Evolving into an “amazing” you!

I’ve been seeing so many pictures of people loosing weight on facebook, wonderful! Six packs! Girls flaunting their boobs! And the like.

This got me thinking. What is it that makes me wake up in the morning and be amazing.

It isn’t a six pack, I can tell you.
It isn’t looking good for a picture.
It isn’t picture perfect at all.

What makes me be amazing is being active, physical and pushed to my own limits.

Yesterday, (now last week) I offloaded a bakkie of wood with an old zulu man, we worked together, no colour, no creed in question, it is human to be helpful and kind. We even laughed together, him not speaking english and me not speaking zulu.

My husband and I packed the wood in the storeroom together, and it was a wonderful togetherness, team effort experience.

I was physically pumped! It reminded me of making bricks in Auroville for project Realization.
We literally built a one bedroom and a bathroom in 72hrs with volunteers. How amazing!
This in itself is mind blowing!

It reminds me of my first canoe adventure when I was 21, I decided to go canoeing on the Orange river in Namibia, alone with strangers. I arranged a lift to and from the destination. Our canoe sank on day 3, I almost drowned and slept with a scorpion under my pillow. But I lived to tell the tale.

I tried rock-climbing in the Higgovale quarry Cape town, and on my 3rd attempt, I was exhausted, I let go of the abseiling rope and fell down two stories. Luckily, I was very fit so I aimed to hit the ground on my back which was muscly and able to handle the impact. I was stiff for two weeks but I repaired and lived to tell the tale.

I recently went to Pick and pay with a friend, in an old bakkie, little did I know that I would have to push the bakkie to get it started again.

I was able to.

You see learning to be amazing takes courage, bravery, strength, vision and a creative mind!

Every impulse in you wants to complain, don’t.
Everything in you says NO! You can’t, I know you can.

Limitations of the mind is just that! Limitations set by others defining you! Totally boring.

Let’s all try and do something amazing today.

Like giving a stranger money.

Giving someone a flower.

Somewhere in their Universe, your the amazing spark!

Twinkle away!

Share your joy!

Don’t be robbed by living because you have obstacles.

Turn lemons into lemonade.
Shit splats into a pie.

Be more you! Live today fully!

All my love



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