OH! You SAY you are a Massage Therapist, EH?

Massage therapist ! a HEADS UP ON what not to do…

Bodywork Art

I live to serve.Anyone who is a massage therapist knows this. There are times when you introduce yourself, or are introduced as a massage therapist, and the person’s reaction is to literally turn their back to you and in one way or another, lean into you and directly or indirectly indicate that you are going to work with them right there in that moment.

I’m not sure how other massage therapists respond to this, but my reaction is to have an internal secret moment of “HA HA HA HA HA! ummmm no.”  I then compose my internal dialogue with a deep breath and politely inform the person, “I can’t work with (not to be confused with on) you right now, however, if you would like to receive a professional massage therapy session with me you can call and we can schedule a session. I’d love to hear from you.” If you feel like…

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