I need you doesn’t mean I LOVE YOU


Yesterday in the shower, I had a realization about “I need you” doesn’t mean I LOVE YOU!

It really made me start to analysis my life as I thought that NEED was LOVE ?

My family needed me in all kinds of roles : the role of cleaner, babysitter, helper,

builder, shopper, fixer. If there was a need even a financial one, I would

be the ONE helping. I thought need was love, well it turns out, it isn’t.

LOVE is when someone loves you unconditionally. You are treated with respect,

kindness, tolerance, you are seen as a person and your human needs for

rest, food, clothes are catered for.

NEED ? is a scary thing. People manipulate others – in relationships to

fulfill their sexual needs, or financial needs or need for “security”.

Co-dependance is a scary thing when your fear is holding you

back from being a fulfilled person.

In my life I made a decision to be a WHOLE person to do things that scare me,

like going to INDIA alone, like driving, like getting to know who I am,

it is truly the best thing you can do for yourself.

INDEPENDENCE is the ability to function without your partner,

and to also give him the freedom to do the same.

As couples we are not joined at the HIP.

We need to do things on our own, so we can grow by ourselves,

and learn to appreciate each other more for being Strong,

Adventurous, and Brave.

So, watch out for the “I need” you word, thinking that its LOVE!

it isn’t, be wise and make good decisions for you!

Only you know whats good for you.

So, start living it.

Breathing it.

Being it.

Lotsa love



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