My Body Image : From a size 44 to a size 36. Time Period : 7 years

India (72)

Most of you know that I’ve been fat before, but seeing is sometimes believing.

I thought I would do this post saying I was a size 44 and now a size 34, but I am on this journey and my body doesn’t want a size 34, my legs are just to big.

I left for India in 2007 weighing a heavy 114kg, I have thus ventured to 85kg then 92kg, as I started doing weights to build muscle.

This doesn’t tell you how despite disliking my fat wobbles, I did and ate everything possible.

I loved, hugged, enjoyed every fat part of me.  I didn’t let it stop me from living and having fun.

I am smaller now, I am able to do massages for longer without tiring out. I wake up early to stretch and go walking, I do weights

when my body doesn’t ache. This is my routine for 7 days a week.

The fact is like any addict, its a slippery slope – the line is a thin one – I can easily slip into an undisciplined and unloving life.

I love my body as it is now! I feel good! I feel strong and I feel I can conquer anything.

I feel more me.

I too went through a “body” building phase in my life. I could do leg presses of over 100kg, and bench press of  50kg but I wasn’t a nice human being. I was arrogant, aggressive, mean, a wise ass and I disliked me even more.

I love myself now more than ever in my life! I feel content and good for having made it this far on my body image journey.

No! I don’t want a six pack.

I don’t want to be slinky thin either.

My reality is : I want to be FIT and Healthy in my Life!

Looks are pretty but they do fade, if you put to much toxins in you.

I’d prefer:

A sparkle in my eye.

A smile.

A wobbly body that’s real.


I don’t think of fat when I give or receive a massage.

All I can think of is giving and receiving Love.

Be kind to your body! Its the only one you have.

LOVE it.

Treasure it.

Live it.

Exercise it.

Have a good nutritional diet.

Just decide to love and be you!


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