Power of your I n t e n t i o n


At the beginning of the year, I made a vow to myself, this year : no more bronchitus.

I had bronchitus 3 times last year, I was forced to take anti biotics which I despise

and had my doctor lecture me. Obviously, I had a debate about the anti biotics with

him and deeply discussed the side effects of it. His expression and voice just

reinterated : Do you want to get better? I surrendered and took them.

It is August 2014, I am happy to say that I was not sick this year! yay!

I set my goal : with the Power of my Intention! I will not get sick, I will take

care of me and ignite the healing within me.

I am so happy, I reiki’d me, exercised, stayed aware of myself and rested when I needed to.



I also made my vision board for 2014, 8 days ago.

Five years ago, I decided to buy a

projector, I didn’t have the money but I did have the POWER of my intention.

I have saved and saved and on Monday I did a Happy dance! I collected my
LED Acer Projector, so I can watch movies in the comfort of my home.

I can make tea, I can pause and go weeeeeee, I can make a snack at home and

then go to bed. I love movies, especially inspirational one’s like

Forest Gump, What About me?, Deepak Chopra.

See : The Power of your intention, works for me. Its like I BITE

into the GOAL of having a projector, I feel it, I have it,

I meditate on it, I receive it.  PING! It is here, looking at me

from my computer. I am oh soooo grateful and blessed.

You may think ? How How How!

1. Set a Goal.

2. Use your POWER of Intention : Speak it, think of it, imagine it everyday.

3. Close your eyes, FEEL what it feels like whatever you want.

4. Ask the UNIVERSE for Abundance to flow to this IDEA.

5. Be passionate about it.

6. Receive, Bless, Be Grateful!

Next on the Vision Board !     Hawaii!

Happy Creating.




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