My first Kahuna massage for 2014!

I will be the first to admit that I neglect myself, in receiving good massages.

After studying at least 6 different types of massages, also being an empath, telepath, I’m super sensitive to vibration.

If the giver’s intention isn’t 100% love, and toxin free, I suffer sometimes from 3 days to 3 weeks.

It is difficult to not receive massages as I love them dearly but I have to be discerning. My partner is my Macgyver, if I need a repair session, he will gladly do the massage for me.

I’ve waited a year for my friend who does Kahuna, to visit! He is awesome at Kahuna massage and a raw vegan, a super fit person and super healthy.

I dreamt about this kahuna massage for months.

I was stroked, touched, igniting the healing in my own body. Releasing so much stress pains, random aches and pains and old emotions.

I was sneezing, drooling, having my nose run non stop but this was part of the healing process for me.
I surrendered !

I even cried, deep tears of awareness.

He massaged my feet, my hands and my entire body, when he arrived at my tummy, I just cried like a little girl.

Kahuna massage is the rolls royce of massage!

It has so many endless loving benefits of love, forgiveness and letting go.

Like most things it is best experience!

An awakening of your own inner journey of love.

I slept so well last night. My digestion is better. I am more focused, relaxed, like my inner fire is ignited and I feel awesome!

I can definitely recommend it to anyone!

Kahuna baby rocks my world!

To book yours, what’s app me:
Colleen +27846030604!


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