly EGO/ Fear based driven.

Driven towards MONEY, Power, Acquiring.

This ignites stress, anger, fear, anxiety and a true imbalance. Breathing becomes harder and you start to feel anxious everyday.

Your body thus looses its connection to SPIRIT . . . . What now? 

Where to ? this is where I come into the picture :

I specialise in Repairing the Human body, not just the Physical aches, pains, spasm, destressing you….

but re iginiting SPIRIT and renewing your connection to YOU.

I feel we all need our connection to SPIRIT, we are spirit and need to embrace our Spiritual power

as to function better in this world.

Many people loose it, we are encouraged to Overwork, to over do and over give without

Paying much attention to ourselves, but if we start to treat ourselves with LOVE , this

Will not only change our Vibration but change the vibration of people we share love with.

Dr Emoto said the highest vibration is LOVE and Gratitude,

when we ignite the love within, everyone starts to feel it.

True Change is then only a step away!

A new Journey within you, begins.


Embracing 40 . . .


IMG_20151016_093503 IMG_20151015_161922


I will be turning 40 in a few months time. I see the changes in my body,

the grey hairs that keep popping up in my hair, it starts to stand out

against my brown hair.

I hear the creaking of my bones when I go to the bathroom at night, I feel the popping of my ankles, neck, back and toes when I do yoga, I creak and  I have become noisy.

I started jogging again, not the fast pace jogging I used to do in my youth but the slow, I m becoming an older person pace. I don’t want to incur any injury upon this body, so I am forced to take it slow.

I feel the changes in my digestion, I am consciously aware of the amount of water, kombucha, green tea, rooibos tea and peppermint tea I drink during the day, it directly influences my metabolism and the excretion of waste.

I am aware of my nose that starts running when I ingest wheat, cheese, potatoes or gluten, this is so instantaneous.

What I am learning is things are happening faster in my body, whatever I put into it, it reacts faster.

No longer, can I afford to be neglectful of it.

My favourite pastime is rest. Rest in the sunshine. Rest when I reiki me, rest on my massage bed, Rest after my acupuncture treatment, Rest.

It takes me longer to recover, if I have overworked my body on some level, to bring forth my own balance.

I am realizing that turning 40 comes with more of a responsibility for myself.

40 : what have I achieved? What would I like to do still in my life?

I thought I would die young! Now, turning 40 is a big thing in my brain.

I don’t mind being OLD, I have always felt old. My friends have always been older people and this hasn’t changed. I have friends from age 40 to 83 and I guess I enjoy older people more.

Older people for me seem more together, they have lived, loved, enjoyed and just more relaxed with themselves. We can have deeper conversations of spirituality, that’s why I like Older people…

Turning 40, did freak me out, but writing this blog, has given me a sense of peace, that it is OK! To be 40. I have done all that I have chosen to do and done the best that I can…. Which is all we can do.



A deeper acceptance has just occurred, Thank you for your open hearts and ears, continuing to journey on within myself.




Shattered Views : A Spiritual Journey

IMG-20151018-WA002 IMG_20151018_095709 IMG_20151018_111342 IMG_20151018_095657 IMG_20151018_113303


I always loved Art! I loved the TV program called ZEB on a Sunday Morning which had an

artist who drew and coloured in the picture, while story telling. I thought this was amazing, fabulous and such a talent to have.

I spent many of my Saturday mornings in the Cape Town Art gallery admiring the art, thinking about

the art works and enjoying absorbing the JOY of Creating.

Yesterday, we were blessed with an amazing day!  WP van Heerden hosted his first solo exhibition

at the Tatham Art Gallery. Each piece brought forth a deeper awareness of a story untold.

Each piece represents how we perceive things, how we digest what happens in our life

and how no 2 people will see the same artwork, the same.

A deeper conscious awakening of different lives, we all live, a journey of JOY, Laughter was shared

and a few tears were shed.  (mine)

A very proud moment for me / us.

Thank you to friends, family, colleagues, the Staff at the Tatham, the wonderful caterers, the security

and all the local newspapers.

To view the exhibition, please do visit the Tatham Art Gallery!   for enquiries : email : /  084 907 8744. (Jenna’s Journey)

Expect the Unexpected

Our minds and bodies are AMAZING!
Do this exercise – take just 5 minutes to think about blinking, breathing and each movement your body makes, nothing else, just think about that. Our mind and body does all these things on its own, subconsciously, all day, every day.
When you stop to think about it, you begin to think more about everything that is going on in there – our hearts beat and work to keep our muscles alive, our brain sends messages all over our body, over and over again – driving our senses, feelings & actions.
In the same way that our bodies have learnt to do this, our bodies also have a subconscious memory, they remember. Smells may trigger memories, a bath can become the place your body knows you relax and an embracing hug from the person you love most becomes the safest, happiest place you know.
Kahuna number 6 was different. Slow & gentle strokes paired with hot stones to relax the muscles. The music changed, the oils changed. As Colleens hands moved off the ends of my finger tips and toes, it felt as though my whole body wanted to follow with her…..
My mind and body was reminded that it doesn’t always know whats coming, and sometimes we just need to give in and accept, rather than anticipate. Number 6 was different, slower, calmer, quieter. I wanted to fall asleep, I didn’t think, I just lay there and let my body take it all in – something new, something different, something unexpected….
Life is similar, we plan, we plan and we plan! Sometimes these plans need to change, new things come along, new opportunities emerge and we change the course of our lives more often then we know. Teaching our bodies to remember is good, but teaching them to let go, allows us to go where is best, take the leap and stop dragging our heals.
Go with it, let go and enjoy the adventure :).
P.S – Still planning that Holiday to Hawaii someday….

Love :)

A year ago today my life changed forever when Chris asked me to be his wife :). In the midst of a very tough time in my life, it was one of the happiest days :)! I knew from the first time I met Chris that he was my person & knowing that I will have him by my side  forever is something I still cant quite wrap my head around #luckyme!
2015 has folllowed with so many exciting new adventures – the year kicked off with the start of my own business Brand Twist Marketing Soultions as well as the start of I Love the Midlands, on the 2nd of May we celebrated our wedding day, followed by a delicious overseas trip to Thailand :) & the year has continued to unravel new adventures, surprises & challenges. Unity creates strength – having someone with you to share joy, love, happiness, excitement, sadness – EVERYTHING :).
Chris and I recently went to Colleen for a couples massage session (it was about time he went for some love and pampering too). It was amazing for me to be on the other side of the treatment & see Colleen at work – she is SO inspiring! We took time to ground ourselves and then proceeded –  through Colleens insturction to do a full back of body massage. I am amazed by how much emotion and energy is was transferred from Chris to me – and found myself feeling a bit uptight & tired – Colleen reminded me to breath, relax and let it all go. It took some time for me to get into it, becoming something you feel rather then something you think about.
Working throug the body we massaged feet, legs, back, arms, shouldeers & the neck – watching body language, breathing and conncting on a quieter level. It is amazing to massage someone you love, watching their bodies relax and heal. It left me feeling if awe of what Colleen does everyday – giving people love, relaxation & healing.
This is the way to do a couples massage, as it ignites deeper intimacy, connection and offers love from one to anther :) – treat your husband girls – you will take so much from the experience too :).

Whats happening?

Oct 2015, 7 thus far (37) Oct 2015, 7 thus far (31)

It has been most exciting 50 days living at Phuzamoya. Sandy Wright the farm manager at Phuzamoya is awesome! She raises organic chickens who give the most delicious eggs,

her garden of 30 bunches of spinach and 15 bunches of kale is amazing! I happily eat from her garden knowing its organic and good for me.

Willem and I have started our garden. The spinach, beetroot, beans, lavender and peas have all started to grow. . . .

We have also attended Eidin Griffin’s Art exhibition in the Dargle. It was at the Crab Apple, a little chapel in the Dargle. It was cosy and sweet and the SUSHI was delicious, made by Erica. ( you can order from her :  0710310182)

We also attended a 60th Birthday party at Vic Shaw, our neighbour just down the road. A huge pig was on the SPIT braai, food, desserts, alcohol and socialising was the order of the day.

Willems exhibition is on SUNDAY! 18th October 2015, we are super excited. He has been spotted in the Witness, The Sunday times and local Dargle facebook. We are very excited as 500 invitations has been sent out, the word of Mouth has been spread!   The Tatham gallery has taken 20 of his Shattered view art pieces! I have been assisting with the marketing and spreading the Word.

We have been sending out energy and visualising for an amazing day and turn out! A sell out would be excellent also.

Me wise! Well! I have had 58 clients over the last month of September, this has been my best record ever! Since January. I am ecstatic to live in this space. I am happy. I am serving and I am growing me. I so enjoying being here, the happiness inside me is just bubbling over! JOY filled!

I requested a fire pit  and Sandy had it built in one week! I am will be hosting a FREE your spirit Womans workshop in NOVEMBER! To heal your emotions and deal with the inner you.

(If your interested : email me :

I am looking forward to this new journey of also Teaching REIKI and massage Soon soon.

I have been doing distance healing for many, to assist their bodies to heal faster and just to cope

With what life has dealt them.

From my side, I burnt my vision board, the vision of building a house needed letting go, now I am just being.

I am happy, that baby no 16 has been created, another few days and she will announce the baby’s new arrival.

I am so enjoying Jenna’s blog! and Claire’s blog about growing :   I am thankful for these amazing writers who can put pen to paper and write such magnificent stories about me.

In the end, we all have our story, I wanna make sure! That my story is going to be Adventurous,

How about you?


Oct 2015, 7 thus far (22)



Oct 10 (52)

Kahuna Massage no #5 : Live, Love, Laugh

Live, Love, Laugh

This is a brave one – religion & politics are to be avoided – but here I go :) #thisisme
Spirituality, religion, science, the environment, mother nature, nothing…
Everyone believes in something different, no one person is the same, and we cannot expect any two people to share exact thoughts, feelings or beliefs.
For me, it’s about FAITH – trusting in the things that make you a better person whatever that may be for
YOU. Faith creates a more whole, grounded & real version of yourself. I admire people with faith – trusting in something bigger then yourself to take control and guide you, heal and help you.
For some faith can be something as simple as knowing how a run in the trees, fresh air & space can clear the mind, relax the body & bring you back down to earth. For others it may be a commitment to a higher God or power, being part of a church or community sharing in the same beliefs. For others its more factual, molecules, atoms – where we have come from, how we have grown and where we can still go… all these faiths offer their believers purpose.
To me the most wonderful thing about all this faith is that there are so many people out there who believe in something different to me. I’m a “get out there in the wild and breath” kind of person – i’m not sure what the name is for that :) #thejenna. There are so many people with beautiful beliefs and faiths who are ready to share it. Sharing faith is not about converting someone the think, be and do as you do – its about sharing what you may gain from your faith with others, allowing them to take it and use it as they will. Offering a blessing, sharing your love & happiness <3.
IMG 20151011 061338
Colleen at Midlands House of Healing has gotten to know me over the years – the first time I went to visit her I went for a massage – just that – you go to the spa, get a massage, muscles are relaxed, you leave. I could tell that there was more going on there, but felt relaxed & good so#happycustomer
Over time I have come to think of Midlands House of Healing as a place that goes beyond massage, its about healing – the mind, the body, the spirit and the soul. Weather or not this is something you believe in or even understand, Colleen has created a space where she uses her faith and her love to heal and help others. Weather you understand where it comes from or not, weather you visit thinking in the back of your mind “who is this person and what is she doing to me”,  the moment you lie on the bed, you have accepted the healing… and the rest just comes. You will take what your body is willing to accept and walk out feeling relaxed, grounded, healed, full of love, oily & happy :).
During my Kahuna Massage journey, I have become a softer person, allowing for bad days, allowing for good days – letting myself take time to live, laugh and love – because at the end of the day, that is what we all live for :).
IMG 20151013 061152
Thank you Colleen for sharing your faith with me… now time for a run ;)!

The chocolate criticism connection


untitled (4)



The chocolate-criticism connection from the BOOK : The highly intuitive people by Heidi Sawyer

For the Intuitive-sensitive, criticism brings up such a feeling of deep anxiety it not only impacts their feelings, it also impacts how they interact with FOOD. In my experience, those individuals who’ve had a particularly powerful early life experience around criticism – an overly critical parent, for example – will be strongly attracted to chocolate.

Why chocolate? Serotonin, the happy brain chemical that lowers the stress response, has long been A partner with chocolate.

From my own life experience, from an early age of 4 years old, I have been hooked on Cadbury’s chocolate. My grandmother having raised a total of 8 kids at the time, was highly critical but had a heart of gold. On one occasion in particular, was when I brought my report card home, having achieved a 80% pass rate, which I felt proud of. She sat me down and reprimanded me for not getting a 100% pass mark. I felt completely disappointed for the lack of acknowledgment and appreciation.

After this incident, I decided to protect myself and have a moderate pass rate and only do the minimum at school, so I could blend in, refrain from any stand out activities, to avoid confrontation and attention.

I am learning to express my feelings without Judging, blaming, assuming or taking it personally. I am learning to LOVE myself.

To address my Inner brat like rebellion, when I don’t have enough me time, when I fail to express what I feel instead of just conforming. I believe that by speaking my truth sooner rather than later, I avoid awkward arguments and confrontation with anyone.

If I speak up and share my feelings, my needs and desires, I take the responsibility upon myself to impart the information and not assume the other person “KNOWS” what I want or need.

This also prevents me from feeling resentment, anger and bitterness at a later stage.

I have also started practising more forgiveness with myself and others. I realize that we are on all on this soul spiritual place together. We walk a path of wanting to connect with SPIRIT more.

We are spirit and need one another to make sense of this world. To bring forth more love for ourselves, for our partners, for kids and for a better place to live out our soulful filled life.

I have been meeting more and more people who realize that nurturing and loving yourself and treating yourself well, makes LIFE an amazing adventure and journey.

Throw in good food, lotsa laughter and a JOY to embrace whatever life throws at you and you have a blessed LIFE, filled with LOVE!



What to Expect when you Receive a Reiki Attunement?

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What to expect when you receive a Reiki Attunement as a Level 1 Practitioner.

Rei is the Universal energy of the Universe. It is the cosmic energy which resides in the Universe and ourselves.

KI is the energy in your body, in the Indian tradition, pronounced as CHI.

Reiki is an Art form of healing which is taught from master to student.

When you Receive a REIKI attunement, you become connected to your TRUE SPIRIT and TRUE Authentic self.

You basically have a clean slate, your KARMA is removed and you have  an opportunity to become a Great vessel of Healing.

You can then Reiki yourself and Others.

The training process is 6 weeks, and you are closely connected to your Teacher.

We work through any issue which arises and you learn first hand, how to HANDLE inner childhood issues, Adolescent and Adult issues.

Becoming a REIKI practitioner is your COMMITMENT to the UNIVERSE to assist yourself and Others

To Heal.

You learn to SERVE others with humility and reverence.

The 6 week process is intense, hard and so worth it.

At the end of your 6 weeks, you would have grown emotionally, psychically and learnt valuable life tools to continue your journey as a Healer.

Want to learn?

Whats app me 084 603 0604 or email me :

I choose to only teach DEDICATED healers who have a passion for Healing and assisting others.


Distance healing… Keri’s New Blog :


I’m just going to straight out and say it: I MISS MY EARTH ANGEL very very very much. My life is just not the same without my monthly reboot and repair session with Colleen from Midlands House of Healing. I thought I would be able to make it up to the Midlands in November for a friend’s wedding but now that’s not going to happen and already I’m scheming about when next I can get back up to see Colleen’s lovely new space and hop onto her massage bed for some magical healing! Colleen and I both know what kind of person I am (highly-strung, emotional, sensitive to change) and so we agreed to do some distance energy healing just before I left for overseas and for the first couple of days after the big move. Distance Healing you say? Well, in a nutshell, distance energy healing is reiki performed on an individual by a reiki master from afar. Colleen sent energy and love to my inner child (that little girl is always seeking approval and trying to make everything perfect); to my adolescent self (oi vey, enough said) and to my adult self (she of the great creative insecurity and self-doubt). She also sent energy and healing to my partnerships and to my physical body, which probably explains why I’m still married today and also the great desire I had to get back on my yoga mat pretty soon after we arrived. On about the fourth day of distance healing, a greater sense of calm came over me as well as a sense of acceptance. This was the day that I finally got over myself and the fact that our bathrooms are peach and brown, got out of bed and pretty much unpacked boxes for twelve hours straight. I guess I have discovered a few new things about myself with this move; largely that when faced with big life changes, my body goes into some weird grumpy primal instinctive mode and I find myself lashing out at anything or anyone who threatens my desire and mourning for the old familiar. If you happened to be in my war path over those first few days, I send my humblest apologies (mostly to you, my darling husband). Only once the voices of my perfectionist inner child, grumpy adolescent and insecure adult were all silenced, did I realise how love and acceptance can only come from being loving and accepting, and things started to calm down. And boxes were unpacked. Thank you again Colleen for bringing the sanity back to my life. I feel you – even from afar.

People need Love and Touch like they need Sunshine.




From the time I could talk, I  talked. 

I counselled, I gave advise to all, understanding people, at age 4.
I answered adult questions, I practised love, the kind of Love I knew within myself.
I read my Bible cover to cover by age 8.
I loved Church and freely went by myself, to Church on Sunday mornings.
I loved community, I loved serving and still do.
The naivety of “my inner world” sometimes left me feeling disappointed and ripped off by other humans,
who were not on my wave length.
The feelings of my own integrity and dignity, my higher instincts of Consciousness,
my own feelings towards others and life have taught me that Love is the Key.
The lack of Love and acceptance brings forth all kinds of wounds within mankind.
In the early nineties I was a Anc activist, I marched for freedom until my feet hurt, I toy-toyed and I dwelled among
the people in Gugulethu,and Mannenberg, fearlessly doing volunteer work for Gangster upliftment.
(My grandma didn’t like this)
I sat in a police cell, to try and Understand what would drive a person to crime.
A lack of LOVE, yes, but also they see PAIN as LOVE, as this is what they were
raised on, Pain, Anger, Rejection, Drama.
They lacked both self love and an integrated love from parents, family and community.
A young man not treated with love turns to friends for acceptance and approval, a sense of belonging.
Crime, drugs and adrenaline fills the void of unloving circumstances.
Going to church or synagogues or temples doesn’t make you know love,the love you seek resides inside you. 
A love that is connected to your heart,
A knowing of what you need and
Not being afraid to voice, act, live out your desires, called Freedom.
We are free. Free : we have free will and choice.
Choosing to be this way or that way. Choosing to heal or boldly holding onto wounds of anger, anxiety, fear and drama.
I luckily found Reiki in 2004 when my life was falling apart.
I found the art of massage in  2008, after being a novice for ever so long.
I believed people need TOUCH like sunshine, people need love, nurturing and wholeness.
Reiki and Massage has changed my life, from the Inside out.
I have made a difference in the Students, I have taught,
in the people I have helped. I recently met a lady who has moved to another country
after having had 1 Reiki session.
LOVE is a powerful force, it is accepting, loving, kind and gentle,
all of my treatments are filled with it and brings forth your
TRUE spirit!
Your Authentic Self.
Want to Change your Life and Vibration? Come for a session : massage or Reiki.
Start to learn Reiki or Massage or just start meditating, it will change your Life.
You can Contact me on : 084 603 0604 / email :