He’s had an “affair” ?

He’s had an affair! I’ve heard this a few times in my life. The woman are shattered! Heartbroken! Closed off! Hurt!
Turned to bitterness and taking it personally!

BUT ……

This is my theory:
Firstly, don’t be naïve.
Secondly, why didn’t you listen to your gut feeling.
Thirdly, things change when your partner has an affair or busy cheating on you.

– he kisses differently
– he dresses up more lavishly for sexual appeal
– he makes love to you differently
– he smells differently
– he works late more

These tell tale signs including your gut feeling is what you should pay attention to.

Also, don’t neglect your man! Women and Men enjoy a good sexual relationship.

If you want to be a “klooster” cook and have sex once a year, don’t get married.

Let’s face it both sexes have needs.
We want love, intimacy, magic!
We want to feel our knees buckle when we kiss.
We want mind blowing orgasm’s that rock our hearts and bodies.

Truth be told, we also want to feel special and “wanted”.

See we human beings want everything! The icing, the cake and the cherry!

And if your partner isn’t keen well, a need is a need – someone who pays attention to you, stirring your kundalini with flirting – and attention is bound to get layed, if you not getting it at home!

Woman do take affairs, Personally!
Firstly, it isn’t you.
Secondly, he was horny.
Thirdly, if you love him, take the time to heal yourself and forgive him.

Woman are blessed and cursed with unconditional love:
No matter what we will love our partners forever! In good or bad.
We undertook a vow which we live by our hearts and we love them.

Woman please take the time to heal your heart if this does happen, try reiki and massage and get your fire back.

We hurt but we heal.
We learn powerful lessons in hurt.
We are also healers born with intuitive gifts.

Stand up! Become the powerful woman you truly are.

Don’t be a victim! Men aren’t aware of themselves, they’ve lost their connection to the female side. I feel its easier to be macho and aggressive, than to nurture your own female self, especially guys.

So, take a step back and realize that an affair is just like any other mistake or misguided words, it isn’t personal and in no way reflects on you as a “bad” person.

Bad things happen!

It is refocusing on the good which is growing and healing you with self love, that makes the pain worthwhile.

Heads up! Time to become an empowered woman of forgiveness and love.


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