False sense of “security”

I was raised believing that you grow up, buy a house and this is your “ticket” to normality!
Everyone does it! You borrow money from the bank and spend all of your life in a unhappy job and in debt. This didn’t feel secure with me. I felt there must be a better way!

I journeyed to India to learn organic building with the Auroville Earth institute. We built a one bedroom home with volunteers in 72hrs. We worked our bottoms off. Afterwards, the house felt real, earthly, homely and debt-free.

A light went on in my spirit.

Debt is a way into the system, created by man. “The man” in a unhappy job, and enslaved in debt, paying what he doesn’t have yet, and spending it freely without conscious awareness.

I had a dream in 2008 on 7th August. I dreamt someone gave us land at a ridiculous amount to build a healing centre for the sick.
I dreamt people came from far and wide for healing. My vision board is filled with this, and now 6 years later, after many disappointments, I realize the dream was purpose ignited.

I realize that living a purpose filled life of healing, is all consuming.
My viewpoint of how healing and inner healing works has changed.
I see myself igniting the body, to heal itself.

In India I learnt how little one needs to survive, you need food, a bed to sleep on, and a toilet.
Survival. I shared a room by night, and a nursery by day. I learnt extreme tolerance and patience.

Yes, South africa is no India.
It is filled with cushy comforts like hot water, electricity, Pick and Pay, fuel at half the price, access to good facilities, good clothing. Everyone speaks english.

Spirituality is big in India, prayer – “pooja” in the morning by every single person makes waking up, an experience. People pray. They go to temple and families connect.

I visited a home in Pondicherry, it was 100 years old and I could feel the ancestors spirits present. I entered their prayer room with reverence and gratitude, it was an amazing experience, to see such heritage passed down from generation to generation with love.

For me security lies in my heart, knowing I am safe, knowing that whatever choice I make, it will be based on what I need for now.

If it is hard, then its the soul lesson I need for now.

Find your safety within you …

You are the treasure!


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