Why Cupid and I have broken up?

anti cupid image 2
I started out as a romantic in my 20’s. I believed in love at first sight. I believed in dating. I believed in true love.

Well then life happened and I felt the story books of Mills and Boons really told every conceivable lie possible, because life certainly wasn’t the same, so I decided to quit playing cupid this year.

Not without heartache and tears. Here is my story. I journeyed to India in 2008, I met a young man, we’ll call him MR X.

Mr X and I became very good friends over the years. I made a point of visiting when I journeyed to India as he was from South Africa, from Pietermaritzburg in fact, we had great laughs and great fun as friends.

When I returned to South Africa in 2008, we lived in Bethlehem, the Free state. I opened my practise in 2009 and I met a young lady, whom I’ll call Mrs Y. Mrs Y and I became good friends, she studied Reiki with me, I counselled her on many occasions. She visited frequently and we had good laughs about life.

It is now 2014, I was still friends with both Mr X and Mrs Y. I had encouraged them to meet as I felt they would be a good match,

so I introduced them via whats app in January 2014.

I believe in dating and I also know that you truly know a person, once you spend time with them, and I

set a rule that if they were to meet at my “space”,

I would feel it inappropriate for them to sleep together on their first meeting.

Oh My GOD! did this backfire because I felt it was my space and I felt they needed to respect my boundaries.

I was judged, ridiculed and written off.

I have thus been unfriended in so many ways, 3 months ago.

This month June 2014, they were married, pictures appeared from everywhere, name changed and advertised.

I felt hurt for many days, until I decided to not take it personally.

Taking into account, I spoke to them both everyday on whats app.

We chatted as long time friends, I spent 6-7 years being a good friend.

In the sense of friendship, I connected the two of them.

I cried the other because I was heartbroken. I had invested, time, energy, friendship in both of them.

I then decided I will no longer play cupid, no matter how desperate, lonely, or sad you are.

I decided to look at my own shortcomings, and it was because I didn’t want them to hurt each other with a quick sexual relationship, as I knew them both. I wanted them to get to know each other deeper, so a long lasting love evolved.

So, I happily pack my cupid’s bow and arrow away, I surrender, forgive, bless, release and move onto a stronger me.

Single shortcoming by Dalai Lama


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