From Sensitive to Thick Skinned

Suffering by Dalai Lama


When I decided to be a healer, I really had no clue what I was getting myself into.

I didn’t know about boundaries, or protection or saying no. All I knew was I wanted to help.

I was a baby back then, finding my way through the path of healing. Yes, I had all the

diploma’s and certificates to prove my authenticity, my intentions were good, but I was a baby.

I am now moving into my 7th year of full time therapist, healer, wife, hairdresser,

woodchopper, driver, repairer, nurturer, guider and so on.

This week one of my clients said: “I mentioned you to one of my friends, since her daughter is “up your street and alley”, and he meant it was such good intention.  I first laughed at his sweetness and then commented that its ok, I really don’t mind what he thinks, all I care about is that I get to massage him, in that moment I knew I have growned up, I have become “thick” skinned.

I no longer seek outer approval, my happiness is approval enough.

I am happy. I wake up everyday to live my dream, to instill love and just be who I truly am.

On Saturday, I was challenged by a very angry client, all I could do was “laugh”  and restore her body.

I didn’t take it personal at all, I know that every emotion holds energy and with a release, calmness and love will overflow the body.

So, from a very sensitive me to a thick skinned me.

I’m growing.

I realized that I have been doing alot of inner work to become stronger.

I meditate everyday on myself, from the time I was born to my present time.

I instill love in me on a deeper level.

I reiki me everyday.

I check in with my emotions to release all anger or cry when I need to.

I pray.

I exercise.

All of this has guided me to have a good relationship with myself, and be in such a peaceful and good space, after living my dream for 6 years.

My advise to you is! you keep Learning, Growing, Nurturing you! So, you can live and be your TRUE self.

To instill love, kindness, gentleness to yourself and to others.

Happy Journeying WITHIN!.




Happy Colleen.




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