Simpler, Better,Slower : Living off the grid

IMG_20150211_071854Today is day 6, since moving to Satori Farm. We moved from Khululeka farm in 5 hrs, 3 bakkie loads and a trailer.

We had to move, shift, carry and fit our possessions into one cabin.

I had to compact my studio into one cabin.

For four days it rained with laundry piling up and solar not charging, but we endured.

Yesterday, the sunshine appeared charging the solar panel and battery for lights and charging our cell phones.

We are using a 2 kva generator for our washing machine, computer and my Salute blender.

On day 3 we connected water to the Jojo tank, opening the tap felt like a miracle.

Our toilet is a portable loo in the hidden forest.

We shower at Louise and Jeff ‘s rondavel, as our bathroom is not build as yet.

All in all, I am coping, growing in this silence.

It fulfills my soul. My spirit is happy. I feel a sense of belonging, of this is how it should be.

I go to sleep seeing the stars, feeling the moon shine upon us.

Living close to Nature and being dependant on its resources, living synchronicity.

Loving my journey.

All my love


Body language + intuition = People Lie


I have been a empath for all of my life and I also read body language,

vibration, attitude and telepathically your  thoughts.

On my birthday, I met someone who recognised me from

viewing a house a long time ago in Lidgetton.

We had refused to rent the house as we got bad vibes from

his wife and we didn’t feel comfortable in the space.

He grinningly admitted being disappointed and said no…that

was not so. I looked him in the eye and said please stop the

BULLSHIT and admit the truth! After a few seconds,

he said I was right. I don’t go out because I

value my peace and quiet and I value not

being put into situations where I don’t

want conflict. (where I have to use my warrior side)

PEOPLE lie!   they don’t have the balls to be honest with themselves

and feel the need to bullshit other people. (fake niceness!!))

Body language ! if your mouth says You’ll miss me and your body

says HELL no! obviously, I will laugh at your lies! Please save it.

Vibration and attitude transmits an energy which I feel

and it does tell the truth.

Sometimes reading people and knowing the truth is a pain in the arse,

but I am dealing with it head on.

Honesty is best!

Trust me I can take it! I wear my big girl Panties!

Alternative energy sources: Going off the Grid : how to.

So, as you know, we are going off the grid, that means no ESKOM electricity.

No more comforts of flipping the switch for anything.

Well, part of me is sad because I so love my comforts.

When I returned from India in 2008, I vowed to have

running hot water, electricity, and a good road.  I will be having 2 out of 3 at

Satori farm.

However! I also adjusted to having no electricity in India for a year.

What I experienced is a disciplined life, routine.

I have purchased

a 2 Kva generator made by Ryobi at, it can

power anything up to 2500 W. (my super blender is 1200W : yay!)

We also purchased a small solar kit from Midlands Solar Sales in

Pietermaritzburg which means we will have 4 LED lights

and 2 cell phone charger for our cell phones.

We won’t be in the dark, we will have a gas geyser which

will supply our hot water.

Items that cannot run on solar : dehydrator (which I just bought and now must sell),

electric blankets, infra red lights, fridge, tumble dryer. (so, I am selling these items.)

Going off the grid is going to take some getting used to.

I will go through a adjusting period of just going with the flow,

forming a new routine of life at Satori.

Am I scared ? Yes, for sure.

Am I excited? Yes, I have waited 7 years for this.

Am I uncomfortable? Yes, that means I am growing into a stronger me.

I will keep sharing my journey…….with you.

Lotsa Love


I know …


I have known pain and overcame it.

I have experienced disappointment, accepted it with grace.

I have known heartbreak, I now protect my heart.

I can read people, especially when they lie, I laugh at it.

I have scars that have healed but I don’t dwell on it.

I live a secluded life because I don’t like the rat race.

If I like you, you’ll know it, if not, walk on by.

I was born to do magic with the human body, I am ok with my weird.

I live in two worlds, the physical and spiritual, I love it.

I connect with nature everyday, because I love it.

I pray because I love how prayer changes my vibration.

I love to meditate because its my Wand from the Universe.

I dream because I can.

I speak my truth because I choose to.

I only seek to serve my purpose to live full out!

Turning 39 in 7 days : my inner reflection


In 7 days time I will be 39 years old. I have been having several debates with myself

and weighing my own scales about the promises I made to myself.

I am leaner, I eat cleaner, I am fitter.

I have been debating “need vs want”. Want I am finding is insatiable and unfulfilling.

NEED is fulfilling and connected to a Universal law of Dharma, when you serve your

life purpose, You are taken care of by the Universe.

I have all I Need!  My biggest dream is coming true. I feel fulfilled and grounded.

I honestly can’t say what I would like for  my birthday, because my needs are provided for.

On a different note, 39 divide by 3 is 13! my lucky number that’s a good thing.

I thought about what I have achieved in the last 7 years.

A flourishing practise.

A stronger body.

Learning to be happy now, not waiting.

Finding my Inner Joy everyday.

Learning to play more.

Creative Writing.

Snoozing with a cat.

Being up and about at Sunrise.

Say NO! more.

Choosing to affirm me. (Don’t hang out with people, I dislike)

Not conforming.

Being Weird, happily so.

Being happy being labelled HIPPIE.

Living In Abundance.

Learn to be more sacred, more prayer, more silence.

Eating more raw foods.

Loving my partner, saying it everyday.


It begins: Going off the grid

After kg cement  Feb


Yesterday, my partner asked for my help. I knew carrying cement stones would be hard

and I did all I could to delay the experience, but I needed to do it, so off I went to Satori farm.

We walked down a path into the forest, he pointed to 5 small bags and said : “these are yours to carry”.

I lifted one to place it on my shoulders, it was heavy. I then followed him to the water stand which was

being built. When I arrived, I burst into tears because it was heavy, uncomfortable and very hard.

He hugged me. I wiped my tears and continued back to the starting point where 4 more bags of

25kg awaited me.

(I carried 125kg in total. My partner did 18 bags…..)

The walk of carrying 25kg on your shoulders, walking through  a obstacle course of trees, water, mud

and a uphill through grass and rocks.

By bag no. 4 I stopped 3/4 of the way, just to rest and catch a breathe. I put the bag down

opened my arms and screamed to the mountains. No one heard me but I felt better.

By  bag no. 5 I had got the hang of this task, I felt good at achieving what was asked of me.

I felt good that I COULD HELP my partner. I felt that I had endurance and even though


I woke up this morning with a stiff shoulder but I know that I won’t really hurt

because my body is strong. I used to do weights for fun and built endurance

and strength more than 15 yrs ago, and I love that I have this magic inside of me.

I will share more about our adventures of dreaming our dream, building our own home.

Hugs and love.


Change your diet = Change your vibration

10 healthy alternatives


It has been just over 2 months of raw eating. I incorporated more salads, fresh vegetables,

raw soups into my diet. It has been an experience.

I feel everything, my Higher sense perception is 100% active.

I am staying away from crowds, loud noises.

I am becoming more of a hobbit.

I am more often that not refuse invitations unless I really like your company.

I am becoming very discerning.

I have cut out bread from my diet. I am eating more dehydrated foods, nuts, rice cakes.

I feel lighter and less heavy. I am sticking to walking and yoga everyday with

the occasional weight session during the week.

Eating healthy definitely changes your life. The safest place to eat

is at home : no msg, no preservatives, no gmo.

I am becoming quieter and gentler, fewer words, more doing.


Dreaming for 7 years and 27 days :

Satori 27 Jan 2015 (8) Satori 27 Jan 2015 (7) Satori 27 Jan 2015 (13) Satori 27 Jan 2015 (16) Satori 27 Jan 2015 (15)


My journey started in August 2008, I woke up with a clear dream.

Someone had given us land to build a home/healing space.

I was very excited! As the years went by, I was offered some

fake land but none of them materialised.

On 21st January 2015, Louise and Jeff offered us land to build

a home and a collaboration with Satori farm lodge. (

We visited Satori on Tuesday, I was very excited, out of my box excited.

It is exactly 21 min from Khululeka farm, 19 km, consisting of 9km tar road

and 10km dirt road. The views are spectacular and the silence is so good for your


A dream come true for me, to serve, to grow and to take roots in the Midlands

valley once again.

To book your Accomodation as of 1st March  2015 : with Satori farm lodge : contact Louise : 0825517402

To book your Therapy of Massage or Reiki : Colleen van Heerden 0846030604


Food glorious food: my current diet. . .

food glorious food (1) food glorious food (6) food glorious food (11) Food glorious food (13) food glory food IMG_20150121_184302Food glorious food! You know I love food.

This is my current diet : salads, fruit sorbets, curry and rice, stir fry.

Snacks are cashews or fruit, or dehydrated crackers, or rice cakes or fried sweet potatoes.

I certainly do eat. . . .  I am doing what feels good for me.


Are you Feeding your tree of Misery?

Tree of Misery


It is 2015! A new beginning of magic, yet

after being a therapist for some years, I am noticing a pattern.

Feeding the tree of misery! The gift that keeps on giving!

Totally self inflicted!!

For example! : You have a holiday for 3 weeks and you gain 10kg

of weight, after not achieving last years goal, you are facing the

same discipline issues this year.

OR you are a addict! any cocaine, drinking alcohol, leads to sleeping with

strangers which causes you misery afterwards.

The point is we are all addicts, if we are not exercising discipline.

Bending our will to keep healthy, to loose weight, to exercise,

to keep growing within is a choice.

To decide to feed your tree with LOVE means

consciously making the effort, to do what is hard

and not easy.

Life is to be lived, but an imbalance of any kind does

affect your life and those around you.

Choose discipline.

Choose love.

Choose to know Thyself.

Choose Prevention, its better than cure.


Cancer and Reiki: Journey

Today I saw a client who has cancer. Her 1 st session, she looked grey and hopeless. Her 2nd session she wore pink and walked faster. Her 3 rd session today she was relaxed and more at ease.

Reiki ing her I am guided to:
Reduce cancer
Do psychic surgery
Ask the cancer to slow down
Block it off, protect the body
Raise her chakras
Keep her balanced.

I am learning from her.

Love and Kindness is our highest vibration.

She inspires me.

Reiki helps cancer be bearable.

Why are you so afraid of “raw food” ?

salad (1) Raw dinner (11) Raw dinner (8) Raw dinner (7) Raw dinner (6) Raw dinner (4)



On Monday evening, Willem (my partner)  and I decided to make Katie our neighbour and Tarryn

a 4 course raw vegan dinner.

I firstly made hummus in my magic blender. I cut lettuce, tomatoes, carrots,

peppers, avocado in small blocks. I took Nori and put hummus on one end,

added the salad and rolled it. Served with soya sauce.

Willem made a raw butternut and chickpea soup with carrots, garlic and spices, in the magic blender,

within seconds.

I fried sweet potatoes in coconut oil, they were delicious.

Next a raw chocolate mousse.

We ate and ate. We did not feel heavy or full.

The different taste sensations were amazing.

What I am discovering is

I am enjoying this journey of healthy eating.

I feel lighter, healthier. My body is enjoying the green vegetables so much.

Don’t be afraid to try raw foods, it is very nutritional and you might like it.

Who doesn’t love good stuff?

7 years after India

Embrace Imperfections


Today 7 years ago, I embarked on a life changing experience.

I sold all my worldly possessions and went to Auroville, India. (

I left South Africa in order  to find my true self and I have.

India taught me to embrace my own imperfections of being fat,

being overweight, being out of the box….weird!

I have learnt to work hard, to appreciate the valuable resources

of a soft bed, a warm bath, electricity all the time, drinking water.

My most favourite is the silence. India has traffic 24hrs a day

people travel to work all the time, all times of the day.

India truly has made me tough.

I have returned to India in 2009 and 2013 and  every time  I

return having learnt valuable soul lessons and new found

knowledge about how the human spirit can heal.

I love India and every year, it calls my spirit to return.

To come enjoy the friendships I value.

To come eat the food I love.

To come and live a simple existence of humility and heart felt appreciation.

I will return someday! But for now I am enjoying repairing human bodies and


I am evolving into who I am. . .  and enjoying it.


I am L e a r n i n g …..welcome 2015! = A clean slate

Love  yourself

Firstly, I wish you a Happy new year!

May you find Love within, peace and JOY!

I welcome the New year like a new clean slate.

 I have had some hard soul lessons to learn which were not easy!

I will share them with you, ….

I am learning to be very discerning to keep my energy close,
to not succumb to helping people who are victims,
who are caught in their own DRAMA.
I am learning that someone NEEDING me isn’t LOVE, it is
just enabling that person to NOT take responsibility for
their LIVES.
I am Learning to be me completely is to LOVE ME,
to love that I am complex and difficult and that
I am ok with it.
I am learning that I don’t want to live my life in the
excuse box of “woulda, coulda, shoulda” that life is about living.
I am learning that I don’t like lazy or stupid people.
I am learning that I am a leader not a follower.
I am learning that I choose to eat healthy or not.
I choose to eat food but do no harm to animals as
a vegetarian. I limit my intake of eggs to 2 a week
and fish to once a week. I am not a consumer,
I choose to consciously live in tune with the earth.
I am learning that I prefer 1 close friend to 100’s of fake friends.
I am enjoying saying NO!
I vowed to speak my truth SOONER rather than Later.
I am expressing my needs more, and saying I need this or that or
I want more, and I find that communicating it, works.
I am expressing what I want which is really a growing process for me.
I am happiest when I am quiet, when my mind is still, when I
get to repair a human body.
My spirit is ignited and I feel completely FULFILLED in this moment
of bliss.
I realized that after taking care of my nephew for 21 years, that
I no longer want the responsibility of another human being.
I am happy without kids because there is no Guarantee,
that they will turn out to be good human beings of good
Being of good character living with compassion, humanness,
intuitively, sacredly is a choice, as is to live on the
otherside, is also a choice.
I chose to live hidden away in the forest but
the noise of builders and neighbours intrude my thoughts and feelings
and I am adjusting to the noise of PEOPLE.
Not all people live a spiritual conscious life.
I chose to live a simple life as it feeds my spirit
and it keeps me sane.
I choose to keep focus on the Positive aspects of my life,
to feel the sunrise, to eat spinach from our garden,
to live in a space of Gratitude, and to Love with all of my heart.
LOVE that is what we seek, to be loved, to have love
and to Live each day as if it was my last.
To hold onto my joy, to not be sucked into the world
but to be a shinning light for it.

To be Accepting of myself, in so doing I accept all others.

Enjoy the New Beginning of 2015!

Lotsa Love


What a magic blender can do for you?

IMG_20141220_104927 IMG_20141222_062405

I never really believed that a super blender could do all of this!

I was happily surprised by its efficient smoothie making ability.

Happily surprised when I made fruit sorbet, diary free.

Happily surprised when I made hummus in seconds.

Happily surprised when I made the creamiest guacamole in seconds.

This amazing blender is magical, healthy and the

best investment I could make to my health.

I saved for a while to get this blender, so I hope you will do the same.

You can obtain the blender from:

Dovehouse in Howick

or visit :

Happy creating!

L i v i n g your TRUTH


I am at the stage of my life where I enforce truth.

I speak it, and my goal is to live it.

So, to be completely truthful to myself,

I will share some of my ” personal code” I live by.

Punctuality! being on time means you mean business.

Eating healthy means you love taking care of yourself.

Saying NO! affirms good boundaries.

Living a disciplined life of waking up at sunrise and

sleeping at sunset,

helps with the daily ritual of life, so I do it!

Love your body, whatever shape you have!

In my 20’s I “oogled” muscles

and good shapely bodies, NOW!~ the most unattractive thing is a EMPTY shell

with NO brain, intelligence, attitude and zest for LIFE!

Sexy ness is an attitude, it is NOT confined to size of Small, Medium or Large or XXL!

Being sassy is healthy for you! try it.. . . .

Love yourself enough to change for NO ONE!

Do what you want, within boundaries of cause!

Stop being afraid, of being you!

Eat Chocolate Often.

Have sex with multiples often.

Dress weird, I do!

Change your Hairdo! I do!

LIVE out LOUD! I do!

Being you 100% is good for you! try it. . .

X X X  -~~~~ to you!.

Why you’ll love your dehydrator?

Dehydrator (1)


Dehydrator (2)  Dehydrator (4)


I was firstly, introduced to raw flaxseed crackers by my raw vegan friend, I

loved it instantly. It is crunchy, and delicious.

I love crisp’s but

after reading the ingredients at the back of the pack : this contains : “sulphur dioxide, msg, and E134″,

I realized, I can no longer consume these toxins.

The next step would be to purchase a dehydrator.

My first thought was, it is to expensive but I researched it, on

and started saving for it.

I believe in delayed gratification, so after carefully saving, I purchased it.

The dehydrator arrived on Friday~! Whoopeee.

First we made raw flaxseed crackers:

Take flaxseeds, sesame, goji berries, and pumpkin seeds add one cup of boiling

water, spread on the “white” sheet of the dehydrator.

We then steamed carrots, beetroot, sweet potatoe and placed them on the

dehydrating racks.

It took 12 hours to dry, I call it my veggie biltong.

These snacks are very nutritional and I am totally loving it.

Want to invest in your health?

Acquire a dehydrator. . .  I shall keep sharing my adventure

and new recipe’s.

Lotsa love!


Finding your Tribe

10 Essential Keys to Calling in Your ‘People’
1. Be Authentic
Quite simply ‘You gotta be real!’ Before you can create a soul community you must know who you really are and be living a life in alignment with your truth. Until YOU are clear on who you really are and act congruently with who that is, you ARE attracting like-minds – just ones who are matching what you are projecting out to the world about who you are. So if that’s a mask, you’re relationships are likely to be circumstantial at best.

2. Take Responsibility
Understand the roles that people in your life up until now, have played in your greater understanding and experience of self, spiritual growth and personal evolution from a place of personal empowerment and self-responsibility. Often blame justifies our current shitty situation and can be a wonderful excuse for not having or creating what we want in our lives. When we take full responsibility for our lives, the part we played in our past relationships and the role we are playing now in our current relationships we create a gateway for the authentic level of connection required to truly connect with our tribe – tribe won’t put up with your B.S – they’ll hold you accountable to being the best version of you, call you on your stuff and inspire you to evolve and expand or bring into being what you are here in this life-time to create.

3. Consciously Decide
Make a conscious decision about who you want to be for yourself and where you are headed in life, what you want and don’t want for your future, and create a life and people around you who support that – many times you know what you don’t want because you’ve experienced it, but we continue to complain about the experience rather than just focus on what we are now clear we desire.

4. Evaluate Relationships
Recognise old relationships that no longer serve who you wish to be for yourself – this doesn’t mean they are ‘bad’ or what they are choosing to do with their lives is wrong – it just doesn’t support who you want to be for yourself now. This takes a commitment to yourself to know what fosters the best version of you and what doesn’t and to create personal boundaries around who you chose to allow into your circle of influence.

5. Cultivate Relationships
Identify the kindred spirits already in your life that support your highest evolution and consciously cultivate those relationships.

6. Cut the Ties That Bind
Cut energetic ties that bind you to the past and to old ideas about who you think you are, and who others think you are. Allow yourself to be who you want to be from this moment forward and only create and sustain relationships that nourish and support this.

7. Shine and Evolve
Shift blockages that lower your vibration and keep you attracting people into your life who mirror any negative beliefs around expectations of what you deserve. Give yourself permission to shine. This one may require re-educating some people about who you are as you evolve.

8. Raise Your Vibration
Call in your soul people by becoming a vibrational match for who and what you want to attract into your life. For instance, where are you not honouring your truth or fulfilling your potentiality? If I want creative people who respect me and share an aligned vision, ask: Am I expressing my creativity? Do I respect myself and am I clearly living my own vision?

9. Seek Higher Guidance
Ask for guidance from your ethereal wayshowers to connect you with people your soul-tribe. The law of non-interference or ‘free will’ means that unless we invite celestial help, everything in the universe is what we create for ourselves (or co-create with others), and since every person involved in co-creation has already given their consent to what is happening to them there is no need to mess with it. However, if you ask to be connected with your soul people with the caveat of it being for the highest good for all, it’s likely that the connection will be accelerated.

10. Recognize Your People When You Find Them
Understand how to recognise your soul people when you connect with them. Be brave, notice if someone feels good to you energetically and take action to follow up the connection. Hint – If someone keeps on coming into your consciousness, chances are there’s a reason.

Connecting with Your Tribe
See a lot of people feel they want like-minded people in their life and that they don’t have that.

The thing is though, generally they do – it’s just that what they are really seeking are their ‘soul people’, but who they are attracting is more consistent with the mask they have been wearing.

So if what you desire are kindred spirits who understand who you ‘really’ are; who are in ‘your conversation’; light you up, inspire you to be a better person; restore your faith in humanity and make you believe again that we are all connected in oneness; and help you feel alive, important, appreciated, valued, and deeply understood… get real – drop the veil, follow the tips above and your people will be waiting on the other side – promise!