How to heal the “pain” and “hurt” within ….

I’m been doing some soul searching within, cleaning out the old stuff that hinders my own personal growth.

Being a victim is one of the issues! I was raised to be a victim. You ask how can that be, well, I was bullied by my older sister, because she bullied someone else, I inturn bullied my little sister. I was small in size but smart, clever, wise. I could remember numbers, and calculate things fast.
I was taught to not fight back but to accept things as they are, feeling hopeless and depressed for most of my life.

What reiki taught me is being balanced is also loving yourself, standing and speaking up for yourself in an authorative manner and with self respect is healthy.

Victimhood isn’t life affirming, it is destroying.

How to heal the filters of hurt, pain within? Here is my path so far…

I’ve been reiki’ing myself a lot, finding that the release of old emotions during the different stages of my life from birth to teens to present is helping the healing process.

I also do a meditation of healing my inner child from birth to present day, filling every aspect of me with love to become whole.

I’m feeling the filters of hurt lifting so my overall view of life is changing, like a shift in paradigm.

I’m understanding my spirit better by loving myself more, knowing I am on a self healing journey.

Like Sark says : “you are your own healer”, sometimes you do need help and sometimes you can do it alone.

I’ve also started a daily self massage session of checking in with myself to release the old aches and I start the day feeling pampered and loved by me.

A combination of reiki, silence, meditation, massage definitely heals me within.

Embarking on a journey to heal, isn’t easy but the reward is a more complete you which is certainly worth it.

So, decide to heal, it changes everything!

All my love



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