Sensual vs Sexual massages

Yesterday, I received a query on sensual vs sexual massages :

Quoted From client:
Okay but sensual means touching of the private parts? But touching in a healing gentle sensual way

From me:
No my dear.
Kahuna is a loving massage practised as a healer, the private parts are covered, I massage the whole body with loving strokes while chanting ancient hawaiian healing traditions. It is releasing stress and instilling love.
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I felt I needed to explain sensual is loving, gentle, kind, igniting the senses to love, forgive, release and become whole within oneself.

Sexual is private parts being touched, aroused, stimulated to full completion of orgasm.

There are different modalities practised by different people.

Tantric massage sometimes involves orgasms, this person is trained to also be a healer, offer healing in this modality.

I practise kahuna massage as it is sensual not sexual.

Having boundaries to say no is important for yourself and others.

I feel that society has subscribed to instant. Instant gratification.
Instant – I want you must!

Come on, this means your totally unaware of life and feeding your 5 senses only.

We are spirit and what you seek as an orgasm isn’t the intimacy you long for.

The energetic connection to a person that you orgasm with is 3 days. The energy of the release – means energy is passed from them to you and vice versa ! So shared orgasms means shared emotions, issues, connection, thoughts.

This from a complete stranger,
who you don’t know, and aren’t aware of his character?

Sensual isn’t sexual it doesn’t mean happy endings however ….

A hug, a kiss, a massage can be sensual when loving.

The same thing can be sexual, what differs is your Intention to arouse another person.

I believe its safer to have intimate moments with your partner, the risk, energetically, physically, and sexually is great.

To take it lightly isn’t an option.

Consciously be aware of your energy, and what you are doing and spiritually also.

Take care of your body, its your only temple, so keep it safe, clean and self preserved.

All my love



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