6 Years of Adventuring within…….



On the 6th August 2008, I arrived back from India with a backpack of clothing.

I had nothing! I felt free and Ready to begin. . .

I then started my adventure of a True Life, most of all it was hard work, endurance,

dedication and confidence in myself. I will share some awesome moments with you.

Moving from Cape Town to India to Bethlehem to the Midlands – what an adventure.

Opening my practise in 2009 : Bethlehem  : The most hostile place for a holistic healer, done it!

Loosing weight : 114kg to 85kg and maintaining it! Takes discipline and dedication.

Having my tarot read by a Parot in India : Priceless.

Having my nose pierced in 5 seconds in India.

Learning to Drive a car and motorbike in India! Oh my goodness! done it.

Cutting up my credit card and burning it, hard! done it.

Moving my practise and blossoming with it! done it, will continue to grow with it.

Learning 7 different types of massage and retaining the knowledge! done it.

Teaching over 43 people Reiki / Massage from different countries! done it.

Travelling to India on my own twice! done it.

Driving my scooter in the Midlands! done it.

Being financially supported by the Universe! Done it! and still doing it.

Believing in myself and in the Universe! doing it.

Eaten every possible delicious dish I could! doing it!

Meeting amazing people with awesome stories! d o i n g it!!

Meeting interesting Healers in Auroville! done it.

Having a supportive partner!   d o i n g  it!

Starting a blog! inspired by Keri  – – – work in progress. (thank you)

Starting a website! inspired by Andrea  – – – thank you!

Started a Blackberry channel of over 900 subscribers! wahoo.

My journey of life, involved learning about myself and learning to heal the

Colleen on the Inside has healed so many filters that I am happy and

content with Myself.
Ready for any adventure that is presented!


The Universe is my Genie!   : Your Wish is my Command!

Quit the Job you hate!

Settle your debt!

Give things away!

Be Lighter and Free!

Go for an adventure to http://www.auroville.org or







5 thoughts on “6 Years of Adventuring within…….

  1. I have been to Auroville, interesting how amazing that place is. Its bliss in the middle of a totally different world. Its existance so minute on a map, yet so meaningful. I am glad you got to experience Auroville. I loved the community, mostly the delicious food. Love -PariAngel (check my blog out)


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