KICK in your gratitude

I ventured to the mall where noise, people, traffic, and zombie’s walk. After a while I become sad, but then….

My gratitude kicked in and I decided to be thankful for what I have:

Living in silence
Connecting with nature
To have been abundantly blessed with c h o c o l a t e s this week

To have an awesome partner who rocks my world.

To be able to be physically active.

To laugh a lot.

To have silly moments.

To meet with old friends and new.

To eat vegetables from our garden.

To have fuzz therapy from the cat.

To be able to write and be creative.

To laugh at violent movies.

To enjoy the sunshine.

To have a open and clear heart.

To enjoy the delicious curries and taste out there.

To do what I love! Love what I do.

Appreciation comes from the spirit! So I decided to be happy for the joys in my life….

It certainly changes your vibes!

Give it a try….


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