H a p p i n e s s – an inside job

I feel happy! Happy like the little girl in Despicable me – screaming “I’m so o o o o happy!”

That’s exactly how I feel.

Reflecting on my life recently, seeing my old photographs, remembering my old journey made me appreciate my life so much more.

I’m from Cape town, the mother city, its beautiful I know but its not the city, I grew up in anymore.
I grew up in a small town, there wasn’t a big harbour, or crime, or a huge stadium. People didn’t get mugged in daylight. Old people didn’t get robbed, they were respected. This is the town I was raised in. I often spoke to the mountain seeking answers, now being away from Cape town for 7 yrs, I found them.

Now, I live contently in the Midlands. The sun rises and sun sets. The birds chirp, occasionally I chase a wild buck in the morning. I hear jackals at night and owls.
I see and feel the wind in the trees.
I walk in our garden and connect with our plants by reiki’ing them to grow.

I find myself talking to the cat and dog a lot.

I enjoy living near the forest, everything has its purpose here, it feels like I’m more in sync with my life now than ever.

I enjoy meditating, doing yoga and reiki’ing me – in the morning. I enjoy doing my hebrew morning prayers. I enjoy sending energy to strangers in need.

I feel almost worthy of happiness, this moment that I have longed for, for so much in my life, it is here within me.

It is not dependant on the amount of stuff I have, or money or clothes, or being debt free, its a deep feeling of knowing I’m happy.

Whatever, happens I will return to this space and find my happiness once again.

Living out in the country has truly been the most healing life for me, and my partner.

Living our true purpose – me as a healer and him an artist : to love, to serve, to create a space of magic where we are.

How can you be happy?

Eat less junk food.
Drink less alcohol.
Take less drugs.
Reduce your driving in traffic.
Reduce your carbon footprint, recycle.
Cook at home, with love.
Drink crystal infused love water.
Grow your own vegetables.
Decide to have a relationship with yourself.
Turn off auto pilot in your body.

Feel the earth under your feet – get grounded.
Cry more.
Laugh more.
Journal your feelings.

Seek your passion and then live it.

Quit the job you hate!

Changing your vibration to happiness affects all of your life. You decide to shine, to give love, to forgive, to be happy.

Your happiness affects others and the planet, because we are part of the one consciousness.

Step into an unknown space of infinite possibilities.

Heal your body with massage, reiki, meditation, letting go ceremony.

Love yourself.

Decide to live your spirit.

So, many people are living in a male – I must vibration, they surpress the female side of their bodies.

Life is meant to be a balance of love, happiness, yin and yang!

Cutting out all pleasure or joy is a ploy from the EGO – don’t be sucked in. Misery loves disappointment, company, more drama, more unhappiness.


We are spirit!

We love to dance, sing, create, and be ourselves.

Our joy is in living our spirit and purpose, it is not in chasing after a job for money.

So, start on your inner journey!

Learn to love your spirit! and listen to it.


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