A little girls story





I have been inspired by Keri from http://www.midlandsmusings.com to write this story. I have seen two ladies this week,  who are rape survivors, who are on a healing path. The scars are many but the love is there for the healing. Thanks to you Keri, a lady read your blog and decided to heal and come for Reiki. This in itself is a huge huge shift from pain to healing. Healing one soul on this earth, affects everyone around them, and shifts to the magic of love.

A little girls story of healing

She felt free everyday, she prayed at school to Jesus and Mother Mary every morning. She enjoyed being filled with love and light. Her skin glowed, her eyes sparkled. She was happy, free, and alive.

Then one day the darkness came. He was a father, a husband, and a son. It happened one evening at sunset, he grabbed her pushed her down, held a hand over her mouth, and forced his weight onto her tiny body, she screamed and cried but he didn’t stop. She closed her eyes and prayed for it to be over.
Her spirit left that day but she knew it would return in the future, she was 6 years old.

He had a deep disease, disease of alcoholism, living a dualistic life. He pretended to be a good father, son, and a husband but deep down inside, she knew the monster he was.

He took her light and replaced it with darkness, a darkness which brought depression, nightmares, anxiety and fear.

The years of rape and abuse left scars on the inside, hate, anger, distrust for men, it ignited her inner warrior, fighter, revolutionary to make this world a better place.

The effects of her abuse, started with suicidal tendencies in her teens, she left a letter for her grandmother to read when she was gone. As fate would have it, her granny found it and sobbed
bitterly, it was her son.

She was told to forget it, as it happens, its part of life.

She shut off her female side, as it made her feel vulnerable, weak, inferior.

She shaved all her hair off, she never wore dresses, she exercised so she could remain fit and fast. She turned off her humanity of feeling.
The years went by like a blur. Slowly the hate, anger resurfaced. She was going to crack. It was then she found her saviour.

The day she went to meet her, she shook with nervous anxiety all over her body. Breathing hurt, her heart ached.
She would see right through all of the pain, hurt, scars the pain of life so far, her Reiki Master.
The Reiki Master took it all out, the pain, hurt, scars, blockages, she healed the little girl on the inside.
Words could not describe the feeling of being whole again, of having her spirit returned to her.
Feeling that sparkle, that true self spark of life return, it was like being reborn again.

She was given a second chance at life, love, creating and living her spirit.
She could grow, and flourish and be herself. Grow her hair, learn to wear dresses and never fear the darkness again. She would become the person she felt long ago.
She knew her spirit had returned, it was time to become her true self, the old lady she felt for so many years.

The one who had old wisdom, who would prefer to meditate, more than to speak.

The light would shine again in her spirit and soul and she would help others do the same.
Love. Live. Forgive. Bless. Become whole within your soul.






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