Money? we all want it, need it? whats your relationship with money?

My relationship with money was a rocky road, while I was growing up. As a kid, I did chores for R1 a week, which meant so much to me, and once I had it, the joy of it was short lived. The value of working for it all week, and then finally holding it in my hand, didn’t quite measure up. I daydreamed about that moment, yet it just didn’t quite fulfill me.

Money was an issue in our family- the have’s and the have nots were frowned upon.

I learnt that being poor is a lower vibration, a lack of conscious awareness.

I’ve always known how to make money, for this I am thankful for and that I had the discipline to follow it.

I made my corporate company millions by using efficiency, ruthlessness and discipline.
I had a happy boss, but worked with disgruntled colleagues, as I made them work harder.

You ask how can you befriend money, attract it, save it and become financially free!

Abundance and money are linked!

Creating abundance in my life has been my mission. I created a vision board in 2008 and 2012, all of it came true, I focused energy which put the wheels in motion.

Every time I earn money I give 10% of it away, I give of my time, I do free therapy sessions once a week, the point is to give freely, without expectation.

Giving with an open heart, it is their where your life force resides to create.

I meditate on my abundance in life, everyday, I scoop energy from the universe and place it into the financial needs I have. I visualize these needs being met and fulfilled.

I pray in the evenings and I give thanks for the day and send energy to the next day with Reiki.

I reiki all the plants, our car, our food for the highest good in my life.

I send energy to people in need, all over the world. Everyone needs someone, at some time.

On my walk in the morning, I chant and call forth abundance in my life, talking to earth spirit, water and sky.

I check in with my Higher self, angels, guides, runners and Ancestors for higher wisdom to walk my path.

I walk a path of truth, to live it and speak it, to live in two worlds the physical and the spiritual, being aware that this life is temporary, and that I’m accountable for my life purpose as a healer.

Money is just a flowing of energy, a fulfillment of a need, for shelter, for sustenance, for mobility, for warmth.

Having a connection to Spirit, assist in a flowing of abundance.

Start your journey, explore your relationship with money.

Explore your heart, where love lives, and energetically change your life.

All my love



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