Changing of the Season : Changing within

Recently I completed a Level 2 Reiki attunement, this being my 39th Attunement. It has lifted one of my filters within.

How to describe an Attunement?

Well imagine a good place of silence, no noise, no chaos, just pure love and bliss,

this is what it feels like to me.  I connect with my Divine spirit within, it is very beautiful experience.

I breathe but the world is completely shut out.

It is like being underwater in the bath,  and enjoying that moment.

I am changing, I can feel it. More and more a higher wisdom of guidance is there,

urging change, forgiveness and a deeper love.

Changing of the Season into Autumn, I am loving it.

The weather has certainly gotten a bit chilly. My face is cold when I go walking in the morning and I am enjoying it.

The sunrises are spectacular here in the Midlands. The rising of the Sun, the clouds, the blue sky, it is breath taking.

I feel a little bit closer to this magic, as I am appreciative of the forest, the sunrise, all that breathes and all that is slowing down.

Autumn a time of less rush and more ease. A time to reflect within for me. A time to change. A time to grow.

A time to pray. A time to meditate. A time to be open to the Divine force which pulses through my veins.

A time to connect deeper.

Wishing you are Happy Autumn! Remember to keep moving! keep dancing, keep being healthy.


With Love



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Change of Season

Change of Season




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