Planning to go off the grid? How To : Luxury vs Necessity

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In order to give you some background, let me start with : Willem and I lived in

India in 2008. India has electricity 2 hrs a day, every part of the country

gets it, and in that time you pump water to your water tank, you fetch

water from the water drinking tap and you charge your cell phone.

All of this takes planning, discipline and tolerance.

When we started to consider going off the grid, we

had some planning behind it.

Simplying life  : was the KEY

So, it was NO more kettle, electric blanket, refrigerator, no watching series

every night, no going online everyday. The necessities we discussed were

Gas for food, Gas for hot water, Generator for all the other things like :

A blender, the washing machine, power driven tools which makes

building easier and my computer of cause.

You begin to discern that having electricity is a luxury and not a

necessity.  YES, I know, don’t curse me.

I am learning that I am living fine without it.

We donated a box of things we don’t need to the SPCA shop the other day,

it felt nice. A release.

We go to bed at sunset as it is dark and there is no appliances running,

we live in silence. I can hear the stream gushing with water.

I can hear the wind blow. I can see the stars at night.

The Earth and its resources I believe can be valued and treasured, even

nurtured, so we have its magic for a while longer.

May this make you reconsider a few things ? luxury or necessity?


Pioneer Living : Day 42

Our bathroom is complete, a hot shower, flushing toilet, it feels like heaven!

(Colleen happy dance)
Sonia Choquette says that when things go “wrong”our joy guides are

alerting us, that we are taking ourselves OH SOOO seriously!

Well recently someone liberated my rosequartz at the gate. When

I placed it there, my Higher self said, “Dont you think someone will steal it.”

I naively said no!  No one would do that, so after 7 years, it has moved to a new home,

and so has one of my hematite balls from my studio! Well I have re ordered

a new batch! Blessed the liberating beings, and moved on.

This week we watched two movies. The one was called “The International”,

it showcased banks, debt, and alot of cities like Italy and the USA in it.

What caught my attention was : “they mentioned that DEBT enslaves

the societies”. I tend to agree with that. People will easily use

money they do not have, buy a house, they cannot afford

and die trying to pay for it all.

So, here is some useful Tips for you!

Live Simply! Cash is King.

Cut up the card : Credit card, Woolworths, Edgars.

Reduce your debt.

Quit the job you hate.

Go do what you love.

Be Truthful with yourself.

Start to think out of the box.

Follow your heart, not your head.

Say NO! often . . . .  . . .

LOVE all of you.

Smile Often.


Time to log off! Lotsa Love to you! and Thank you for reading…….all 302  of you….

First Movie! Bathroom complete!

On  Friday evening we watched our first movie at Home!

It felt so special. We set up the generator, set up the pc,

set up the Projector and watched a comedy, we held

hands and laughed together!

Day 36!  We watched a movie! I am appreciating the journey.

On Saturday morning, we painted our bathroom to ensure it is well

water proofed for the steam. After 2 hrs of painting, my arms were tired and numb.

During the night, my arms felt achy! A different kind of work, painting :-*

I am still loving living off the grid and enjoying the silence!

Being Grateful for every experience and truly loving our

shower and flushing toilet!

Day 38!  Grateful for small miracles and manual labour!


Logging off!  Lotsa Love



The last 33 days . . . Living off the grid. ..

I want to burst out of my skin with joy, we now have a flushing toilet.

I laughed at myself in the mall, I stood in the booth just flushing the toilet and

watching the water. I found myself, realizing it is such a miracle.

Taking into account, we carried the cement blogs, Willem cemented the sides,

the tops, the piping. We collected rocks and filled the french drainage pit.

We patiently waited for the cement to dry, we prayed for sunshine and good weather.

Willem had the shit job of emptying the porter toilet which was no fun for him.

If I think about the entire process of having a flushing toilet, it is a miracle.

We have put many hours of labour into it.

I think about how I had to learn how to do things physically and how

doing manual labour is very intensive.


When we arrived on the 27 February 2015, we had no running water in the cabin, we used the donkeys water pipe.

I washed dishes in a enamel bowl and carried water into the house for drinking and cooking.

By day 3 Willem had set up the pipes and we had a tap in the house. I was ecstatic, yay for running water.

On the first day, Willem built a “cupboard” for our clothes and we discovered, I had to much clothes.

On the second day, we had to find a space for all our stuff. We had an additional double bed which stood in the lounge,

including a tumble dryer and washing machine taking up space.

Willem was swift and started building the bathroom  / storage space for our stuff.

We  stored Wp paintings in the loft at the lodge, in the meantime.

We managed to move the double bed into the roof of the bathroom which meant

we could move the washing machine and tumble dryer outside, yay! for space.

By day twenty five, we now had a living space. We organised the couches, table and chairs

and kitchen so the feng shui was good.

Willem and I love order, he had a good afrikaans saying: Elke ding het sy plek.

Everything has its place and its true, it does work.

Willem will be water proofing the wood in the bathroom, so the shower will be operational soon.

Jeff advised us to get a different regulator for the gas geyser so we bought one at AA gas in Howick,

fingers crossed for hot water.


I am feeling very enthused at our progress of creating a home for us here at Satori farm.

As I type Willem is cutting wood for shelves for the last 2 boxes of dvd’s and stuff I have collected

over the years. (yay) Some more order.






31 days of Living Sustainably

It’s been 31 days of no refrigerator, no electricity, no running hot water, no flushing toilet = I have Survived the discomfort.

Living clean and simple brings out all sort of discomforts in others.
I have been judged, ridiculed, insulted…

I don’t let any of it bother me, because I look at who it is coming from… A loving? Kind? Person = NOT.

I love living in the silence.
I love that we are working hard on our bathroom, ie.septic tank.
I love that I appreciate the miracle of flushing toilets now.
I love that we used to spend R1000 on electricity and have spent only R600 on petrol in 2 months.
I love that I am more disciplined with charging my phone on solar power.
The “power” we use is softer, gentler, cleaner.
I feel more in tune with nature and the Universe.
It feels more real living here.
I feel more alive.
I feel that I am serving my purpose, better.

I m enduring the discomfort as I know, it will end soon enough….

Thank you for the amazing, loving, support from the Positive people…Bless you.


Manual Labour

Satori farm 26 days later Mar 2015 (52)


Well its been 27 days after our move to Satori farm.
I have offloaded boxes, moved furniture, packed and repacked.
I have carried septic tanks concrete blocks of 50kg.
I have shovelled stones and sands for making concrete.
I have offloaded wood planks for the bathroom.
I have lifted furniture to lay down carpets.
I have cooked, cleaned and did laundry, sometimes multitasking.

I never liked manual labour, but I see the rewards are loosing
weight and being fully in touch with your body.

Your body is far more capable of “doing” even when you
think you are TIRED!

If you can will your mind, you and change and
use your body…. You can ……

Living off the grid isn’t difficult, it just
takes discipline to:
Wash laundry when the sun shines.
To charge your cell phone at 100% when the sun shines.
To learn simple techniques of charging your cell phone
and run the washing machine when the generator is on.
A Generator is a wonderful investment and makes
things a little easier, it takes about 1litre of petrol for
daily chores, a saving and a low carbon footprint.

I am feeling more at home! We have a neat and tidy living
space and I feel comfortable even though we still have
alot of work to do on the bathroom and the surrounding area.

I am loving this adventure, and my Inner growth
of being uncomfortable. I am becoming
more accepting of how things work, and that
disciplining yourself is not a bad thing,
its actually good for you!

Time to sign off! all my love. Colleen

Want vs Need : Day 20 Living Sustainably





Robin Sharma says :  The universe gives you what you need and not what you want.


Well  I wanted a flushing toilet, I wanted a shower, I wanted a bathroom, I wanted all these things

however, I didn’t get it.

I have a outside loo and I shower at Louise and Jeff’s house at the top of the hill.

I have learnt to live without a refrigerator.

I have one tap in the house for washing dishes.

I have solar to power the lights and cell phone but sometimes Mother Nature gives

us rain for 3 days which means no solar. I then use the generator which takes approximately

an hour to charge my cell phone.

I have wonky cell phone reception, and I have complained to Vodacom for 20 days.

I am learning to live without watching movies. ( I go visit Katie our old neighbour for a movie and a bath)

I have learnt that when the sun shines, do all the laundry as you don’t know when it can rain for days.

I have learnt to use water sparingly. I have learnt to carry heavy cement squares to help

Willem install the septic tank.

I have learnt to discipline myself, so that I use the solar power, we have wisely.

Living sustainably is tough, you have to plan, think ahead and use your resources wisely.

I love it though, it is a challenge for me to change and adapt, to re assess which are

priorities and what is the most important aspect of something now!

I am sorry blog readers, I will have to blog less, it has taken me 46 minutes to write

this blog and I can hear the generator running.. . . .


Time to logg off!


All my love to you~  : as I journey on. . . .

DAY 13: Living off the grid: Simplicity


Today is day 13 of living at Satori farm. We have mountain stream water.

We have a generator that powers this computer and my magic blender.

We have a outside loo which has the best view of the forest.

The bathroom is under construction, Willem is on it.

How has this simplicity of life influenced me?

Well, I am grounded, very grounded. The silence is very soothing to my soul.

I wait for sunrise so I can go walking and watch the colours painted by the sun.

I love waking up early. I have also had more energy to socialize with others which

I didn’t have before. I look forward to a warm  shower to complete my day.

Simpler is better for me. The environment of fresh air, star filled skies,

moonlit evenings has been amazing.

I thought I would “suffer” living off the grid, but in fact my life has

become simpler and less cluttered.

I have all I need and I am enjoying the process of being here.

Loving every moment,  as I grow and become more in tuned with the Universe.

Time to switch off! the generator. . .  later Loves. C

Simpler, Better,Slower : Living off the grid

IMG_20150211_071854Today is day 6, since moving to Satori Farm. We moved from Khululeka farm in 5 hrs, 3 bakkie loads and a trailer.

We had to move, shift, carry and fit our possessions into one cabin.

I had to compact my studio into one cabin.

For four days it rained with laundry piling up and solar not charging, but we endured.

Yesterday, the sunshine appeared charging the solar panel and battery for lights and charging our cell phones.

We are using a 2 kva generator for our washing machine, computer and my Salute blender.

On day 3 we connected water to the Jojo tank, opening the tap felt like a miracle.

Our toilet is a portable loo in the hidden forest.

We shower at Louise and Jeff ‘s rondavel, as our bathroom is not build as yet.

All in all, I am coping, growing in this silence.

It fulfills my soul. My spirit is happy. I feel a sense of belonging, of this is how it should be.

I go to sleep seeing the stars, feeling the moon shine upon us.

Living close to Nature and being dependant on its resources, living synchronicity.

Loving my journey.

All my love


Body language + intuition = People Lie


I have been a empath for all of my life and I also read body language,

vibration, attitude and telepathically your  thoughts.

On my birthday, I met someone who recognised me from

viewing a house a long time ago in Lidgetton.

We had refused to rent the house as we got bad vibes from

his wife and we didn’t feel comfortable in the space.

He grinningly admitted being disappointed and said no…that

was not so. I looked him in the eye and said please stop the

BULLSHIT and admit the truth! After a few seconds,

he said I was right. I don’t go out because I

value my peace and quiet and I value not

being put into situations where I don’t

want conflict. (where I have to use my warrior side)

PEOPLE lie!   they don’t have the balls to be honest with themselves

and feel the need to bullshit other people. (fake niceness!!))

Body language ! if your mouth says You’ll miss me and your body

says HELL no! obviously, I will laugh at your lies! Please save it.

Vibration and attitude transmits an energy which I feel

and it does tell the truth.

Sometimes reading people and knowing the truth is a pain in the arse,

but I am dealing with it head on.

Honesty is best!

Trust me I can take it! I wear my big girl Panties!

Alternative energy sources: Going off the Grid : how to.

So, as you know, we are going off the grid, that means no ESKOM electricity.

No more comforts of flipping the switch for anything.

Well, part of me is sad because I so love my comforts.

When I returned from India in 2008, I vowed to have

running hot water, electricity, and a good road.  I will be having 2 out of 3 at

Satori farm.

However! I also adjusted to having no electricity in India for a year.

What I experienced is a disciplined life, routine.

I have purchased

a 2 Kva generator made by Ryobi at, it can

power anything up to 2500 W. (my super blender is 1200W : yay!)

We also purchased a small solar kit from Midlands Solar Sales in

Pietermaritzburg which means we will have 4 LED lights

and 2 cell phone charger for our cell phones.

We won’t be in the dark, we will have a gas geyser which

will supply our hot water.

Items that cannot run on solar : dehydrator (which I just bought and now must sell),

electric blankets, infra red lights, fridge, tumble dryer. (so, I am selling these items.)

Going off the grid is going to take some getting used to.

I will go through a adjusting period of just going with the flow,

forming a new routine of life at Satori.

Am I scared ? Yes, for sure.

Am I excited? Yes, I have waited 7 years for this.

Am I uncomfortable? Yes, that means I am growing into a stronger me.

I will keep sharing my journey…….with you.

Lotsa Love


I know …


I have known pain and overcame it.

I have experienced disappointment, accepted it with grace.

I have known heartbreak, I now protect my heart.

I can read people, especially when they lie, I laugh at it.

I have scars that have healed but I don’t dwell on it.

I live a secluded life because I don’t like the rat race.

If I like you, you’ll know it, if not, walk on by.

I was born to do magic with the human body, I am ok with my weird.

I live in two worlds, the physical and spiritual, I love it.

I connect with nature everyday, because I love it.

I pray because I love how prayer changes my vibration.

I love to meditate because its my Wand from the Universe.

I dream because I can.

I speak my truth because I choose to.

I only seek to serve my purpose to live full out!

Turning 39 in 7 days : my inner reflection


In 7 days time I will be 39 years old. I have been having several debates with myself

and weighing my own scales about the promises I made to myself.

I am leaner, I eat cleaner, I am fitter.

I have been debating “need vs want”. Want I am finding is insatiable and unfulfilling.

NEED is fulfilling and connected to a Universal law of Dharma, when you serve your

life purpose, You are taken care of by the Universe.

I have all I Need!  My biggest dream is coming true. I feel fulfilled and grounded.

I honestly can’t say what I would like for  my birthday, because my needs are provided for.

On a different note, 39 divide by 3 is 13! my lucky number that’s a good thing.

I thought about what I have achieved in the last 7 years.

A flourishing practise.

A stronger body.

Learning to be happy now, not waiting.

Finding my Inner Joy everyday.

Learning to play more.

Creative Writing.

Snoozing with a cat.

Being up and about at Sunrise.

Say NO! more.

Choosing to affirm me. (Don’t hang out with people, I dislike)

Not conforming.

Being Weird, happily so.

Being happy being labelled HIPPIE.

Living In Abundance.

Learn to be more sacred, more prayer, more silence.

Eating more raw foods.

Loving my partner, saying it everyday.


It begins: Going off the grid

After kg cement  Feb


Yesterday, my partner asked for my help. I knew carrying cement stones would be hard

and I did all I could to delay the experience, but I needed to do it, so off I went to Satori farm.

We walked down a path into the forest, he pointed to 5 small bags and said : “these are yours to carry”.

I lifted one to place it on my shoulders, it was heavy. I then followed him to the water stand which was

being built. When I arrived, I burst into tears because it was heavy, uncomfortable and very hard.

He hugged me. I wiped my tears and continued back to the starting point where 4 more bags of

25kg awaited me.

(I carried 125kg in total. My partner did 18 bags…..)

The walk of carrying 25kg on your shoulders, walking through  a obstacle course of trees, water, mud

and a uphill through grass and rocks.

By bag no. 4 I stopped 3/4 of the way, just to rest and catch a breathe. I put the bag down

opened my arms and screamed to the mountains. No one heard me but I felt better.

By  bag no. 5 I had got the hang of this task, I felt good at achieving what was asked of me.

I felt good that I COULD HELP my partner. I felt that I had endurance and even though


I woke up this morning with a stiff shoulder but I know that I won’t really hurt

because my body is strong. I used to do weights for fun and built endurance

and strength more than 15 yrs ago, and I love that I have this magic inside of me.

I will share more about our adventures of dreaming our dream, building our own home.

Hugs and love.


Change your diet = Change your vibration

10 healthy alternatives


It has been just over 2 months of raw eating. I incorporated more salads, fresh vegetables,

raw soups into my diet. It has been an experience.

I feel everything, my Higher sense perception is 100% active.

I am staying away from crowds, loud noises.

I am becoming more of a hobbit.

I am more often that not refuse invitations unless I really like your company.

I am becoming very discerning.

I have cut out bread from my diet. I am eating more dehydrated foods, nuts, rice cakes.

I feel lighter and less heavy. I am sticking to walking and yoga everyday with

the occasional weight session during the week.

Eating healthy definitely changes your life. The safest place to eat

is at home : no msg, no preservatives, no gmo.

I am becoming quieter and gentler, fewer words, more doing.


Dreaming for 7 years and 27 days :

Satori 27 Jan 2015 (8) Satori 27 Jan 2015 (7) Satori 27 Jan 2015 (13) Satori 27 Jan 2015 (16) Satori 27 Jan 2015 (15)


My journey started in August 2008, I woke up with a clear dream.

Someone had given us land to build a home/healing space.

I was very excited! As the years went by, I was offered some

fake land but none of them materialised.

On 21st January 2015, Louise and Jeff offered us land to build

a home and a collaboration with Satori farm lodge. (

We visited Satori on Tuesday, I was very excited, out of my box excited.

It is exactly 21 min from Khululeka farm, 19 km, consisting of 9km tar road

and 10km dirt road. The views are spectacular and the silence is so good for your


A dream come true for me, to serve, to grow and to take roots in the Midlands

valley once again.

To book your Accomodation as of 1st March  2015 : with Satori farm lodge : contact Louise : 0825517402

To book your Therapy of Massage or Reiki : Colleen van Heerden 0846030604


Food glorious food: my current diet. . .

food glorious food (1) food glorious food (6) food glorious food (11) Food glorious food (13) food glory food IMG_20150121_184302Food glorious food! You know I love food.

This is my current diet : salads, fruit sorbets, curry and rice, stir fry.

Snacks are cashews or fruit, or dehydrated crackers, or rice cakes or fried sweet potatoes.

I certainly do eat. . . .  I am doing what feels good for me.


Are you Feeding your tree of Misery?

Tree of Misery


It is 2015! A new beginning of magic, yet

after being a therapist for some years, I am noticing a pattern.

Feeding the tree of misery! The gift that keeps on giving!

Totally self inflicted!!

For example! : You have a holiday for 3 weeks and you gain 10kg

of weight, after not achieving last years goal, you are facing the

same discipline issues this year.

OR you are a addict! any cocaine, drinking alcohol, leads to sleeping with

strangers which causes you misery afterwards.

The point is we are all addicts, if we are not exercising discipline.

Bending our will to keep healthy, to loose weight, to exercise,

to keep growing within is a choice.

To decide to feed your tree with LOVE means

consciously making the effort, to do what is hard

and not easy.

Life is to be lived, but an imbalance of any kind does

affect your life and those around you.

Choose discipline.

Choose love.

Choose to know Thyself.

Choose Prevention, its better than cure.


Cancer and Reiki: Journey

Today I saw a client who has cancer. Her 1 st session, she looked grey and hopeless. Her 2nd session she wore pink and walked faster. Her 3 rd session today she was relaxed and more at ease.

Reiki ing her I am guided to:
Reduce cancer
Do psychic surgery
Ask the cancer to slow down
Block it off, protect the body
Raise her chakras
Keep her balanced.

I am learning from her.

Love and Kindness is our highest vibration.

She inspires me.

Reiki helps cancer be bearable.

Why are you so afraid of “raw food” ?

salad (1) Raw dinner (11) Raw dinner (8) Raw dinner (7) Raw dinner (6) Raw dinner (4)



On Monday evening, Willem (my partner)  and I decided to make Katie our neighbour and Tarryn

a 4 course raw vegan dinner.

I firstly made hummus in my magic blender. I cut lettuce, tomatoes, carrots,

peppers, avocado in small blocks. I took Nori and put hummus on one end,

added the salad and rolled it. Served with soya sauce.

Willem made a raw butternut and chickpea soup with carrots, garlic and spices, in the magic blender,

within seconds.

I fried sweet potatoes in coconut oil, they were delicious.

Next a raw chocolate mousse.

We ate and ate. We did not feel heavy or full.

The different taste sensations were amazing.

What I am discovering is

I am enjoying this journey of healthy eating.

I feel lighter, healthier. My body is enjoying the green vegetables so much.

Don’t be afraid to try raw foods, it is very nutritional and you might like it.

Who doesn’t love good stuff?

Be like Water …. Water does not resist.


Yesterday, after my 42nd Reiki Attunement, I was sleepy. I was lying on my massage bed

after reiki ing me, I was about to float away on my cloud of bliss, but I was stopped.

My Teachers, Guides, Runners had other plans for me : I heard a bakkie stop,

Jeff jumped out and Louise came hobbling along. He asked me if I could Re adjust

her right toe as she had  dislocated it, I said yes yes, I can do, please come in.

I reiki d her first, as she was in shock, I massaged her foot, let her bite on a pen

and re adjusting her toe. (It hurt like hell)  It was adjusted into place with a click,

I massaged her foot and advised her to take anti inflammatories for the pain and

swelling. It was not broken. This was my second re adjusting of a body part.

My first was when I fell on a motorbike in India. Cedric drove and with the impact

he dislocated his shoulder. There was no one else to do it, so I was half in

shock myself and he was in pain, so I re located his shoulder back into place.

It hurt but it healed well.

The universe has a plan for these hands.

15 April 2015.

Lotsa love


Spiritual cleanse : Preparing for my next reiki attunement

My thought was to “detox” before my next reiki attunement which is on Tuesday 14th April 2015, I started thinking about my diet.

Every morning I have green smoothies, I have fruit consisting of pineapple, apple, banana, avocado, nuts and I

have salad for lunch followed by soup for dinner, or stir fry or curry and rice or omelette, my diet is pretty standard.

I try and refrain from to much diary, wheat, potatoes or eggs as this affects me negatively and I feel

tired. I did a detox on Saturday which consisted of green smoothies, steamed spinach, salad,

dietamacious earth, kombucha, green tea, so my detox was pretty much what I usually have! (ha a a a a )

I started to spend some time with myself, which I haven’t done since the move, the packing, the unpacking,

the building, the everything.

I need to do a spiritual cleanse for me, this is how I did it :

1. I wrote down all the angered emotions I felt, either towards myself or others.

2. I burnt the page and I forgave them, blessed them and myself. Chose to move forward.

3. I used my tibetan singing bowl and just let the sound penetrate all of me.

4.I took my drum and just drummed with the aim of releasing emotions, boy did I just cry!

5. I snoozed in the sun with crystals on my body.

6. I did a inner child meditation to heal me.

7. I called upon the Reiki teachers, guides, runners and helpers to assist me in reiki ing me, very powerful.

8. I reconnected with my playful self and wrote in henna reminders to myself, female self was happy.

9. I addressed the self neglect within myself. As a woman, I love, care, nurture and assist everyone and

I forgot to nurture me.

10.  I rested and reiki’d me again and rested the entire day.

I  believe every woman should do this at least once a month to reconnect with yourself to give back

to yourself what life demands from us.

I feel lighter, I feel more focused and I feel like the old wounds are gone, the old pain is no more,

so I can be fully present in being here.

Thank you for reading and following my blog.

Lotsa Love