Seeking ? Life support system for a Penis …..

LIfe Support System

I call this my recollection of my search for a “life support system for a penis” : My dating experience.

Well I started out late in my 20’s, I was very detached, and I mean very.

I learned that I could not give my heart to anyone, and thus I protected myself.

I had a very strict code Kiss and move on.    I then discovered the internet

chat dating, and met guys  in a chat room online, a lot of different characters.  My experiences were very funny.

For example : when they said tall, fair, handsome = Gothic, skinny, and non social.

When they said good personality, kind = They ended up being fat and I mean really fat

with loads of issues.

I agreed to meet a guy at a cafe, and when he arrived we instantly knew that we wouldn’t connect.

Lesson ~1. People lie because they cannot face their own truth.

The next lesson I learned  is that being a good lover, doesn’t mean he is a good character.

My boyfriend who asked me to marry him, had dumped his girlfriend on the same

day, we met and then introduced her to me. I was so shocked, I didn’t even know we were dating.

Lesson ~2.  Great orgasms doesn’t mean his of good marriage character.

I happily said NO! to his proposal and I am so glad I did!

I have learned that guys don’t really know who they are, they are mostly

not responsible, they don’t think about consequences and

also they are not self aware.

Lesson ~3. Date someone who knows WHO he is and he is prepared to do the Inner work to Heal.

Next: Women Need to be Specific. Specific about what you want in a relationship. Men do not read minds.

Lesson ~4. I was very very specific in asking the UNIVERSE for my man.

Given he was freshly divorced, hurt, broken. I didn’t know it at the time

but I wanted to fix him, being a EMPATH and all, I felt his pain and wanted

to make it disappear. He completed all the character listings on my list

for a partner but what I didn’t know is that he would be a light upon my

path and teach me so many lessons.

As a woman I gave everything for love, I later learned that this is very exhausting,

I mean I am not super woman, I am human, I get tired and I need rest to.

Lesson ~5. Speak up, Ask for HELP, Speak your truth if and when you are unhappy.

Be Self Actualized as a person before you embark on a life partnership with someone.

This is imperative, otherwise you bring your baggage into the mix

and well its explosive.

Lesson~6. Have a relationship of  Self Love with Yourself, this is the Key to happiness.

Say No. Say No frequently and often and mean it.

Lesson~7: Don’t say Yes and mean No. Do not be a people pleaser to make him happy.

You need to be happy in a relationship, not subdued or surrendered or manipulated.

Lesson ~8: Be yourself 150% at all times, don’t pretend you wake up with a neat

hair do, when you have awesome bed hair.

Woman often sacrifice themselves for love. Sex for Love or Lack of Sexual Satisfaction for


Lesson ~9: Ensure your man is a exceptional lover! and I mean at least 50 orgasms in a

session, please.

Giving of yourself is important but don’t give so much!  you bring your 50% and he brings

50% together build something amazing.

Lesson ~10: Don’t be a doormat for him or anyone, life is to short to keep crying

about it, so Speak up, love yourself enough : to do it.

When I connected with my partner, I felt I could change him, big “yeah” right !

People are who they are. You should love your partner for who he is and

he will change himself if he chooses to. You cannot expect someone to

become you, it is easier to find someone like you than to keep hoping for change.

Lesson ~11: Quit wanting to change your partner, accept him or move on.

If you are into spirituality and passionate about it, ensure your partner

is happy for you. It is hectic being with a critical person who doesn’t support who you are.

Lesson ~12: Live your truth, be who you!

Happily HIPPIE!



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