“HOOKED” on risk! travel! adventure! creating…

I’ve been to India 3 times in my life. I’ve learnt to ride a motorbike in my 30’s.

Point is there is nothing like the feeling of a aeroplane taking off.

The risk of fitting into a culture, you weren’t born into.

Risk of making money when you don’t speak Tamil or Hindi.

Risk of being uncomfortable enough to grow. Stepping into another paradigm of yourself, reinventing you.

The fun of having dinner with someone different every night.
The experience of connecting with people who have lived, loved, risked, enjoyed and grew spiritually for it.

The fun of having a 4 handed massage by two gorgeous guys! I was dunked in massage oil and had my body totally relaxed beyond imagination.

These are all part of the adventure of travelling to India, its the people, the energy, the place called Auroville.

There is a huge energy pulsating all the time called the Matrimandir!
I call it my utopia. It manifests your reality quicker than you think.

Creates both the good, and the bad. It is not discerning of harm or dis-harm. Its a force of energy.

I meditated in it once and the sound of my own heart beat was so noisy.

On arrival – You are you handed a pair of new socks and you must be clean. It is completely white inside. It is circular with a huge crystal ball and 12 pillars surrounding it. It also has natural light shinning through it, from top to bottom. (I also stole the socks)

Life in Auroville is utopic. The people are happy mostly.

Its a struggling community,
However! Its been going for 40 years! Every year millions of people flock into Auroville, to join, to visit, to experience, to love, to have babies, to be.

Auroville is utopic, but I believe we all have our own utopia inside us.

We want unconditional love, we seek a easier more spiritual life. We seek like minded people. Community/ Tribe participation and love.

My challenge to you, is to try and create it where you are !

South african’s have more freedom than you know!

We have infrastructure.
Roads that get repaired.
Fuel which is cheap.
We have clean water.
Food which we can grow.

Sometimes the grass looks greener on the other side, until you stand on it, smell it and know it was an illusion.

Every experience brings us closer to spirit!

Pain is the catalyst for a soul lesson, without it we do not grow, evolve, heal.

So! Embark on an adventure, risk, love, be spirit.

We are all walking our path!

There is no right or wrong.

It just is.

Happy adventuring!


Visit : http://www.auroville.org

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