Letting go of my Grandma

Its been a few years now, since I hugged my granny in this physical world.

I met her when she was in her late 30’s. She was a fiesty outspoken, fiery tongued woman, she was selfless in all of her ways. She gave birth to 12 kids but only 8 survived. Can you imagine that? – 8 kids.

She was strong! all my fondest memories was of her being strong, tough, a big hearted woman, always being their for her kids, grandkids and great grandkids. She was this magical woman, one of my guru’s for sure.

She instilled hard work in me, cleanliness is next to Godliness she’d say! She made a mother of me, in a good sense.

She also inspired me to keep going, to believe in myself, and to love me.

I loved her more than words can say! When she died, I was angry as I wanted her to live forever, for me. She was my best friend, I could call her and ask advise on anything.

She had wiped my tears, made me laugh so much, she made me angry, made me fight with her.

She made me who I am, a woman.

She also spoilt me rotten!

She would have my meals ready for me when I got home. She would do my laundry and I would only have to pack it away. She would pack me gourmet lunches. She fed me well! Every delicious dish, you can imagine.

She was my super human grandmother.

She could magically make awesome dishes from scratch.

I miss her everyday but I feel she lives in my heart always.

I guess if I could have one last day with her to rub her feet, and her back and hear the sound of her laughter, see her smile, have her hold me, I would.

Just one day, would be nice!

Love you granny!

Miss you everyday!



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