Why I decided to DETOX for 3 days ? – just before Winter starts

Why I decided to DETOX for 3 days ? – just before Winter starts

I started detoxing on Saturday just as the cold started creeping into the Midlands.

Why? Well I’ve had a mucous cough and runny nose for ages and I have been over-indulging in all the forbidden food: pizza’s, donuts, samoosa’s and I have pigged out on crisp! my favourite being salt and vinegar.

Yes I know ! totally out of control! !

So, my partner in his wisdom suggested a 3 day detox.

NO wheat! NO diary! No Cheese! No preservatives! No msg! No lactose! No Gluten! No Curry!

You starting to get the picture. It leaves little room for anything really. It is bland food.

I had raw juices of beetroot, carrot, apple / watermelon a glass everyday.

We then combined them with soya milk, papaya, avo, banana, honey for a great smoothie for breakfast.

NO eating until 10am. I could snack on fruit, nuts and rice cakes with peanut butter, but no carbs.

At lunch time it was rice with vegetables with salt and pepper. Bland! I kept quiet and ate my food.

At dinner time it was soup : Kungfu panda soup or butternut soup.

Very simple soup no bread of cause.

During this time all I could think of is cream cakes, bread with cheese, warm pizza.

Well I came to the conclusion that bread / cheese are the most addictive substances!

Its cold at the moment so having no carbs is hard!

The benefits are starting to show! my pants started feeling looser and I am feeling lighter.

I drank loads of crystal infused water, rooibos tea and kombucha to detox.

Day 4 : Detox is over! I had 3 pieces of cheese and immediately sneezed. I had pizza for dinner and “wheezed’ all night long due to the gluten and lactose.

Short lived! pleasure…..

Being clean means you can really taste your food and enjoy it naturally! without addictives.

So its back to the detox for me…..a few more days of cleansing and feeling amazing.

Benefits for me is :

I feel lighter, healthier.

I feel joyful.

I feel good.

I feel I can do this at any time.

My skin is shiny and healthy looking.

I feel energized.

Try to detox slowly! you can always start over….



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