Living your soul, NOT a role

Over the last year, I’ve treated a lot of women. Women who have raised kids, who have buried parents, who have ventured down the road of divorce or separation or who have lost a partner.

Our old society of apartheid/ religion has conditioned woman into being submissive.

Submissive to her husbands wants, whims, demands.

They completely loose themselves in motherhood, wifehood and loose their joy and livelihood.

First off! S t o p ! Being a victim.

YOUR Ego, shadow loves misery, disappointment, chaos and unending drama. Stop the drama, and face yourself.

Second! Stand up for yourself. Speak up!

We are woman! We are strong.

Stop being a doormat.

You are abusing yourself by not loving yourself enough to have healthy boundaries of :

No- I don’t want that.

Or by not loving yourself or living your spirit.

Your husband is just as human as you! Knock down the shrine you’ve placed him on and get real.

Relationship is not a dictatorship.

Relationship is a Equal partnership.

I don’t really care what the “good” book says! Fact is a translated book into english looses its true essence! By the way, it was written by men to control woman and society.

Being free! Means you can love yourself.

Being able to live your spirit, doesn’t make you a bad person, its actually your right.

Also, love! Loving just one person all of your life – really? Love has many facets to it. Love to your pets, kids, best friends. How terrible stifling to be stuck in a old relationship of no growth.

Time to evolve woman!

Instill and Ignite Fun in your life.

Go find pleasure! Everyday.

Dance in the rain, naked.

Look at the stars.

Throw away the tv.

Redo your wardrobe.

Read a book called rawlicious or
Eat mangoes naked by Sark.

Google Sark and enjoy her humour of being a woman.

Point Is start living more of your spirit, everyday.

Repaint your bathroom pink.

Become involved in a happy relationship of joy with you!

Learn yoga.

Explore the realms of living a pleasure filled life:

Books on karma sutra
Learn more

Create : Delicious deserts out there.

Your only box is the one you have placed yourself in!

So go happily mad!

Have a midlife crisis.

Take a sabbatical.

Hell! I’ve done it ! And I have loved every bad decision I have made because it made me feel alive, whole.

I can gladly advise this to all woman…

Stop! Living a role !

Go find your soul.

Your spirit.

Your light within.


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