Sacredness of Motherhood – Pregnancy

This has been a very fulfilling week for me. My heart and soul were overjoyed at meeting one of ladies who got pregnant after reiki. Meeting the little baby and having him hold my hand, was super magical, he knew me and I knew him. I reiki”d mom and baby and he totally sucked up the energy like a sponge.

Next another client popped in, who is now 8 weeks pregnant, it is such a blessing to experience such joy.

On Saturday I also worked on a lady who was 12weeks pregnant.
I did a destressing massage with reiki, and I could feel the babies heart beat, the spirit and the love and it was amazing.

It is simply magical to experience these wonderful sacred mothers.

Their aura’s are open, they are guided by a higher calling of spirit.

It is such an experience! I feel blessed.

Woman are so intuitive!

So, I see woman being called to be mothers, healers, guides.

I feel truly blessed and speechless to be a vessel in this journey of life.

Women – I am super impressed with their endurance, strength, perserverence, love and ever growing compassion.

Guiding a soul in life isn’t an easy task! But a loving purpose.

Blessings to all of these beautiful amazing spirits who have chosen these great woman to love them!



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