You want “happy ending” ? $50

As a massage therapist, I am asked about happy endings, at least once a week.

So, to deal with it, you have to be diplomatic and have a sense of humour.

Firstly, men like happy endings, warm hand, warm oil, it does arouse them. I understand this completely.

I decided in the beginning that I don’t want to overstep that boundary. It is intimate and a sacred event and I don’t want contact that deep with a client.

Last week, a 22yr old afrikaans male called me, wanting to know , “if he got an erection” would I be offended? I said, just breathe and let it pass, its natural. He then told me his mom walked in on him masturbating. I told to move out and get a life. He felt condemned to hell, as his mom is a christian.

During the week, a guy, we’ll call him Mr X. Mr X’s wife had many operations for endometriosis and lost her libido. He wanted a couples massage with a happy ending, so I could teach his wife how to do so, for him. Eventually I decided that they are on different levels, they both need healing, so declined the appointment and just followed my spirit.

Happy endings are for you and your partner. Sharing an intimate experience – creates bonds from the heart. Aura connections takes place and you swop energy, you might not be aware of it, but it happens.

Most people want sexual fulfillment but lack intimacy, love, connection, attention and a deep relationship.

Yes, sex is part of it, and so is making love with your partner.

Services rendered in happy endings, means you can “buy” your fulfillment thus making it short lived and cheapened. Money doesn’t buy what you seek.

Please don’t misinterpret me, sexual healing is a different subject all together.

I don’t think that’s how its meant to be.

Love is deep and a physical, intimate, moments are soul binding with a person, your soul mate.

Do the inner work, leave cheap fulfillment, grow consciously to a higher awareness.

Having an orgasm with “anyone” isn’t love! Buying it isn’t love either.

Love is supposed to be deep, connected and soul fulfilling with your partner.

So, guys, connect with yourself more, love your body, be discerning with who you share your orgasm’s with, take care of your life, cherish you.

Love more.
Fill your spirit.
Invest in you.
Keep you safe.
Use condoms.

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All my love



5 thoughts on “You want “happy ending” ? $50

  1. Thanks for sharing such a valuable post. Massage is not for having a sexual relation, but it should be done with the one you love truly. One should be able to notice the difference before entering the room and coming out of room. We must question “Did I enjoyed or Did I loved or Did I feel”.

    Don’t take me wrong, this is best post for all the people who say that massage is for fulfillment.


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