Are you maturing well? like a good wine? like a delicious cheese?

Maturity 2

Maturity  ?
In my teens, my favourite thing to do was dance and listen to live bands in clubs, however, waking up the next morning, with a snotty nose due to the huge volumes of smoke I inhaled was not as cool.

I do long for the entertainment and freedom, but I am changing. What felt like entertainment then, isn’t the same at this moment in my life.

The most fun for me is completing my thoughts, writing, creating something amazing in the kitchen, dancing around the house all by myself, I really enjoy my own company.

My ultimate of course is massaging and igniting healing in the human body, at that moment I am happiest.
I totally enjoy reading inspirational books that inspire me, to be more me.

My partner and I were discussing how we “used” hop onto the blame train and blame each other for all kinds of inadequacies, ending in extreme arguments which were uncalled for.

We have both grown with continuous inner work on ourselves and our own consciousness.

We are at peace at home. The birds sing, the sun rises and sets, we have a fire at night and we work in the garden together. We visit the small town of Howick for supplies once a week and we are enjoying living a simple life.

We do not have television. We do not read newspapers. We do not listen to the news broadcast on the radio.
We both love watching series and enjoy animation.

The best part for me is waking up early to watch Kungfu panda and just listen to my partners laughter.

Yesterday we were lying in the sun together, enjoying the heat and just enjoying the moment of life.

I guess I have learnt how to self entertain without bright lights, noise, excessive driving, and  extremeties.

I feel I am maturing and nurturing me. I am finding peace and fun in the silence, in the books I read, in the writing I create, in the moment of being here, living the experience of life.

Those of you who has seen me in the last month, will know I upgraded to a new Blackberry z10 with touchscreen predictive text, 8 mg pixel camera, torch and so on. I had to learn how to operate my phone.

I texted my friend in India: “Are you regular”, I meant to say : “Are you ready to marry”? Oops, the fun of learning how to operate a new device. I’m improving everyday, enjoying the experience of technology.

Growing wiser, and growing older, I’m moving into the softer, gentler years of my life and it feels good.

Maturity is something to look forward to.


 Maturity 1




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