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I’m just going to straight out and say it: I MISS MY EARTH ANGEL very very very much. My life is just not the same without my monthly reboot and repair session with Colleen from Midlands House of Healing. I thought I would be able to make it up to the Midlands in November for a friend’s wedding but now that’s not going to happen and already I’m scheming about when next I can get back up to see Colleen’s lovely new space and hop onto her massage bed for some magical healing! Colleen and I both know what kind of person I am (highly-strung, emotional, sensitive to change) and so we agreed to do some distance energy healing just before I left for overseas and for the first couple of days after the big move. Distance Healing you say? Well, in a nutshell, distance energy healing is reiki performed on an individual by a reiki master from afar. Colleen sent energy and love to my inner child (that little girl is always seeking approval and trying to make everything perfect); to my adolescent self (oi vey, enough said) and to my adult self (she of the great creative insecurity and self-doubt). She also sent energy and healing to my partnerships and to my physical body, which probably explains why I’m still married today and also the great desire I had to get back on my yoga mat pretty soon after we arrived. On about the fourth day of distance healing, a greater sense of calm came over me as well as a sense of acceptance. This was the day that I finally got over myself and the fact that our bathrooms are peach and brown, got out of bed and pretty much unpacked boxes for twelve hours straight. I guess I have discovered a few new things about myself with this move; largely that when faced with big life changes, my body goes into some weird grumpy primal instinctive mode and I find myself lashing out at anything or anyone who threatens my desire and mourning for the old familiar. If you happened to be in my war path over those first few days, I send my humblest apologies (mostly to you, my darling husband). Only once the voices of my perfectionist inner child, grumpy adolescent and insecure adult were all silenced, did I realise how love and acceptance can only come from being loving and accepting, and things started to calm down. And boxes were unpacked. Thank you again Colleen for bringing the sanity back to my life. I feel you – even from afar.

People need Love and Touch like they need Sunshine.




From the time I could talk, I  talked. 

I counselled, I gave advise to all, understanding people, at age 4.
I answered adult questions, I practised love, the kind of Love I knew within myself.
I read my Bible cover to cover by age 8.
I loved Church and freely went by myself, to Church on Sunday mornings.
I loved community, I loved serving and still do.
The naivety of “my inner world” sometimes left me feeling disappointed and ripped off by other humans,
who were not on my wave length.
The feelings of my own integrity and dignity, my higher instincts of Consciousness,
my own feelings towards others and life have taught me that Love is the Key.
The lack of Love and acceptance brings forth all kinds of wounds within mankind.
In the early nineties I was a Anc activist, I marched for freedom until my feet hurt, I toy-toyed and I dwelled among
the people in Gugulethu,and Mannenberg, fearlessly doing volunteer work for Gangster upliftment.
(My grandma didn’t like this)
I sat in a police cell, to try and Understand what would drive a person to crime.
A lack of LOVE, yes, but also they see PAIN as LOVE, as this is what they were
raised on, Pain, Anger, Rejection, Drama.
They lacked both self love and an integrated love from parents, family and community.
A young man not treated with love turns to friends for acceptance and approval, a sense of belonging.
Crime, drugs and adrenaline fills the void of unloving circumstances.
Going to church or synagogues or temples doesn’t make you know love,the love you seek resides inside you. 
A love that is connected to your heart,
A knowing of what you need and
Not being afraid to voice, act, live out your desires, called Freedom.
We are free. Free : we have free will and choice.
Choosing to be this way or that way. Choosing to heal or boldly holding onto wounds of anger, anxiety, fear and drama.
I luckily found Reiki in 2004 when my life was falling apart.
I found the art of massage in  2008, after being a novice for ever so long.
I believed people need TOUCH like sunshine, people need love, nurturing and wholeness.
Reiki and Massage has changed my life, from the Inside out.
I have made a difference in the Students, I have taught,
in the people I have helped. I recently met a lady who has moved to another country
after having had 1 Reiki session.
LOVE is a powerful force, it is accepting, loving, kind and gentle,
all of my treatments are filled with it and brings forth your
TRUE spirit!
Your Authentic Self.
Want to Change your Life and Vibration? Come for a session : massage or Reiki.
Start to learn Reiki or Massage or just start meditating, it will change your Life.
You can Contact me on : 084 603 0604 / email : midlandshouseofhealing@gmail.com

Creating new life with REIKI : welcome Sebastian (baby no 13)

sebastian kim pregnant 3 kim pregnant 2 kim pregnant 1

I first met Kim over a 18 months ago, our journey started with REIKI.

She came for a REIKI session having read Keri’s blog : midlandsmusings.com,

She was intrigued by it, and decided to give REIKI a try.

Kim had tried to conceive and experienced 3 miscarriages when I met her, she wanted to heal her body and prepare her spirit for new life.

Kim came for a treatment every 2/3 weeks for a Massage / reiki session this helped the old wounds heal.

We brought forth a deeper spirit awareness about Intention, LOVE, understanding and compassion for ONE-self.

We ignited with REIKi a deeper understanding within, a learning of Self LOVE.

Sebastian was created soon after, Kim was pregnant and for the next 9 months we prepared her body,

mind and spirit for his arrival. The baby Sebastian had a very female energy and I truly thought he was a girl, upon his arrival, we found he was a boy.

I have enjoyed this journey with Kim, assisting her on healing within, watching her

Grow and blossom into a beautiful mom, with a happy baby. She is flourishing

And Sebastian is happy, he smiles all the time and is so interactive.

He is filled with LOVE, we created him with LOVE, Reiki and intention, we nurtured, loved and cared for his

MOM throughout her pregnancy, so she could adapt to the new demands of motherhood.

No one truly realizes what a new mom has to adjust to, having a little baby completely dependant on you for every single moment.

A deeper learning of Self sacrifice and joy that comes from Motherhood. A gentle energy of nurturing, change and learning to flow with it.

I have truly enjoyed this journey! It was a wholesome journey of happiness.

Thank you Kim for allowing me to share your story! Bless you Sebastian, a little bit of magic you are.

I am in awe of this REIKI magic.



The journey of my life so far. . .

Vision board so far Sept 2015


The journey of my life so far….

 We have been at Phuzamoya for a entire month. Everyday has been amazing!
The sun rises behind our house and sets in our garden.

The forest are green and so is the ever growing grass.

We love this place and space, so much, so that we have just signed a 2 year lease.

The house fits us like a glove, it is perfect in every way.

I started looking at my vision board yesterday, I wanted to know how far I have come on this Journey of my life.
On the 11 August 2014 we acquired a projector.
On the 15 August 2014 acquired the fish on my visionboard.
On the 21 January 2015 we confirmed moving to Satori to build a house.
On the 21 July 2015 we confirmed moving to Phuzamoya.

On 24 August 2015 we moved in and received a Warm welcome from Sandy the farm Manager.

We have been blessed with delicious organic vegetables and eggs, from her garden ever since.

We are surrounded by nature. Trees, dam, mountains and birds. It is the most loving Divine space to be in.
(We have started our own garden! Yes…)

On our vision board, the kitchen is big and spacious and we have it, now…

In July 2015, I received sea sand, shells and volcanic rock from Hawaii, (thanks to Richie & Partner) from the island Oahu.

Hawaii for me holds great significance as my Reiki ancestors Mrs Takata and the Kahuna massage originates from there. It signified great change for me.

I am definitely doing more of what I love here, (as on my visionboard), In 3 weeks, I have had 43 treatments in total, which is pretty amazing! I am loving what I do.
I am loving my life and so enjoy helping others heal and continue on their journey!
I am grateful for the Satori experience and what I have learnt from it.

I am even more grateful for the Phuzamoya experience of gentle spirit, nurturing and Loving experience.

The biggest Lesson I have learnt is : Stay in your OWN skin! Be happy!

sing! Laugh! enjoy your life. . . . with LOVE!


Gloopy moosh by Jenna : Week 3 Kahuna experience

I wait until the very last possible minute to buy things, and when its things for me… I am even worse! I wait until I look like a bit of an “Orphan Annie”, as my mum calls me, before I decide I need to get some new clothes. I cut the end of my face cream tube to get a few extra days out of it and you have never seen a butter dish as clean as mine when I’m done with the stuff :)!
This means that usually by the time I decide I NEED to visit Colleen – I’ve left it a bit late and end up getting there looking a little like I arrived backwards and via the bush ;)! Luckily she has come to know me and reminds me every two weeks or so to go visit – phew!
My 10 week Kahuna massage journey has been different because I get to go every week, and I arrive smiling and generally feeling quite together still!
 IMG 20150924 073452
Misty, rainy and cold, it was one of those days I would have happily sat in my bed in my dressing gown and worked from there – the benefits of working from home ;)! This day I managed to scrape myself out of my warm bed, when it is for a massage – there is good motivation!
Week 3 concentrated on joints, relaxation & letting the love in even more. I don’t like the cold and tend to walk around with my shoulders around my ears (this is characteristically how I walk around in winter)! Week 3 is about accepting things, letting them go and embracing what may come our way (at least its spring and I can work on that cold thing next year – giggle!). Its hard to take life with a pinch of salt, especially for someone like me! I tend to worry and I’m quite intense so letting things go is a BIG learning curve for me! I feel like (hope) I’m getting there (we’ll ask Chris after week 10, that’s the most honest answer we’ll get)!
IMG 20150924 073544
I was so relaxed and in such a good place when I got to Colleen, I checked it was the right day about 10 times on my way there! It was one of the BEST massages I have ever had, when you start with relaxed, you end up with gloopy moosh at the end of it all – I could hardly string sentences together, the cold was gone and there was defiantly enough love to go around for another week!
IMG 20150924 073632
Contact Colleen at Midlands House of Healing to start your 10 week Healing Kahuna Journey on
084 603 0604

Treating cancer with Reiki

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The disease of cancer originates from an emotional source in your body as per Diane Stein, in the book Essential Reiki.

The emotion is Deep resentment distrust, self pity and hopelessness.

In my experience as a reiki master, I treated a lady in Bethlehem who

was in an abusive relationship. Her partner, verbally abused her

and after his  death, her body could no longer hold these emotions.

She came to me for reiki and deep healing.

I advised her to Quit her job, to start a spiritual journey within herself.

If you have any stress in your life, quit your job and start doing what you Love.

If your diet consist of meat, change to a more fruit/vegetables, a more alkaline diet which

creates a dis-ease free environment.

If you love walking, go for long walks in the forest.

Start meditating and connecting more with Spirit.

Create a sacred space to Read and live a more holistic life, with NO stress.

Come for REIKI sessions with the benefit of removing the Cancer and reducing

the effects of the Cancer,  your body can heal itself.

Focusing on the ROOT cause of the DIS-ease, you will be able to heal faster.


Kahuna Massage : Healing you Journey with Jenna

Blogs by Jenna : http://www.ilovethemidlands.co.za/blog/item/352-kahuna-massage

2 days after my “farming day” – I visited Colleen to start my 10 week journey, we laughed about my realization of what I had taken on, what it had meant to me and how I had taken it so to heart. We give so much in life to the things or people we love, making life more challenging but also giving it so much more meaning. I put my uptight, overthinking body onto the bed and began to think “relax, relax” – it’s never good when you have to try and force it! It took all of 5 minutes for my mind and body to give in. A Kahuna massage is the most relaxing, de-stressing massage I have ever had! Kahuna is not invasive and  never sore (my thighs during a sports massage, PHEW!). The principles of the ancient massage allow the body to heal from within, slowly moving all the toxins and disease out of the body on your own. I used this session to let go and take my new earned respect to heart instead of mind :).
Important Hawaiian Principles to think about this week
Ike – be aware
Kala – be free and without limits
Makia – be focused and allow your energy to flow
Firstly… having a massage every week has to be the BIGGEST treat/indulgence I have ever had! Its hard to take (guilt free) time out of our busy everyday lives to just let go, relax and breathe…
There’s cleaning, that endless pile of laundry, the lawn has begun to grow again, making special time for our children, walking the dogs, breakfast… lunch…. dinner… work, the piles of dog turd slowly closing in around the front veranda, grocery shopping, work, work, clean, clean… Wow, just read that – I deserve one massage a week for and hour :)… instead of being a guilty pleasure, I use this time to relax, refocus, let the bad out and the good in – re-power for the week to come.
If Kahuna is an insight into Hawaai and their ways of life and culture – I am planning my next holiday because this is the type of space i want to be in!
We store our emotions of anger, fear, anxiety and stress in our bodies, Kahuna massage releases the old and creates a new path of love, harmony, peace and tranquility. Allowing our bodies to heal from within leaving us feeling loved, nurtured and whole.
One thing I cherish is sleep and I must say we have been blessed with our sleepy child, who generally speaking goes to bed at 7pm and that’s her until 6.30am. Last week (along with that lawn growing I spoke about) the bees returned to the garden and poor Roo got a bee sting in between her little toes. She had been stung a few times before and generally has no reaction but not this time. This meant long nights of itchy feet, endless applications of any cream/ointment that may work and ice packs on and off the poor little foot all night.
Awful right??
Not this time – I felt calm and patient, compassionate and caring rather then annoyed that this was the 11th time I was going to get out of bed to try and ease the itching, swolen foot – it was nice to feel this way. It took me a day or two to realize how differently id reacted and i felt really proud of myself for being such a nice person :) #gloat
Allowing our bodies to let go and get rid of some of the things that get us uptight may be one of the best gifts (spoils) we can give ourselves. This is a time and journey I want to use to help build an awareness of my reactions and responses – let the love in and the anger, impatience, irritation, stress and anxiety out.. breath, be calm and only love will follow <3 :)
Until next week…. :)
Contact Colleen at Midlands House of Healing to start your 10 week Healing Kahuna Journey on
084 603 0604

Healing YOU ! Blogs ….

From : Claire :  http://www.growingfree.co.za/2015/09/10/a-mind-body-spirit-balance/

We all have a place of comfort from which we like to live our lives – our minds, our bodies or our spirits. It is our refuge, our protection against the disturbing unpredictability of a world so much bigger than ourselves. From these centres we often bring forth our greatest creations, but they also typically give birth to our deepest flaws. We need to walk the tightrope between heart, mind and body in order to live healthy fulfilling lives.

The mind brings objectivity and a sense of empathy to our lives. It helps us understand the bigger picture and our place in it. The body communicates our power. It is the channel through which we connect with and express our instinctual drives. ‘Go with your gut’ is the mantra of a body person. The heart centre makes sure we engage with those around us in relationships, and not get blinded by the quest for power or knowledge for their own sakes. All together all three make us human, make us participate in the world as strong individuals connected to our communities.

I’m a head person. It’s what makes me good at my job and it’s my first and primary route to interact with the world outside. I celebrate this about myself. But if I don’t manage to function as a whole, I’m working broken. When I neglect the physical and emotional aspects of my self, I start to lose touch with reality, drift about in dreams and forget how to love and live with joy. So how do I bring myself back into balance? My heart and body send up signal flares in the form of illness, joint pain, persistent anxiety or just general grumpiness. I know I should meditate, exercise, inhale the rich earth, sip at slow steamy cups of tea with friends over long unfurling afternoons…but how to start? Work, my favourite pasttimes (reading and writing) and my “run-away” tactics draw me so obligingly into the mental that sometimes I can’t see my way out. My sense of self has been squeezed into a corner into my mind with my body and heart waiting dejectedly outside. Apathy and anxiety tell me I don’t have time, I don’t feel like it or I can’t afford it. This is when I call for help. The bold move of setting aside quality time and money for body-spirit maintenance shouts out at that controlling head. ‘We need less planning, less past, less future – we need more now!’ In this endeavour Colleen at Midlands House of Healing* is a willing and talented aide. Her treatments combine physical therapy with energy healing. And two aspects of self covered in one session is just about the best a work-at-home mom could hope for.

Where does your personality sit – heart, body or mind? Do you see it as a strength or weakness? In what ways do you bring yourself into balance?

*This post was sponsored. Follow the link in the sidebar for more information on Midlands House of Healing or call Colleen on 084 603 0604 to book an appointment.



This week I visited Colleen of the Midlands House of Healing. This woman is a true healer. Even upon first meeting it’s easy to see it’s what makes her heart sing and her eyes come alive. She uses a combination of massage, essential oils, crystals, hot stones, reiki and sound therapy to nurture her clients to wellness. These treatments are powerful and many ancient, but it is her own intention and commitment which bring them their potency. Lying with my face suspended above Colleen’s stone collection, I felt realisations about my self and life settle heavy and sure in my mind, so reasonable and true I was surprised I ever forgot them.

All the things I think matter so much, in fact, don’t. 

There are emails I should send; there are rooms I should clear. There are government offices I should visit and holiday plans I should make. There are meals to plan and news to catch up on. There is my oeuvre of work I should build and grow into something impressive. There are clothes I should wear and body toning I should embark upon. But none of these things matter. Not as much as presence in each moment unfolding one after the other. As breaths deep and bold. As joy, today, now, because there will never be a better time.

I am important.

Those I care for are important. My daughter and my husband. My family and friends. My readers and my clients. But if they are important then so am I. What kind of caring can I do if I am not cared for myself? At times in my life I relied on regular yoga and meditation. But as the mother of a young one the importance of feeling nurtured and being embraced should not be underestimated. I pour myself into Emma’s growing. Her every encounter, with new sensations, people, and skills, are all mediated by me. It is an exhausting task. Without receiving replenishment of my body and soul I doubt it is something I could continue to manage. Colleen offers such nourishment so warmly and openly it seems she was born to it. Sometimes we all need a little help. And it’s more than ok to ask for it.

In what ways do you care for yourself? When and how do you say ‘I am important’?

Colleen is based just outside Howick on the Karkloof Rd. Call or message her on 084 6030604 to book a healing session.


No one is unhappy when having an orgasm or 50?

untitled (2)

This week I have been pondering, analysing and re analysing what my view on self acceptance means to me.

It means I accept all of me. I accept that I have a flabby belly, I accept that I love myself unconditionally.

I accept that I don’t need to be thin to be awesome, amazing, fabulous, loving, kind or weird.

I accept that a big heart filled with love cannot be compared to “looking good”.

Society promotes looking good, trying everything from shocking machines to surgery to LOOK good.

For me, personally, I feel that weight loss like your sexual preference are your choice.

No one is unhappy when they had an orgasm or 50….

So, what is the big deal? I guess it is how people interact or your attitude towards you, we all want to be

Attractive, sexy, desired, loved, wanted physically, emotionally, intellectually!

I love the human body. I love that we have wonderful DNA to heal our bodies.

I love that we can climb mountains, eat chocolate, drink raw juices and smoothies and be Healthy,

And enjoy every part of our sexuality and freedom to be ourselves.

I have found that a balance of life is having the good and healthy stuff and the ‘bad’ stuff within moderation.

Swinging from any extreme isn’t healthy, it is obsessive.

We live in this world which promotes instant desires pleased, people choose to be impatient, rude and unhelpful!

This I feel is a male driven energy of Fear, Anger and Anxiety.

People are crashing and burning out physically and emotionally, they are not finding the balance to nurture their spirit and life.

The treasures of LOVE, Rest, Joy, Fun, Knowledge are the wonders that feed our spirit.

BY nurturing YOURSELF WITH a massage or reiki session and you will loved and full of energy to do what you love.

The key is to Find your balance, your equilibrium.

The source of this is a deep LOVE for yourself, an Unconditional love …..

If you love it, keep doing it, if you dislike it, change it, but take 100% responsibility for your life and

Start LOVING every part of it. These are the Principles of Aloha : (use it as a guide)

BE spirit.

Be free.

Be aware.

Be gentle.

Be loving.

Be here.



Pregnancy and Journeying into Motherhood

images (2)



So, why am I not a mother?

Well I baby sat my nephews, nieces and cousins for

All of my teenage years this has totally cured me of the vocation of being a mother.

I don’t mind assisting others to create new life, I love nurturing and assisting others.


On my healing journey, I have assisted 15 mothers to create new life with Reiki.

I first thought about this process a few years ago. How one can create life…

First off, you need to be balanced and healthy, and have all chakras happy and spinning, your

Instinctive behaviour when happy is to LOVE and to make love, and create new life when happy. (in an ideal world)

In life, we all need someone, some times.

I have journeyed through 15 pregnancies, and what matters is how the baby is created,

What your attitude is, and you’re Intention of wanting a New little person in your life.

As a new pregnant mommy your hormones and emotional states are heightened,

you become nauseous and are tired.

Your diet, becomes a “see” food diet, so the first 3 months is tough.

After that, you begin to adjust.

It is important to keep up your fitness levels, to do walking,

to start with breathing exercises or even a yoga class.

Most important is to LOVE the journey and to be a HAPPY pregnant mommy as all your emotions affect the baby.

This is why I created a Pregnancy massage to Nurture Mom and baby to ease your aching body, all those deep achy muscles and spasms.

I live in two worlds, the one here and the one beyond.

Once the baby is conceived, you can ask it questions as the Spirit is aware of what is going on while the baby is being created.

Kids choose their parents for sure!

They are highly intuitive beings of light, filled with unconditional love and have a deep spirit awareness as they are growing in your tummy.

Pregnancy is a journeying into motherhood. You learn to love and nurture yourself and

By doing this, you begin to understand what being a mother is all about, it is a dedicated

Occupation filled with ups and downs,

but the key is to LOVE the journey and to know,

You are raising a child with Love, someone that you will equip to live in this world,

to be a fully functioning conscious human being,

equipped with the most valuable skill, to love and be loved.

How to treat a Pregnant Mother?

With Love, care and tenderness.

Imagine having your body change overnight, have compassion.

Imagine having heightened emotions, being PMS every day, be patient….

Imagine being uncomfortable as all your organs start to move and make space for the baby.

Treat you …well, with love….

Being happy and loving this journey is the KEY to a good pregnancy, an easy birthing process

And a happy baby.

Your attitude, Your words, Your actions determine all of this process, may it be guided by LOVE.








I remember . . . .


In the last 8 years of my life, as a practising massage therapist and Reiki master,

these are the accounts of Success stories I have experienced.

I feel life is filled with a balance, a dualistic life approached by many,

but in order to keep a positive attitude, mind set and focus, you need stories of HOPE.

Hope, faith, joy, perserverance and LOVE.

I remember the lawyer, I treated after a triple by-pass heart surgery who could hardly walk, but within 7 days of receiving massage,

counselling and reiki, he returned to work.

I remember the mother, who has 3 kids, the father was bi polar. He sexually abused his kids and even tried to freeze one kid in the freezer,

with reiki and healing, it helped this family heal their wounds and become part of a new family, after the divorce.

I remember the young lady who after 3 miscarriages was able to conceive a baby with Reiki and intense massages and counselling.

I remember the young mother who was not coping with her in laws and I offered to give her a Reiki Attunement

so she could become stronger. She no longer lives with her in laws and his taken a stand of Power and chose to do what makes her happy.

I remember the Detox programs of Massage and Reiki session held, that help heal the broken hearted and renew their spirit.

I remember the broken heart young lady who was attracted to the wrong kind of guy,

who later broke her heart but with reiki and massage, she was able to see the self-sabotaging events and

only choose to date stable guys, 2 years later, she is happily married.

I remember my cocaine addicted friends who used Reiki to sober up on a Sunday evening as they needed to work the next day.

I remember the man who couldn’t use his left arm for 2 years, as his rotator cuff was inflamed, after a session of massage and reiki, he could use his arm.

I remember the cancer patient, after receiving 3 months of Reiki was cancer free. She changed her life.  

I remember the 60 year man who broke his ankle when he went parachuting, after months of agony after the surgery,

he came for a repair massage  and was able to Move his foot freely after a session.

I remember assisting 15 mothers conceive with REIKI intentionally creating babies with LOVE and the babies are healthy, happy and free.

I remember teaching 44 students Reiki the exciting adventures of life, of journeying within and creating the LIFE they desire, to all happiness.

All things are possible when you ignite the LOVE within yourself, when you choose to heal and become whole.

In all of this, I believe I am a vessel of light to fulfil a purpose of helping others heal with massage and reiki.

Want a session? Whats app 084 603 0604, midlandshouseofhealing@gmail.com


Visit these sites for actual accounts of magic:



Distance healing magic :




Gardening is my Grounding!

IMG_20150907_085639 IMG_20150907_085651 IMG_20150907_113916_hdr IMG_20150907_113926_hdr

I never liked gardening, even as a kid, I thought the weeds were painful and cutting of grass endless.

I realized that it was one of those mundane task that has to be done, someone’s gotta to do it, so I gardened from a young age.

My favourite part of gardening is definitely harvesting time, harvesting vegetables and fruit, which I love.

Willem has taught me so much about the Soil, how to create a garden, how to level it out, why levelling is essential. How to remove weeds and clear an area.

On Monday we cleared our garden and replanted our seedlings of baby spinach, beetroot, and peas.

We replanted our lavender, rosemary, origanum and bay leave tree.

When the bay leave tree went into the ground, I felt as if a part of me

Was placed in soil and grounded. Being grounded is such an essential part of being a spiritual being,

I feel more connected to the EARTH and feel I am supported, connected to Sky spirit.

There is much reward in growing, nurturing, and planting your own vegetables, its LOVING

your plants and making every conscious decision to be healthy and eat healthy for you.

Loving yourself enough to be aware of what goes into your mouth, what fuels you and what gives you strength.

I am enjoying this journey of Spring. Flowers are blooming, trees are growing fruit and there is an Abundance of magic in the Air.

Wishing you a happy grounded gardening day!


All my love

Colleen van Heerden

Re igniting the flame of joy in your life.


I was busy re organising my therapy room when ….

I read this on my Aloha principles of life that LOVE is to be happy!

Love, I have re ignited the flame of joy in my life.

Walking :

I walk every morning to connect with my spirit and to stay grounded,

Connect to the Divine Earth. I walk to clear my mind. I walk to gain perspective.

I walk to sing all the songs I remember and lift my vibration.

I observe the dancing sunrise, the breathing forest, the flying birds and I feel happy to be alive.

To be living this earthly experience, to be in the flow of Divine synchronicity, trusting and knowing this is exactly where I need to be.

Chanting :

Every morning I sing an Ancient Hawaiian chant to the earth and sky.

It provides abundance, awakens a deeper awareness within, knowing

That with Love all things are possible.

Meditation :

I can’t do the sitting for hours meditation sessions, I prepare an active meditation, so I meditate, sending healing to my Inner child, my adolescent, my adult self.

I then reboot all of my chakras with Ancient Reiki signs, and then start my day being focused and awake.


I became a Level 1 Reiki student in 2004, I have literally been reiki ing myself for 11 years every day.

I recite my affirmations every morning and connect with a higher power of love and Connection to the Universe.

Pray :

Before I see any clients, I pray for all of them a week in advance, I will then ask for wisdom as to what they need to heal. I give thanks for the healing, of the previous day and I ask for healing in this present time.

I send distance healing to specific beings who need it. Prayer is very powerful and your intention and belief system affects the outcome, so I truly believe that healing takes place everyday and that your bodies ability to HEAL itself is ignited by LOVE.

I sing :

From a very young age I was involved in every possible concert singing at school and church. I acted in a passion play at church. I love singing, I have a jukebox in my head and every day I remember a new song which I was taught for some production or another. I sing because I love it because it makes me happy. It keeps me in my skin and totally grounded in my happy space.

Laughter :

Over the last 6 months, I have learnt to laugh more. I laugh because life isn’t that serious. Your spirit is light, loving, kind and funny. Ego wants to take it oh so personally, wants to take hold of the pain, anger, fear and live off it, but spirit is not so. So, I keep my laughter jug full because I love being in a good space, listening to my intuition.

Listening and Speaking :

After my last Reiki Attunement, I am speaking my truth more and more, I feel if I am completely honest, no resentment, or anger will creep in. I no longer expect others to know what I need, I am happy to say, No! I don’t want to. No, thank you. I am happy to say what I need and mean it.

Listening to my intuition and its guidance is even louder and clearer.


Telepathically :

My radar for others : thoughts, body language and emotions has become stronger.

Willem was doing the dishes the other evening and I felt the thought of him needing cheese grated for our dinner, so I did it. This is just one of the example of reading thoughts.

When I meet someone and ask my Higher self what is going on? The bodies inner voice will happily say what’s going on and advise a way forward to heal itself.

Honesty :

Being open and honest and direct is the most amazing path to live by.


I so love music. I play a variety of music everyday!

Hawaiian, Indian, Buddah bar and Laya project because You cannot be sad with music, it provides you with a HAPPY space.



I have fun everyday. I completely love what I do. I love repairing the human body with massage and reiki.

I love watching movies. I absolutely love watching series. I love being home and enjoying our space.

Learning the Four agreements for my life!

Whenever something happens, I tell myself :

Refrain from blaming anyone.

Refrain from assuming.

Refrain from Judging anything.

It is not personal.

Checking in with myself has certainly made a huge difference to my reactions,

Emotions and response to drama.


I feel that I am cultivating the joy of life.

I feel good. I am happy and content.

Here are some books to get you started :

Travelling at the Speed of LOVE by SONIA CHOQUETTE

Four Agreements by DON Miguel Ruiz

What the BLEEP do you know? ( I have the movie )

Deepak Chopra : 7 spiritual laws ( I have the movie )


The last 72hours of packing, moving, settling and changing

August 2015 Life (11) August 2015 Life (5)

I grateful to the following people who have helped me in the my path, travelling at the speed of Love! Thank you Keri B who introduced me to Andrea Barras who in turn introduced me to Pippa Griffin, who inturn introduced us to Sandy Wright who manages Phuzamoya. Thank you to Pippa and Sandy who gave us the go ahead to move in 2 days ahead of schedule. Thank you to Katie Robinson (@Lemonwood cottages) who gave us Siyobonga to help us offload our goods. Thank you to Carlene Bronner at Horseplay for the use of her wonderful Driver Dennis and her Landrover and trailer. Thank you to Vick Shaw who baked us cheese muffins for me and bacon muffins for Willem, freshly delivered with Butter and Jam, on the day of our move, thank you for helping us offload. Thank you to Sandy Wright for all your hard work and for the LOVELY organic kale, radishes, turnips and eggs!

Our path to this moment has been interesting, adventurous and nothing short of amazing! The human spirit is capable of so many things, I am feeling I am just starting to comprehend what we can do as human beings having a SPIRITUAL experience, here on Earth.



When it comes to moving and packing, I turn into a minion, not the yellow kind, but the Purple one with the fuzzy hair, I want to pack ferociously but in my enthusiasm, I get it wrong, so poor Willem would reopen and repack the boxes.

I am good with unpacking, so I try to just be of service and listen to what Willem needs and I will do the task that is requested of me. I am task orientated so

You can guess, he gave me all the “I hate” task like unscrewing screws which takes me forever.

Willem felt he had many moments of telling me, please sit down and sit on your hands. (He didn’t)



I love new adventures, but I don’t like the unsettling feeling of moving, not having my sacred space,

makes me anxious, like losing something valuable to me.

It has been 48 hours and I have already unpacked every single box present.

I unpacked my last studio box yesterday.

I have this special way of packing everything in towels and rolling them gently so no damage will occur,

but after 10 towels of unwrapping the shells, stones and precious items,

I so don’t like my surprise towels anymore. Order is slowly starting to replace the chaos.


Settling :

The first evening and the second evening and every other evening I will have a coarse salt bath with Epsom salts.

I placed rosequartz around the bath and a quartz crystal and just soaked up the amazing feeling and energy of cleansing my body.

I so love baths! I love the clean feeling!

The most amazing thing is, we have electricity which means my cellphone charges faster, we have

cell phone signal everywhere!

My Salute super blender is working amazing faster! My computer is working

at a wonderful humming sound.

The hot water from the tap is HOT! (time to giggle with me)

The brick walls hold the cold out, how freaking fabulous.

We haven’t made a fire yet! We have been wearing shorts and t shirt, no

Warm jackets or beanies, they are happily packed away!

The floor no longer creaks when we walk on it. We can switch on lights at any time.

We are still enjoying the silence of no refrigerator presently, but we might consider purchasing a small freezer in the future.

I have started juicing beetroot, carrot and apple, to embark on my detox journey.

I admit I love carbohydrates, I love potatoes and bread, and these have been my survival comfort food for the last 6 months, I agree its time to discipline myself with LOVE! And get back my focus.

Energetically, the energy has shifted, we feel completely different since moving from a harsh environment, to a more comfortable space.

It is freaking amazing, it to be able to have comforts like this.

I went grocery shopping at 4.02pm on Monday afternoon and returned at 5.10pm, having done all my errands at Pick and Pay and Spar, travel time and

Shopping time, cut down from 3hrs, to 1 hour. (freaking awesome)


Changing :

Travelling at the Speed of LOVE is changing and currently growing my heart, mind and spirt more! I am happy. I am enjoying this lighter side of life, overlooking the mountain, the dam, the trees, connecting with Spirit more.

Having a lighter self, to laugh and love myself and learn finding the higher ground of love. It is attracting LIKE minded people who seek the same thing, to love, to be spirit, to enjoy this earthly existence.


I have had such a good nights sleep that last night, that I woke up at 4am filled with these words for my blog! I meditated, did yoga and now I want to go enjoy the sunrise outside!

Wishing you a fabulous happy day!


I start massaging, reiki ing and setting up appointments for next week!



Colleen van Heerden


When the other shoe has dropped!

July 2015 (23)

Staring at my last few days at Satori farm, I have had a deeper realization of myself.

First off, I love living in the country but I don’t enjoy living in the outback.

I will explain, I feel vulnerable, at risk and insecure living in a wooden cabin,

in the middle of nowhere. The weather conditions of gale force winds, extreme

Cold and rain, are scary for me.

I am accustomed to seeing people around me and enjoying the company,

I am feeling like I am on a deserted island, this is not good for me.

Secondly, our air-sulated cabin letting in the sunshine, wind, rain and all types of forces

Makes me feel insecure and not protected from nature.

Thirdly, the new clients I have seen in the last 6 months have been quite dramatic.

Filled with drama, either angry at me for the distance they have travelled,

or very disgruntled because of the road,

or they have gotten lost, or

had a accident on the way here, this has not been a loving experience for me.

Fourthly, Willem copes well in this environment of rough living, me… not so much.

I find it to be a harsh life, of no female energy, everything is about survival from

Chopping wood for survival, to having quick showers, to conserving petrol in the generator, to

Monitoring the solar panels.   I feel there is no female soft energy with this type of living.

No comfortable bathtime, no watching a quick motivational movie,

no showering for 20 minutes and talking to myself.

No romance either, this is what we have encountered with the cold weather.

No comfortable sleeping, 3 duvets just doesn’t make it nice.

What really helped me cope with all of this madness is Love.

I have been working on myself, to keep

A open heart, to forgive easily, to say I am sorry, to be quiet and learn what is needed for my growth.

Growth, change, a deep appreciation for my relationship and having immense

gratitude for everything from the cold showers I take, to the sunshine.

Learning that I am connected to so many people because I love and care.

I have learnt to discern who is my friend, and who is my foe.

I have stepped away from negative fear based people! And with loving arms into a

Friendships that build me up, encourage me, make me laugh at my madness and circumstances.

Because, it is what we dislike that encourages us to grow, to learn, to change, to Master ourselves.

The last 6 months has been the most uncomfortable part of my life.

I have been pushed to my limits physically, emotionally and grown spiritually,

and  this is what I needed.

I needed to become a stronger person within myself, harnessing lessons from the Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz, from Hópono pono to love myself, to say I am sorry, to forgive and say thank you, to be guided

by Sonia Choquette’s book : travelling at the speed of LOVE!

To understand myself and others better! And have a deeper awareness of what I think and how I react to life!

To be grateful and full of LOVE is the highest vibration as per Dr Emoto.

May I continue on this journey of LOVE and self discovery.

Learning, growing and becoming aligned with my true path as a healer, blogger, therapist, wife, teacher!

Aloha and thank you! to you for the on going support.



Time to Change, to Alkaline foods. . . .

alkaline%20vs%20acidic (2)


After my last blog, the Colleen guilt, my conscious mind and lack of discipline hit me hard.

On Saturday, I decided to do a detox! I drank green smoothies of spinach, banana,

pineapple, I consumed huge amounts of lemon juice water, I ate steamed spinach

and declined any white bread!

It started small but, I feel much better.

I also received a detox massage to reboot my body which helped a lot! I feel lighter.

I have had a good talking to myself and its time to eat more alkaline foods which

feed my body and spirit.  My food which I ingest fuels my body, mind and spirit, so its

imperative to have balance. The occasionally fried item is ok! but

no more junk food like white bread, magnums or samoosa’s from Thokans!

My body functions better on salads, smoothies, juices and steamed spinach,

the occasional fresh fish would be LOVELY!

Check in with yourself, time to reign in the discipline and make better choices for your

diet and body!

Happy Sunday!


My Yom Kippur feelings . . .



What is Yom Kippur? Yom Kippur is the Day of Atonement on the Jewish Calendar.

You fast from sunset to sunset. When I did Yom Kippur, by like 2pm, I felt

I had atoned for all my sins, and I had apologised to everyone, but sunset

was far from close by, so I felt sorry, but the day wasn’t over.

This is much the same feeling I have currently, I have learnt many

valuable lessons here in the Dargle mountains, but I have 13 days left of endurance.


I have a deep appreciation for brick walls, man was definitely wise.

Running hot water from a geyser, is like a pot of gold for sure.

Refrigerator with magic stuff in it, bonus!

The silence of electricity  to power stuff! as opposed to the noisy generator.

I won’t be worrying about my cell phone battery anymore, it will be fully charged.

Cell phone signal, currently, there are 3 spots of signal in the entire cabin, yay for signal all day!

We drive a distance of 45km to Howick, we will now spend 20 minutes driving to Howick

from the Karkloof on any given day, yay!

The new house has a huge fireplace which means, we will have to chop wood less small! hello painfree body.

It will be less cold, so we can return to a carb free diet!  and not a SEE food diet, we have been

applying due to the cold and needed comfort. 

Thank you to everyone who has laughed, cried, giggled, shared, supported and Loved us

in this journey!


Thank you to my Mother in law! who is super awesome!


Lotsa Love

Colleen !


How to turn your gloomy grey day into a play day?


IMG_20150811_072453  IMG_20150810_110419

Yesterday was Womens’s day! a Public holiday in South Africa.

It was rainy and cloudy. My cat TOMtom has been running circles in the house :

on the couch, the double bed, the computer desk and back. He was bored!

He dislikes the rain. I woke up with him kissing me. He wakes us up with cat kisses at sunrise.

Its his way of saying “Wake up! this sleeping thing is boring.

I wake up first…., putting on the solar lights and starting a fire, in order to make tea.

Tea is Tomtom’s favourite. His super impatient for his morning tea. Fire has

started and we defrost slowly.

I start with my yoga stretches, I was very stiff, with the cold weather and the

well air conditioned wooden cabin.  (15 days to go  . . )

I mentally start preparing myself for my walk in the rain. If I don’t walk, and get

grounded, I know I will be super grumpy, all day. So, I put on my warm jacket

and gumboots with umbrella in hand, and off I go up the Hill.


On the Hill there is 3 G cell  signal which is full blast, now I can first ground me,

sing my Hawaiian chant and then send out my daily inspiration messages.

I already meditated and reiki’d me and sent out Distant Reiki Healing energy

to a lady in Cape Town. (She will be visiting me soon!)


It is cold! But it doesn’t matter. We have made our space toasty!

 I m singing and I am in my good space.

I admire the mist and rain falling. The Ihlosane mountain has completely disappeared.

How wonderful and in awe I am of nature.

I return home with muddy gum boots, a wet umbrella and my smile.
Immediately, I remove my boots and put on some music.
Jack Johnson and Xavier Rudd are my all time favourite musicians.


The fire is going and we make toast with the bread which Willem baked last night

and warm tea. We decide what we will make for lunch.

We both agree on a warm pumpkin soup.


We take turns in chopping wood. Willem starts and I follow in between

stirring the soup on the Welcome Dover stove.


I have the idea to bake a cake after we made soup and we quickly think of what type of cake?

A lemon and ginger cake. Yummy!


I am ever so grateful for this Welcome dover stove, it keeps us warm, we have made

toast, tea, a warm soup and a cake.

You can tell Willem and I play well together in the kitchen.

In between we laughed and decided that I am Pinky and his MacGyver

or I am Batman and his Alfred.
We have managed to even pack a box together, box no 13, things are

beginning to look empty and spacy now…


You can certainly change your mind set with a decision to play and have fun!

even if it is dark and gloomy outside.


Learn to create.

PLAY is the most important thing you can do for you!

Think of new recipes…

Try something new. . .

Keep you happy and in a good space!


a ll m y   love





How to be Spiritual in your corporate / daily life ?



We are living in interesting times! Consciously everyone is waking up!

Their SPIRIT is being shaken, stirred, and awakened.

So … what does this mean?

Well you have a SOUL. You have a spirit which intuitively knows what to do,

your Gut feeling.

So, if you live in a Corporate environment, a lot of stuff will stress you out.

Here are some tools for you!

Wake up early, 5.30am and take time out to Pray.

Pray for a awesome day. Meditate on filling your body with LOVE.

Meditate on staying calm. Start a daily routine of YOGA. yes Yoga.

Go for a walk of 20 minutes, everyday!

Imagine growing roots to the CORE of the Earth, tie yourself to the Big rock,

use your Arms and  Connect with the Sky, now! fill your aura with light and blue shield.

Say you are grounded and whole.

Next Choose a MANTRA and SING it : OOm mani padmi OOM or anything you love :

The Sound of Music : Doe Ray Me so Fa La Ti Doe : You get the picture.

Dawn is the most powerful part of the day!  Make sure the first 2 hrs of the day  is SPENT

on you!

You can also start wearing Hematite and Obsidian gem stones to protect you!

Change your diet to LIGHT foods : salads, fruit and vegetables are brilliant.

Start Juicing and making smoothies.

Go for REIKI or Massage or both ! often….. (Call me 084 603 0604)


When you at your office, 1 hr before everyone:

  1. Burn incense.
  2. Fill the corners of your office with Rose quartz.
  3. Play Music : Buddah bar / anything chilled.
  4. When things get rough, light a candle, it will soothe you.
  5. Say NO often and maintain your boundaries.
  6. Deep breathes x 6, then exhale and say Haaaaaaa….
  7. Don’t face anyone head on, turn your body slightly, energy vampires exist!
  8. Don’t be Ask Mary ? who has the advice every Monday morning, avoid it.
  9. Excuse yourself to the bathroom and just go and breathe.
  10. Don’t eat lunch at your desk, go for a walk, it will give you a new perspective.
  11. Tea is a HUG in a cup! take your break.
  12. Smile often, giggle even more, it isn’t serious, its just a job.


Feel free to email me : midlandshouseofhealing@gmail.com    I have many

Tools you can use………

Surrender : Follow your heart : follow the flow



The last few months has been trying.

I have endured it with the help of REIKI, meditation, yoga, walking, talking to my spirit, praying and

learning to conquer my Shadow.

I realized I needed more…so I started reading :

I started with a book called Ho opono pono, to love, to forgive, to say I am sorry and thank you for every single experience. It has taught me, that greatness is in forgiving and saying you are sorry, and loving no matter what you encounter, having a open heart is crucial to living your spirit.

I then started Sonia Choquette’s book called  Travelling at the speed of LOVE!

Love is what brought Willem and me together, Me praying and asking for my soul mate, 17 years ago.

Love is in speaking our truth about living at Satori and realizing this is not it and

having the courage to be honest and face our truth.

Love is in sharing our experience thus far and knowing that all will be ok.

Love is in asking for boxes from the Universe and having so many delivered to us. (thank you)

Love is in knowing help is a phone call away, if we need it.

Love is in having friendship of so many who support, and also laugh at our madness.

Love is in not judging, blaming, assuming or taking anything personally on this journey.

LOVE is having a open heart, feeling the sunshine and hearing no wind and knowing that

It will be ok! An open heart ready to forgive and be gentle with yourself and with others.

Learning new tools to breathe deeply, to let go and let life happen.

A quote from her book: The best way around such a situation is to connect with your heart every day, even on the smallest matters, so that you establish such a strong and automatic connection with your heart that it becomes only natural to rely upon it in stormy circumstances.

This is how I have learnt to be strong and focused despite all the challenges of living in a wooden cabin.

A open heart! To be Loving towards myself and others! Is the KEY to life / and or any situation and a BIG dose of LAUGHTER!!!!

We have laughed so much! On this journey when it got to serious! Laughter just kicks in…

Love & Laughter the keys to a whole hearted Loved life.


All my love

Colleen van Heerden




How to Master Yourself?


July 2015 26 (79) July 2015 26 (84) July 2015 26 (83)

How to Master yourself?

This week has been interesting. We left to meet someone at Piggly wiggly and when we returned home, the hill behind our house had been set on fire.  We had previously buried the water pipe, lucky for us, one of the pipes were just melted a bit but was still in working order. Emotionally you can’t really react, you just accept it and carry on.

Yesterday, the water in the pipes froze, the toilet water froze and even the donkey water froze solid!

We waited until after 10am for the water to defrost. Water expands, so with the expansion,

a Pipe opened and water started flowing into the bathroom, luckily Wp is hands on and managed to fix the problem quickly. I cleaned the floor and mopped the excess water and hoped it would be all ok.

It has been cold! With howling winds pumping and rocking the wooden cabin, so much so that when you go wee, it feels like a rocking chair.  A total new experience for me….rocking loo!  :-)

The wind brings dust and dust everywhere.

Living in a Wooden cabin has been very challenging for me, more challenging than INDIA, I think.

I have learnt NOT to complain, to just go with it. These Elements of Earth, Wind, Fire, Water aren’t personal or aimed at me, it just is.

I have also realized that I can live in extreme heat and extreme cold, I can handle it, but I am not exactly happy with it. So, I realize that I am tough and I have endured 6 months of intense physical work.

We have digged, sifted, built, chopped, cleaned, painted, carried, moved : we have created a home space, to work, to live, to be and we both realize WE can do this! And have learnt many skills

About life.

We have learnt to work together, we have learnt to communicate better, we have learnt to be confident within ourselves, we have learnt to be STRONG even if we cry….

We have learnt to Endure and Perservere.

We have gained so much support and love from friends, family and acquaintances.

Mastering yourself is not easy! But the character growth has been extra ordinary.

In closing : Would I do this again?   No, but I have learnt a lot and I am thankful for the lessons I have learnt, to just go with the FLOW! And Step into the UNKNOWN path called life, trusting that there is a HIGHER Plan from the DIVINE, to grow me, even if I am UNCOMFORTABLE and COLD.

This will pass! It’s the countdown to moving in +- 24 days!

Thank you for the support and LOVE!


Colleen van Heerden


Moving on : from Satori to Phuzamoya Karkloof

July 2015 (23)July 2015 26 (95)


So by now you know that I am moving!

Moving entails packing and packing. The emotional side of it, is also confronting your

own feelings of disappointment and accepting it with grace.

Grace of knowing when I packed the last time, I was up for the adventure of

building my own house, realizing that this dream, unfortunately is not a reality,

and being ok with it, was a process.

It started with LOVING myself, and realizing that moving here, was my

learning curve, discovering my own limits and weaknesses, and loving

and accepting myself despite them all.

I know, I dislike cold, last week, it was -11 with howling winds of 95km per hour.

I realized that I could not take a shower because I was to cold, that is when I knew,

this is it. I accept that I need to move and shift and change my paradigm to

a new reality. My life until now has been such an adventure, we have created

a home out of 2 old cabins, built a bathroom, created a sacred space in less than 5 months.

We are capable of anything, even moving again, so we can be comfortable.

Whats next?   Move to Phuzamoya and run movie evenings with Inspirational messages,

do Woman’s one day cleanse workshop, and meditation/ sound healing evenings.

I would like to utilize our space for magical session and growth, that’s my vision.

If you’re interested, email me: midlandshouseofhealing@gmail.com

All my love! thanks to you.



How we created a new vision : 9 days ago

July 2015 26 (116) July 2015 26 (100) July 2015 26 (96)

July 2015 26 (60)

On the 20th July we started with confronting our truths, and making a list for a new Home!

On the 21st July we viewed a home with : everything on the list :

Easy Access, Electricity and Water, full 3 g signal coverage, low maintenance, pet friendly.

We focused together on what we needed.

We asked the Universe to supply our need, we sent Energy using Reiki signs and prayed.

The universe doesn’t give you what you want, it does give you what you need. *Robin Sharma

Our focused intentions were heard and we will be moving on 26 th August 2015 to a lovely space.

Grateful for all the soul growth of hardship, coldness, sacrifice, distance, hard work and

intense test, to know, we needed to grow ourselves to reach this point.

Thank you again to everyone for their love, support, and laughter! on this journey.

Bless you!


** Some pictures of our new Home!


A new vision = We are moving !



It is time for a NEW vision = New reality

20 th July 2015 !     The start of a NEW vision

On the evening of 20th July, we went to bed feeling relieved that we had spoken our truth and

we needed to move forward.

We created a list of what we needed.

The List :

3 bedroom house with space

2 bathrooms


A garage


Easy Internet access : 3 G

Easy road access : Tar

Easy access to shops

Pet friendly

Quiet area

On the 21st July we visited Sandy at Phuzamoya at Dr Ian Players Farm in the Karkloof.

Sandy is a friend of Pippa Griffin who suggested we meet and introduce ourselves.

We met Sandy and she showed us the house, and we instantly clicked with her and the house.


The house is being painted and cleaned currently. Having all my questions answered by Sandy, it was time to

contact Pippa to Rent the House.


I left the house,  feeling elated and excited at the possibility of moving.


I contacted Pippa for the cost and the application form. I completed it on the 22 July 2015.


Later that afternoon, I was approved as a tenant! On the 23 July we advised Jeff and Louise of our intention to leave, at the End of August 2015, explaining where we are at. They accepted our honesty and decision.


On the 24 July 2015, I paid some of the deposit and set the intention of moving and starting in a new space.

The house has electricity and good water. It is on tar road and 20 minutes from Howick, easy access.

Carl Bronner, Jeff, Mike Beresford and Vick Shaw has all kindly offered assistance to move us at the end of August 2015.

We appreciate the way that our friends, family and acquaintances have supported us in our uncomfortable zone.


It has challenged us, we have become closer, we have grown as people and look forward to learning more in our new space!


See You at :

Phuzumayo : Drive out of Howick on the tar road, at Glassworks sign, turn left, then

Left at the gate, keep Left!     See Pink House!

See you soon! In a closer, warmer space!


I will be at Satori farm until the end of August 2015!


Thank you


Colleen and WP


What to do when your lifelong dream turns into a bit of a Nightmare!



I am a city girl!

I am sorry but I cant live in a wooden cabin, up high in the foothills of the Drakensberg, (in Hawaii maybe…)

Our dream of building a home, we have envisioned, created, sent energy and kept it alive for 7 years. Seven years of hoping for a space to build our own home, in the form of a “green”house, from earth materials, our year in India at the Auroville Earth Institude reaffirmed this for us.

Events and circumstances that unravelled has brought us to Satori farm, thinking this is it!

It being: Build a house and create a healing space.

As days became colder, we became busier, for survival.

At sunrise we chop wood to heat the cabin, to make tea and breakfast. Our day starts in the cold. Having wood is essential to heat and comfort however, this isn’t an easy task either. We need to order wood at least 2 weeks in advance and pay extra for delivery, due to the distance.

The distance in itself is challenging. Due to unexpected car problems, we were stranded for 16 days. I always wanted to be a hobbit but it sucks.

Survival? Which starts with sunrise and ends with us banking the fire for the night. Homesteading may seem noble but I found it to be very very hard!

We had to admit to ourselves that our dream was seeming like a nightmare and ask ourselves whether this is in anyway making us happy? Or feel good?   It wasn’t …

 All I want to do is live my life purpose as a healer/ therapist, assist others to heal. All Willem wants to do is paint! As a artist and create joy on canvas. The 5 months out here has made us realize that we can but we don’t want to………!   D i s a s t e r ?


Once we agreed! To put our EGOS aside on the

20 th JULY and together we set the intent together and recreated a NEW list and Vision of what we NEEDED!


We combined prayer, intention, energy for a new start.


THANK YOU to All the people who SUPPORTED, Encouraged, Assisted, who didn’t say NAY!

Who helped along the Way!

Thank you !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A note to my future self

July 2015 (23) July 2015 (12) July 2015 (9)



Dear Colleen!

A note to my future self! with lotsa laughter.

You will be offered a wooden cabin, to live off the grid!  = Don’t do it.

You will miss the comforts of warmth, a hot bath, a quick movie on your pc, don’t say yes.

The wooden cabin will be airy, above, below, and at the sides, you will sleep with 3 duvets

and a husband. *(no comfort)

You will have no free time. Your chores will be dishes, laundry, shopping,

cleaning, chopping wood. The snoozes you used to have and free leisure

time will be no more.

You ll be too tired to socialize, you ll be busy from sunrise to sunset,

surviving. . . .

You will have silence, peace and quiet, but that’s the Only free thing.

Everything else from Cell phone reception to hot water will be harder, my


Embrace discomfort, learn to appreciate the little things,

and focus on growing you.

Recreate Your vision board.

Recreate your reality.

Change you.

….. a New Journey begins. . .


Its not easy being green……. (we’re not)



I have been thinking about this blog for about a week.

I ask that you read it with a big sense of humour!  I will reveal some interesting truths.

Its not easy being green! Well, we are not green. I was busy reconciling the cost

of living off the grid:

We spent R300 to 500 a week on petrol for the car and generator.


drive to the shop, to get the petrol for your car and generator. = Not green.

We buy 2 l of paraffin, which cost R25 every 2 weeks, = not green.

We buy gas for the stove R180, gas for the heater R180, gas for the

gas geyser R420 = Not green.

We spent R380 on having wood delivered plus coal R125 to keep warm  = Not green.

Living off the grid cost as much as having the services of Eskom delivered by

flicking the switch.

I feel bad as I KNOW the this is not a healthy carbon footprint for me/ us.

What has this taught me?

Sometimes, the universe gives you uncomfortable lessons, ie. like not

having a car for 16 days.

Having a very air conditioned cabin, you choose to sleep with 3 duvets

and hug your wood stove everyday to keep warm.

Sometimes you run out of gas or the gas geyser doesn’t want to co operate

so its basin baths or cold showers, you endure and learn.

You learn, grow and endure, on a spirit level, I can change my feelings and response to it.



How to find your balance?

How to find your balance ?



When I started out on this journey of eating healthier, exercising,

doing weights, yoga and meditation, I was extreme in my attitude.

I cut out wheat, diary, potatoe and egg for 8 months which meant that

All joy from my diet was gone.

A joyless diet, since I don’t drink alcohol, I don’t take drugs, or eat meat or chicken, you can see my diet was very bland.

Reduced to stir fried rice, soups, tuna salad and steamed spinach.

It is like I became a bitter vegetarian.

:-(  no fun, extreme, hard core pain in my own ass type of person.

This year has taught me many things! first off!

Chips with no msg and chocolates are one of my favourite snacks in moderation,

I can moderate this and not BINGE by eating the whole slab of chocolate or eating the whole bag of chips.

I have disciplined to look at them in the cupboard and not be driven by its stimulants.

(they used to make me hyperactive)

I believe that finding your balance is YOUR own personal Journey, as

It has been mine. I start my day off with a smoothie but if its freezing cold

I would rather eat homemade bread with flaxseed, sunflower seeds and sesame seeds

with a avocado pear on it, it is comforting and warming and nourishing for my body.

I stock up with fruits of apples, bananas, pineapple, passion fruit pears and nuts.

At about 3pm, we have fruit and some nuts to boost our body.

We had lunch at about 12pm which would be sushi or stir fry or soup or

Something warming. My point is no one can tell you what will keep you balanced and sane, it is a INSIDE job and your decision.

For instance, I cannot be a vegan, I have no problems with vegans, but

I don’t have the bottomless budget of the expensive diet.

(I have a friend who spends R11000 on vegan food alone)

A bucket of nuts are R90 which last me a week, but if I buy 8 cans of tuna, it gives me 8 different dishes to eat and delicious protein.

I am a vegetarian who eats fish and this really works for me. When I didn’t include fish or eggs in my diet, I felt fatigued all the time, so I decided if my body needs it, I will eat it.

I am not a squiemish vegetarian, I can fish and will happily kill the fish,

Clean it, fry it and eat it.   I give thanks for the spirit of the fish and I

believe that it will also sustain my body.

A good person ideally is known by the fruits of their life and living consciously and being aware of your carbon footprint and your usage of Animal products is a good way to live.

It is better to conscious about your body and loving your body and doing your best, rather than swinging like a pendulum from one extreme to another. (like I used to be)

Excluding JOY from your Diet and life is not healthy, in fact it is EGO based and not spirit based, because ideally LOVING yourself should be the

Scale which you USE to make decisions about you and NOTHING else.


Find your balance, eat the cookie, but go walking.

Drink the wine but do yoga and drink water with every drink.

Eat the bread but detox regularly with green smoothies.

Find your balance to loving your body and living your spirit.


All my love

Colleen van Heerden



What are you like when adversity comes?

IMG_20150712_104123 IMG_20150712_104128 IMG_20150712_104211 IMG_20150712_104302

What are you like when adversity comes ?

My week of adversity started at the beginning of July 2015, it was cold in the cabin, really cold, we

ran out of wood, which meant that I gathered wood from the forest everyday to keep warm.

I did order wood from the supplier but due to other work request, I was on the waiting list.

I had organised for a friend to deliver wood, but he was stuck in Durban with no money to get

to the Midlands. So forest wood it was and talking to the tree spirits. Seven days later the wood was

delivered as well as the wood from a friend, the wood is now neatly stacked and ready for chopping.


Last Thursday our car broke down in Howick at Greendale acres spar. We recently had it serviced at

Riverside mechanical repairs in Howick, I called the mechanic, Brian, he came out and discovered the

Oil and water had mixed and the head cylinder was blown in some way or another. We managed to

start the car and drive it back to the workshop. We had enough groceries at the time to get by.

Brian happily delivered us home, groceries and all. (thank you Brian)


By Wednesday, we were running out of groceries and gas for the geyser, we checked with the

mechanic who was sourcing a cylinder head and bolts, he had found them by Thursday and by

Friday we were optimistic about having our car back.

No gas for the geyser meant cold showers which I have had 2 of, it isn’t pleasant, comforting, loving

or kind, it is essential if you dirty and just need to get clean.

We had asked our neighbour Joe to get some petrol for our generator, so we could keep doing laundry, she kindly helped us out. *(thank you Joe) Joe delivered this to us.

On Friday, we were out of gas, no hot water, petrol was almost over and groceries were no more.

Desperate, we got a lift into town with Nicola on Friday morning. We happily dropped our gas bottles at Thokans with our Jerry can for petrol, enthusiastic that our car would be fixed.

We arrived at the workshop at 11am, Brian advised us, that he needed 2 hours to test drive, clean and

Tighten things up. Well, we shopped in town, got groceries, ate lunch and headed back, by this time

another problem had sprung up regarding the car. We waited many hours for the car to be ready.

At 6pm, he said ok, its done! We smiling left Howick, headed to the Spar for bread and headed to Thokans.

I had whats app’d Anisa and kindly asked if we could collect the gas and petrol after hours

as we would not have made it on time. They opened Thokans for us and assisted kindly. (thank you Hassan)

We are on the dirt road happily driving and the car dies, dead, no power, nothing.

We sms’d the mechanic, so we are in the road and both just disappointed, I burst out crying

from shock and Willem Says what now?

Next option, we called Louise and Jeff and asked them to come tow us home.

It is after 7pm, it is dark and towing at night is super dangerous.

Jeff comes out and looks at the car, first gives us a lecture and then tows us.

If you know our road, it is a steep road and not very comfortable for towing.

By this time, I am at the end of my patience, I am just emotionally stressed out,

I look for my rescue remedy and just keep putting the solution in my mouth to just stay calm.

I hop into Jeff’s car as the stress of towing is to much for me in our car. (thank you Jeff and Louise)

Willem and Jeff tow the car and about 35 minutes later, something pops,

the bracket holding the tow rope came off and the fan and the radiator got damaged.

I just laughed, I really just want to get home, have a nice cup of tea, a hot shower and be home.

Jeff reties the tow rope to something else. We eventually make it home, safely.

To inform the mechanic Brian well, we home but damage has been done, he advises us

He will be here in the morning to assist.

We offload the groceries, petrol, gas bottles, and I fall apart in tears, the day was much too much for me.

Willem struggled to get the gas geyser on, so we had tea, went to bed without a shower,

As it was dark and late. I packed away all of the groceries in the meantime and just calmed down.


On Saturday morning, Willem and I pushed the car so it would be easier to tow.

Brian and Anita arrived after 12pm to tow the car. He was kind and generous and very apologetic.

He removed the radiator and all parts that needed to be removed. He hooked up the tow rope and off

the car went to Howick again for further repairs which will be covered by Brian.

Jeff and Louise paid us a visit and Jeff managed to get the geyser started and Willem and I could

Have a hot shower. Louise offered assistance for shopping etc for next week. (thank you Louise)

This has been a very hard week for me, tiresome, stress filled and hard.

Today 12 July 2015, I did the Reiki Attunement for Willems Reiki masters.

I looked back on this week and see it was my biggest test ever of self mastering me.

Thank you for Brian, Jeff, Louise, Hassan, Nicola, Anita, Anisa for all the help and loving assistance.

Here is to a New week of less intensive challenges please……



My 44th Reiki Attunement, giving my first Reiki Master’s Attunement


July 2015 (23) July 2015 (20) July 2015 (39)

When I did my Reiki masters on the 13 September 2007, it completely

changed my life.

I stopped eating meat on this day. I could no longer tolerate caffeine or

unhealthy eating within myself. I read people, so sharply, it made

working in the corporate world oh so difficult, so I quit my job

that year, sold my worldly possessions and moved to India with

the intention of staying.

So, I have been back to India since, to learn and grow myself.

The adventure of my life has been Oh so amazing!

After 8 years of asking Willem to do his Reiki masters Attunement,

he has finally said Yes!  All of me is  : OH MY God!  &*((!  <  you get the picture.

I asked my Reiki Master : What can I expect, it was like I could feel her grinning!

and she answered : Everyone is different!   Just be strong! Be you! ((( She wished to be a fly on the wall)))

Reiki master Humour!

So on Sunday 12 July 2015, I will be doing Willem’s Reiki Masters attunement!

and On MONDAY, we will be married 16 years!

What an adventure hey?

Am I scared! yes! am I going to do it! Most definitely YES!
Wishing you love on your journey of healing! May it be Just as amazing.


Ho ópono pono : The Hawaiian forgiveness ritual as the key to your life’s fulfillment


How to Practice Ho’oponopono in Four Simple Steps

Have you heard of the Hawaiian therapist who cured an entire ward of criminally insane patients, without ever meeting any of them or spending a moment in the same room? It’s not a joke. The therapist was Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len. He reviewed each of the patients’ files, and then he healed them by healing himself. The amazing results seem like a miracle, but then miracles do happen when you use Ho’oponopono, or Dr. Len’s updated version called Self I-Dentity Through Ho’oponopono (SITH). I had the pleasure of attending one of his lectures a few years ago and started practicing Ho’oponopono immediately. The results are often astounding. Do you need a miracle?

What you might wish to understand is how this can possibly work. How can you heal yourself and have it heal others? How can you even heal yourself?

Why would it affect anything “out there”? The secret is there is no such thing as “out there” – everything happens to you in your mind. Everything you see, everything you hear, every person you meet, you experience in your mind. You only think it’s “out there” and you think that absolves you of responsibility. In fact it’s quite the opposite: you are responsible for everything you think, and everything that comes to your attention. If you watch the news, everything you hear on the news is your responsibility. That sounds harsh, but it means that you are also able to clear it, clean it, and through forgiveness change it.

There are four simple steps to this method, and the order is not that important. Repentance, Forgiveness, Gratitude and Love are the only forces at work – but these forces have amazing power.

The best part of the updated version of Ho’oponopono is you can do it yourself, you don’t need anyone else to be there, you don’t need anyone to hear you. You can “say” the words in your head. The power is in the feeling and in the willingness of the Universe to forgive and love.

Step 1: Repentance – I’M SORRY

As I mention above, you are responsible for everything in your mind, even if it seems to be “out there.” Once you realize that, it’s very natural to feel sorry. I know I sure do. If I hear of a tornado, I am so full of remorse that something in my consciousness has created that idea. I’m so very sorry that someone I know has a broken bone that I realize I have caused.

This realization can be painful, and you will likely resist accepting responsibility for the “out there” kind of problems until you start to practice this method on your more obvious “in here” problems and see results.

So choose something that you already know you’ve caused for yourself? Over-weight? Addicted to nicotine, alcohol or some other substance? Do you have anger issues? Health problems? Start there and say you’re sorry. That’s the whole step: I’M SORRY. Although I think it is more powerful if you say it more clearly: “I realize that I am responsible for the (issue) in my life and I feel terrible remorse that something in my consciousness has caused this.”

Step 2: Ask Forgiveness – PLEASE FORGIVE ME

Don’t worry about who you’re asking. Just ask! PLEASE FORGIVE ME. Say it over and over. Mean it. Remember your remorse from step 1 as you ask to be forgiven.

Step 3: Gratitude – THANK YOU

Say “THANK YOU” – again it doesn’t really matter who or what you’re thanking. Thank your body for all it does for you. Thank yourself for being the best you can be. Thank God. Thank the Universe. Thank whatever it was that just forgave you. Just keep saying THANK YOU.

Step 4: Love – I LOVE YOU

This can also be step 1. Say I LOVE YOU. Say it to your body, say it to God. Say I LOVE YOU to the air you breathe, to the house that shelters you. Say I LOVE YOU to your challenges. Say it over and over. Mean it. Feel it. There is nothing as powerful as Love.

That’s it. The whole practice in a nutshell. Simple and amazingly effective.

Article by dcole


From: the ONLINE laughter University


Inner child healing : Do it yourself or come for Reiki ?


Inner Child Healing Meditation:

Growing up was hard, I always expected humans to be more kind and loving than what they were!

This has left me feeling disappointment, for a big part of my life.

I have for the last 6 months started working on my inner child. I do this everyday before sunrise.

I visualize myself from the time of conception to age 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 39.

For every aspect of myself, I fill with white light and love, adding a blue shield for protection and a purple light for more love, this has changed my view of everything.

Learning to self heal and meditate has made me calmer.

I have become quieter and I have had many realizations.

If you are a Reiki master and you can send the masters sign to yourself in the same way, adding the 3 Level 2 signs and then sealing it all together.

When you have completed this, you can start at the Base chakra and end at the Crown chakra filtering all the SIGNS through each chakra.


This will assist your inner healing process and to a Higher level.


If You’d like to know more: please email me: midlandshouseofhealing@gmail.com   or

Book a Reiki session, it does change you on the inside.


Lotsa Love

Colleen van Heerden



How to A’s your exams?



How to A’s your exams?

I write this from my own experience, I personally hated exams not because of the subjects but because of the human tension, anxiety and feeling other peoples emotions, that was my main stress!

I have learnt as a empath, how to cope and use gemstones, prayer and focus to harness this energy and become wiser.

Last year, I assisted a matric student to gain 4 A’s in her subjects, this was not without effort on her part, she studied every moment possible and learnt to focus.

First things first, Study! And know your subjects well.

Next, come for a reiki session so you are relaxed and at ease.

Next, get the following gemstones, to be worn whenever you write exams:

Obsidian and Hematite : So you are protected and don’t feel other people’s emotions.

Next : To help you focus: Buy the following (Cosmic crystal shop in Howick)

Smoky Quartz : Enhances potency, makes you positive and comfortable in your body.

Citrine: Excellent for Joy, self esteem and concentration.

Aragonite: Useful for studying and exams in focus.

Blue Lace Agate : Enhance Mental function.

Amethyst : Focus, love.

When you are outside, take a moment to ground yourself to the earth, tie a rope around a huge rock, visualize this, fill your aura with white light and a blue shield.

When you are at your desk, close your eyes, SAY a Prayer:

I tap into the ENERGY field of the person who set the Paper, Guide me to

Intuitively know the Answer.

You are now ready to do your best and follow your gut feelings.

Keeping warm : The Traditional way! : Wood/coal stove


winter @ Satori  (35) winter @ Satori  (32) winter @ Satori  (28)Keeping warm: The Traditional way! Our wood / coal stove!

While visiting in Bethlehem, we decided to purchase a wood/coal stove to heat up our space.

We decided to pop into a shop in Bethlehem, upon arrival we saw the last stove on the shelf, it weighs about 75kg and it fit smugly into our car!~We happily drove it home when we returned, looking forward to warm nights and warm mornings.

I was practising and familiarising myself with the stove on Saturday. You need to keep it stocked with wood and coal to keep your space, warm and snug.

I decided to try my hand at cooking. Cooking on a wood stove, ensures a tasty meal because it is slow cooked!

and has so much more flavour.

I now know why you had a “maid” to just man the stove because it is a full time job.

To keep the fire going, you need thinly chopped wood. (first chop lots of it)

We are using anthracite at the moment which cost R135 for 40kg, (obtainable in Merrivale) however,

you need to keep blowing air into it,  ensuring that there is a good Airflow for it to burn.

I made delicious fish curry and rice, this was no easy task, it took me about 2 hrs to cook.

I had many realizations while cooking, it definitely teaches you patience and you are warm and

Well entertained by your stove.

My granny never had a coal stove, we always had electricity, so this was a real challenge for me,

To keep myself from putting on the gas and cooking it faster.

I guess that’s why “man” invented things like gas to cook on, because it is so much faster.

I did enjoy the experience of cooking on our wood stove and I will probably do it again.

The food was delicious, a little bit more manual labour than I thought, but well worth it.

I was kept warm and snug during the process, so keeping warm the traditional way wasn’t too bad.

Journeying on …….off the grid adventure.


Ps! Yes I miss Eskom and my warm electric blanket on my bed!  I have 2 hot water bottles

now. . . . :-)






Keri’s Kahuna Journal

Apr 2014


My last kahuna session came at a time when I probably needed it the most. My confidence was a little low and my entire being had been battered in the one of the worst ways possible for a creative person. Also, I was fresh out of my day paying job and into my second day of freelancing. Can you smell the fear? Yes, it was almost edible.

Colleen at Midlands House of Healing picked it up almost straight away when I arrived for my sixth Kahuna session – we sat down for a chat over freshly made sushi before she set to work on me. After a delicious massage including not only the usual kahuna techniques, but a bit of hot stone too (biggest hot stone fan over here), I was left floating and drooling – ready for some tea and some firm advice.

Colleen put on her best mothering suit on and explained to me the third principle of Kahuna called “Makia”, which translated means “energy flows where attention goes”. In life, no matter what you do, you will always be critiqued. Sometimes it will be good criticism, sometimes it will be constructive, and sometimes it will be bad. ALWAYS FOCUS ON THE GOOD. If you base your entire self worth on a negative criticism or experience, you will allow fear to take over… and we all know the terrible and terminal illnesses that fear can bring on. Having said that, we also shouldn’t be too afraid of fear, as it can be a worthwhile tool and important catalyst in getting things done the best we can. But if you do fail at something, or get negative feedback, do not focus all your energy on it. You will break. Be as objective as you can and realise that you cannot always please every person on the planet. Acknowledge the criticism, fix it if you can, and then focus your energy on the good. Do not let criticism close your heart. Remember past compliments and praise, look over your best work and your favourite moments, and remember that you ARE worthy of all the goodness in the universe. Everyone is – and there is more than enough of it to go around! And don’t be shy on complimenting others and sharing their awesomeness either. The more you give out, the more you receive – so don’t hold out!

You are freaking fabulous and you are good at what you do. Swim in your glory. Spoon in it. Make spaghetti out of it.

As for my fears of going freelance…

HAVE BALLS OF STEEL. (Colleen’s exact words). Realise that you wanted this, and you are doing it so that you can do what you love every day. Remind yourself of this daily. Recognise that what you’re doing is Your thing – it’s what you’ve been dreaming of and working towards all your life, and you know your shit. Don’t over-give of yourself because you think that you are not worthy – this is the freelancer’s biggest hurdle. Charge for your hours and charge enough for you to survive on. You also need to put petrol in your car to attend meetings, not to mention putting food in your mouth. Recognise and accept that you are no longer a salaried person – you work, you get paid, you live. You are fully responsible for your survival now – and every minute counts. No more wasting time on social media or chatting to colleagues over a leisurely smoke break or spending half an hour making tea in the kitchen. You are now able to be flexible for yourself and and for your creative peak times – if you work better in the evening, work in the evening. You are free to work when best suits your body clock and inspiration barometer, not when your boss says so.  Make it work for you.

(Please note, although it sounds like I am addressing you, I’m actually addressing myself. But  please feel free to soak up whatever you may feel will benefit you.)

These are some of my notes from my session with Colleen.

kahuna diary

To book your own session with Midlands House of Healing, email Colleen on willemandcolleen@gmail.com or text her on 084 603 0604 to book an appointment.