Sexual roles we play


I met my partner in 1998, we decided to get married in 1999, as we both felt we

could not live without each other. I then played the role of the “hunter”,

truth be told, he dumped me 7 times, it was heart breaking but I pursued him

and I knew that he was the One. He was my first lover and once I tasted the forbidden

fruit, well, I wanted more. I remembered that he worked away and returned on

Weekends from a really physical rope access job, I didn’t care if we ate,

slept, but I definitely left his place smiling from ear to ear on Monday morning.

I was exercising my male side, I gymed hard, I was in the corporate world

where my femaleness was considered a weakness. My male side was totally

dominating me, so I wanted to be shagged often, on demand.

I remember also visiting friends and at 9pm, my alarm would go off

so we could go home and shagg! My friends were appalled at my

level of efficiency, demands, and setting a sex alarm.

You see my crazy ness came from my YIN and YANG, not being balanced,

my Female side was totally subdued, seen as a weakness and Male

side was running rampant creating all kinds of chaos of being

arrogant, macho, wise ass and the Like. My gym mates were

older men who could bench press 150kg, and I was their spotter.

I could leg press 100kg with my legs no problem.
I was out of control!

It has taken years for me to recognize this, that deep down inside

I am a woman, it is not a weakness, it is my greatest strength.

I am intuitive, I practise yoga, meditation, reiki and I keep

track of both my YIN and YANG, as my male side tends

to want to OVERWORK, overdo, be all WINNING but

my female side is gentler, softer, loving, kinder.

To Keep the Balance of the Two, I practise Kundalini meditation.

Start having a relationship with yourself, and ladies learn

that you don’t have to be the hunter, you can be wooo’ed with flowers,

or a love letter.

Let GO! and let things happen, naturally balanced and synchronised.


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