Knickers in a Knot?

I’ve been checking in with myself daily to check my discipline and emotions, to avoid succumbing to drama.

My definition of drama:
Emotional outburst
Taking it personally
Any wired emotions triggered

I’ve been stepping into the unknown and expecting the higher good and opportunities that come my way.

Following my heart openly without reservation, listening to my intuition and walking this path of being spirit.

Let me be clear! It is far easier to give into your Shadow self and not see the good.

But the GOOD is there, it takes a trained heart to see and know it, using your wisdom.

Everyone I have treated in the last 4 months has had relationship issues.

This to me means there is an imbalance with self love, self nurturing and yin and yang and inner childhood issues.

Relationships are our training ground! Our partner will happily point out our faults and failures. Let’s be truthful nothing grows in criticism and negativity, nothing good anyway.

The key is Love! Understanding! Compassion and the same old favourite forgiveness.

Let go

Being in any relationship takes practise!

The values, morals, standards our grandparents had and our parents have aren’t the same moral compass which we can use today.

The challenges and pressures of life, are far to complex.

Like the financial pressures.
Gmo modified foods.
Government depts.
Governing bodies.

Stress has become part of life that we forget to see the nature, forget to connect with spirit, forget to nurture and take time out for ourselves.

Its time to realize that getting your knickers in a knot only steals your joy makes you succumb to ego, misery and depression.

I want to be happy everyday and that means I must keep being disciplined and own my emotions.

Basically own my reactions and actions – otherwise it can easily turn into chaos.

Take time to discipline yourself, cultivate:

Biting your tongue.
Harness your power.
Learn to meditate.
Wake up 2hrs early to pray.
Start morning yoga.
Do morning affirmations of love.
Say thank you.
Ask nicely – please
Refrain from gossip
Refrain from hearsay
Refrain from drinking excessively and going wild.

Cultivate being a good human being.

With one step to growing yourself into a healthier, more spirit filled you, you’ll live longer and be happier.

Enjoy the journey!


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