Beating yourself up during Winter !


Beating Yourself Up

Let me start off by saying I am a tropical person. I love the warm sun, the ocean, fresh fish off the grill and picking up shells at the beach. I love warmth, I don’t mind sweating my ass off in India, I don’t mind it at all.

What is really hard for me is Winter! My fingers are cold, my joints are not agile, I have to really force myself out of bed.

Its freezing, I have my tea and start doing my yoga pose routine. I also added in lunges, crunches, and squats just to force myself to get firmer. By the time I am done, I am warmer, its time to brace the outside coldness. I am dressed like an eskimo while my partner snuggles his pillow and out I go.

I have found that I cannot cut out carbs in winter, I need potatoes, I need bread, I need oats, I just don’t get warm. I then feel guilty and “beat up on myself” because I don’t intend to be fat again but I just cannot do without these necessities.

So, I embarked on a plan to keep me balanced.

I will try to have soups before 6pm in the evening, a green soup filled with peas, chickpeas or a spinach soup to speed up my metabolism, any soup will do. I will fast from 6pm to 7am the next morning having no drinks or eats before I go to bed to keep my fitness and not gain flab.

I will eat the bread, snacks, whatever I chose but I must do it in the middle of the day from 10am to 3pm, so it is digested before my system slows down. I will eat more fruits, nuts, healthy snacks also to keep me healthy.

I will continue with my raw juices of beetroot, carrot, apple. I will reduce my msg intake and ensure I stay healthy during winter.

The guilt comes easily when you are a woman because we tend to put on weight so quickly and taking back control is very hard sometimes.

So, I embark on a guilt-free winter eating because its normal to go into hibernation and eat and forget about the consequences thereof.

Its Winter ! So to recap my method of outsmarting winter…
Eat what you want from 10am to 3pm.

Make warm soups at night to keep your metabolism going.

No Eating from 6pm to 7am the next morning.

Up your intake of fruits, nuts, wholesome foods.

Keep drinking raw juices and smoothies to keep you healthy.

Exercise everyday.

Yoga Everyday.


Make a conscious effort to CUT you some slack because its winter!

Spring will arrive soon enough! Lets endure the WINTER.




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