Cash Flow as a Freelancer : Writer, Artist, Therapist, Blogger

Writing an Art

Writing an Art

It has been 6 years since I started out as a therapist, moving into my 7th year.

When I started my practise in Bethlehem 2009, I struggled to make money in order to meet my needs. My mother in law saved us a few times but I felt that this was not right. My pride hurt at that moment, as I felt I let myself down, and my purpose down. I felt deep disappointment, believing that this is how it should be.

I didn’t have the capacity to change it? or did I? I started reading ancient hebrew scripture.  I researched Tibetan knowledge with the help of Greg Braden. I went deeper within myself using Sonia Choquette tools. I read about the gratitude effect by Dr E Demartini. I studied Deepak Chopra’s 7 spiritual laws of life.


What I learnt so far, is this……..

I create my money


I meditate on Money flowing in and meeting my needs of Rent, Debit orders, Fuel and Food. I see the money sustaining us, without being attached to it.

I visualize it.

I discipline myself by saying NO! to frugal spending.

I limit my needs to food, accomodation, fuel, internet, so I can save for a “rainy” day.

I decide to not overspend on my budget.

I schedule debit orders for the middle of the month, when I have more money in the bank, so I keep a clean “credit” record, in case I need to buy something on credit.

I invest in a healthy diet filled with fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, cranberries as your health is your wealth.

There is no sick leave, when you work for yourself. So your health is very valuable.

I exercise 6 days a week to get all the creative juices flowing, so even if its cold outside, I do it, because it is good for me.

A flexible mind equals a flexible body. Yoga is good for me. It opens blockages, shifts your vibration and gets you moving, recommended for everyday practise.

I created a vision board, to visualize receiving what I need on it, and creating with my mind so I keep focused.

When I receive money, I place it on the bed and I roll in it!  this act brings forth joy!

Saying I’m rolling in the money! associates money with joy and then YOU  give 10% of it away, pay yourself 10% and  then save or pay expenses that are present.

Calculate how many hours do you need to work to earn the amount of money you need? Once you have achieved this, Act on it!

You need to advertise your unique skill: By word of mouth. Facebook. Twitter. Pinterest. Network, use the local newspaper, blog. Are all valuable tools of spreading the word about your service.

Be Professional in all that you do! Give great service, Be authentic and remember to never HIT your name with a Plank in Public!

Save your self sabotage for later, when you can sit and cry by yourself, if you need to.

Belief in yourself.

Be passionate about what you do.

LIVE it.

Breathe it.

Talk about it.

Everyday remember you are living your dream, you are one in a million, so be joyful about it.

STOP any of your complaints in there tracks, don’t entertain it.

Freelancing in any field  brings forth : = Happiness = Balance = A good life of rolling in the Money.

Your art, your work is unique and valuable!

You are worthy of being paid well!
I meet many people who say I am to expensive or I am so cheap, the fact is I cannot please everyone.

So, I refrain from people pleasing.


YOU are a vessel of Light. You consist of 70% water.


The highest vibration on the planet is you! You can change the weather. You can decide to attract money and clients with your intention for an abundant life.

First, you need to be content, happy and grateful in this moment.


Enjoying WHO you are!

Loving what you stand for.

Knowing you are contributing to a Higher service of Humanity.

By being happy you contribute to happiness all around you.

You bring joy and peace by just being you.


LIVE your passion.

You don’t need to conform.

Be Rebellious.

Be mad about what you do.

I certainly am.

I dream of massaging and reiki’ing the human body.

I dream of dancing with my spirit.

Igniting love in this process of being.

I love how love transforms your body.

The magic of abundance is living in you.

So Start imagining and creating your Life today!

Therapist Freelance healer

Therapist Freelance healer



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