The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz

4 Agreements

I am blessed to have Keri B from hand me this amazing book.

I remember on my Kahuna Level 3 course, how Anthea Hardwick explained how you should be :

Impeccable with your words.

Do not take it personal.

Refrain from Blaming, Assuming and Judging.

These words stuck with me and I kept on doing the Inner work for my spirit.

This book by Don Ruiz is amazing! Now, to give you some background

about me, I read my bible cover to cover by age 8, it took me a whole year

and its as if I swallowed the knowledge, ingested it.

It all made sense to me. How God created the Earth, how words have power to

create and how we speak our world into being : both positive and negative.

The Agreements for me, explains it so much better. It reminds me of

what “Jesus” said about two people agreeing on something and

it will be so. (rusty recollection)

HOWEVER, it is so much more to it! Like White Magic and Black Magic.

Black magic being, when someones says  : YOU are Fat! You are Ugly and YOU being YOUNG

agree! this is a AGREEMENT! where you agree to it.

This then filters into your life and affects everything : Like being SHY,

distant, unsocialable, until you break it with “White magic” of LOVE.

What I am doing : is I am verbally saying : ” I release that Agreement of Being FAT/ Ugly”

I discreate that agreement! and it feels like a huge weight lifted from my soul.

I am wonderful, beautiful, and amazing : I positively affirm myself.

It goes onto to describing how GOSSIP is a poison and how we let

it poison our mind against people, things, situations and how

we need to stop it.

Being Happy, Loving, Content is good for your soul and Being.

Visit :

or Buy the BOOK!

It is worth every R1, you spend.

Thank you Keri B!



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