Real people ……..

Real People Laugh

Over the last three days, I have massaged all kinds of the most interesting people ever.

From a professor of law, a business man, a forensic accountant to a farmers wife.

All these people are “real people” living their most authentic selves  in life.

The one I found most interesting is the business man. He opens butchers in the townships

which is then followed by opening of a shop. He interacts with the black community

in Khayelitsha, he is aware of the culture, concepts and poverty.

He is a calm, chilled, amazing man. He admits his weaknesses easy

and affirms his strengths.

His grandfather was a butcher, his father was a butcher and he is a butcher.

I felt blessed to meet such an amazing spirit, a real person with such a big heart for people,

no matter their colour or creed. I felt inspired by this man, to keep being my authentic self,

to live my truth, and to keep being who I am, a crazy therapist/ healer/ wife / body worker.

May your day be filled with Real People! who make you laugh out Loud!








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