Pain body “activated” grumpy, complaining, angry…

Inner pain

Inner pain

Pain body activated! Grumpy! Complaining!Angry! me against the world attitude.

I have encountered quite a few people who are in this space of “pain body activated”.
It means that you are in a negative space of being in “pain” either physically, emotionally, or spiritually, you are disconnected from your SPIRIT and your shadow / ego has taken over. It does happen to the best of us.

When your body can take no more pain or you just in a hectic situation or you’ve experienced too much trauma in your life, the  body kicks back. The trick is to take note of the signs. Your body is screaming at you and the pain isn’t subsiding.
Firstly, identify since when and where you are like this : grumpy, angry and what circumstances has changed?
Secondly, identify how you lost your joy ? Is it due to overworking? Death? Sadness?
Thirdly, is it seasonal? Due to cold uncomfortable weather?
Whatever, the reason lets start with the basics.

Ensure you drink enough water, if you are in the Midlands collect activated crystals filled with love and gratitude for free from me for your water. (limited offer).

Next eat regular snacks of nuts, cranberries, fruit, and gluten free crackers exclude bread. (I have a recipe to share, I will post it.)

Make delicious soups that will fill your tummy and help you feel nurtured.

Exercise is sanity for everyone, start walking in the evening or in the mornings or buy a trampoline. Invest in a juice extractor or smoothie maker and start creating your ideal snacks.
Emotionally where are you? Are you unhappy? Are you just plain grumpy? Well it could be that you lack Vitamin D which is what we receive from the sun. We need it, and it boost our immune system and ignites good health. If you haven’t been in the sun, take vit D or come for a massage, I have infra red lights to boost your body, to open your cells and ignite a healthier you.
Spiritually : we all have spirits, some call it our soul. Are you feeding it regularly with reading, fun, knowledge, pleasure? Have you learnt a new skill yet? Have you started yoga as it opens your chakra’s?
Did you join that class that you always wanted to? Did you go for Reiki and just cleanse out your system?
If the answer is NO! Well this is the moment to decide to be a better you.
Covering all your basics of a good life, includes a healthy diet, exercise, massages, reiki, knowledge and a good discipline so you don’t put on the pounds in WINTER, so you don’t self sabotage yourself with Unhealthy comfort foods and so you don’t regret it later.
Discipline in winter is a pain in the as$! Its hard, but its even harder to loose the extra weight come summer when you want to swim in the neighbours pool feeling like a lovely floating dolphin and not like a 
Please don’t misinterpret my words. I love my body, but I am not prepared to have work off the winter blubber again.
So in conclusion stay sharp! Keep focused! And you’ll keep your happy body and smile until summer comes, no matter how cold it gets. Keep sane.
Keep at it! I know I am.

Balance of the Universe

Balance of the Universe


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