My Grandpa said. . .



My grandpa has passed on, over 20 years now, and July 31st used to be  his  birthday.

I begun to remember all of his uniqueness, his personality and what made him, him.

His name was George Edward Langeman like the KING GEORGE cigar box that he kept in his

cupboard, he was German.

He taught me many values that I will share with you, it shaped who I am,

and it keeps helping me,  make good decisions for my life.

So here are some treasures to ponder upon:

1. TALK is Cheap  – but money buys the Whiskey.  I learnt this,  from a young age that

people talk to much and Act to little.

2. Colour, Race, Creed doesn’t matter, interact with everyone as it is in this “grey”

area that you learn who you are and grow from it.

3. Have acquaintances but choose your friends wisely. He had four friends :

a colleague, a policeman, a butcher and a shoe store owner. He visited them

on his off days and drank way to much whiskey.

4. Love is unconditional, practising this  –  is difficult.

5. Be responsible with yourself as far as possible. Take care of yourself, look good.

6. Dress stylish. He always wore Lee jeans, Italian shoes, a leather belt with

his name on it, a black leather jacket. He was always clean shaven and smelt of old spice.

7. Be on time, be an hour early if you must.

8. Don’t be lazy. My grandpa retired and then got another job delivering flowers, he literally

worked until the day he died. Hard work is good for you.

9. Manners : Always have manners, say please and thank you.

10. If you have nothing good to say, don’t say it. Keep your mouth shut.

11. Travel and Learn new things, you can do anything.

12. Don’t listen to other people, do what you want.

13. Be Respectful to your elders. Learn to Serve.


I miss him, as he was not only my grandpa but my best friend.

We will meet again! and share all of my adventures.

Treasure your grandparents, they are such treasures to be remembered.








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