Misery? Ego? Lack of finances?

The old saying of misery loves company, this holds true for many. The ego loves to complain, bitch, moan. It also loves to get into the pain and attract more pain.

If your body is a beacon of light and your beams are sending out the message in thought, words, visualizing, a lack of money, guess what? That is exactly what you will attract.

If you believe that all is well with your life, every need of finances for food, rent, fuel and life is fulfilled by the infinite abundant universe then it is so.

I believe and meditate on abundance daily.

I discipline myself to not complain, but to affirm, life is good.

The goodness we experience is in the rising of the sun. The rain that falls. The vegetables I pick in the garden. The sound of the eagles near by. The watching of butterflies. The buck footprints I see. The flowing of water into the dam.

These magical experiences of life are part of the unique abundance I experience daily which is not fulfilled by money.

I feel grateful to be living this amazing life of abundance.

I feel no fear, I feel supported.

Being grateful opens my heart to this amazing life of magic.

Abundance thus flows from my heart with love into everything I do.

It is where we create, live our spirit and enjoy being at peace with the Universe and our Creator.

So, a change of thought, can change your Universe.

Decide to affirm the good in your life, it will attract more of it!

Happy Creating!


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