My raw food experience – No comfort food

I had a brother from another mother visit this weekend. He is a raw vegan which means nothing cooked, no eggs, no honey, no meat, no chicken, no fish or anything processed.

Our first lunch together was a frozen pea salad. Peas with tumeric avocado, dates, and lemon juice. It was nice but my brain said blow it because the cold burnt so much and I did.

The supper was raw butternut soup. Well my brain associates soup with warmth and comfort, so I blew the cold soup also. I had one plate of it and said no thanks for the rest. I ate a banana sandwich afterwards with tea.

Eating raw food is expensive but very nutritional.

Having a raw food diet, you need discipline of steel, a dehydrater, a R10000 vitamax blender and loads of seeds, goji berries, trail mix and ideas.

What I discovered about me is that I love good comforting nurturing food.

I love someone cooking for me or cooking for myself!

Warm food is love.
Comfort food is love.

With this realization, is that I’m going to be a vegetarian still ….

I still enjoy two eggs a week, once a week fish, raw juices, smoothies, cooked curry and rice, warm soups and pizza and the odd doughnut or samoosa.

I’m not b.s. ‘Ing myself and saying yes we can go raw because frankly its to expensive. Eating R5000 worth of raw food a month is not my budget.

Also, socially you can never eat out.

I love fish and chips and I’m sorry, I can’t let it go.

So, I go deeper within, and it comes down to your own conscious living.

How am I making this planet better:

We recycle
Grow our own vegetables
We drive to town once a week reducing our carbon footprint.
I don’t eat meat or chicken.
I consume eggs and cheese and I enjoy it and I am thankful for it.

Your diet is much like a religion, it is all consuming.

It will either bring you closer to people or separate you.

I feel I’m weird enough for me!

My life purpose has been chosen for me, and this path and I’m happy with it.

Being raw vegan for me, would be a joyousless eating life. I admit I cannot do it. I cut out wheat, dairy, potatoes and eggs for 8 months, I was joy less and grumpy.
Eating became a mechanical process.

To live my spirit, I must have balance in my diet, exercise, work and live it with love and joy.

So, Colleen as a raw vegan?
Nope! Its not for me.

I love warm soups.
I love salads.
I love curry and rice.
I love pizza.
I love samoosas.
I love masala fish.
I love rooibos tea.
I love my spirit.
I love my body.
I love chocolate.
I love crisp.

In all of this I feel blessed in living, and speaking my truth of who I am.

So, find your balance, find your truth and passionate live by who you are!


11 thoughts on “My raw food experience – No comfort food

  1. I definitely agree, I have studied to be a chef for various years in my life. After being exposed to so much amazing food it is much more difficult to become fully raw. However i must say I do admire those who are, props to them in every way. I eat pretty healthy veggies, salads and all but i also need my meat and warm food from time to time 😋


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