Bliss : All by myself

Being Comfortably Alone

Being Comfortably Alone

My most treasured time is time with me. This sentence in itself sounds selfish but this is exactly what keeps me sane.

I’ve decided to take a time out and time off, this weekend gone by. To do normal things like go to the Karkloof market,

to eat carrot cake before 9am in the morning. To laze on the couch and read my book: LOVE YOURSELF! live your Spirit by Sonia Choquette. (very adequate)

I made a fire, and I put on some music from the 60’s. I took my boots off and I am toe tapping to the rhythm of the music.

It takes me on a journey where love, music and romance meet, where kindness was a daily practise.

I am so lucky! My partner made me lunch – because I’m super spoilt and I like it.

The dishes are staring at me, glaring more like it, but frankly – I will get to you when I do.

Its  COLLEEN recharge time!

I reiki’d me and snoozed earlier, so blissful and healing.

I put pencil to paper and wrote down all my morning inspirational messages. See : I am working on a small book for woman! To inspire their life. (its also one of my dreams to have it published someday)

One of my other dreams is to learn HINDIE – so if you know any fluent speaking Indians, please send them my way.

One of my other dreams is to start an amazing group of healers, who can do amazing healing on the human body.

Check out : Gregg Braden : Healing a cancer tumour in 3 minutes

This is an example of what is possible.

Time out is time to collect thy thoughts and feed thy Spirit!


Take them often!   fuel for the soul.






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