What About Me?



What about me? Its actually a movie!

The speaker asks: What about me? Shut up! And start giving.

Give of you, your time, your money!

Stop being a victim and feeling sorry for yourself and stop the self pity parties. It is time to grow up.

Please don’t “enable” your friends when they tap into this type of drama!

Drama / misery : all comes from Ego our dark side.

As a culture there is a pill for everything!

We would rather subdue depression, melancholy than deal with our emotions.

We are human! Let us feel

Let’s cry when we need it.

Let’s growl and bark!

To learn a soul growing lesson!

Then – pick yourself up!

For me:  I was very unhappy for many years because I was conditioned to believe  in debt, a job and living a non creative life.

When I resigned from my job,  this was the happiest day of my being!

Currently, I see adults who were subdued as kids with retinol, the drug for kids which closes the 3rd eye, subduing all intuition because they are hyperactive!

Adults – please get off your butt’s  and play with your kids! Don’t teach them to subdue feelings!

The world is full of adults who are not coping with depression because of suppression.

It is our human right to feel an emotion!

If you activate your Painbody by a memory and keep feeding it, let’s call it “rejection” – every time you feel rejected, and don’t deal with your emotions, your painbody gets bigger and wants more pain.
Don’t do this, it is destructive.
Learn to address, forgive immediately, and choose love.

The media and social media pumps out thin, beautiful, skinny bodies!
Get real! No one thinks about weight when we experience Orgasms!

Beauty is not found on a glossy magazine! Its air brushed! Make up for 2hrs, hair for 1hr, lights, camera, Fake ness!

Beauty and your attitude is what makes you special!

The sound of your laughter.
The light and sparkle in your eyes.
The natural tan you get from the sun.
The ability to enjoy delicious food made with love.
The ability to look naturally healthy and glowing.
The ability to be your True self.

We are all born with Human Madness!

My madness is I want this world to be utopic. I would love everyone to be healed and whole and filled with love!

I want to dance freely.
To be free of judgment.
To be impulsive without condemnation.

To be living in a world without dualism enforced by religion.

I want to live in a world of spiritual, clever, super intuitive beings that connect.

Real people who feel a connection to their consciousness! They are awake! Alive! Clean!

I want to communicate telepathically with everyone.

This is it! This is who you are! I am! To sense this is joyful, it isn’t external it is inherent.
By Eckhart Tolle

Be a person rather than choosing to be good or bad! Just be.

Stop complaining!
Stop worrying!
Stop bitching!

We all have things to be  grateful for!

Worrying is praying for what you don’t want!




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