Article to be published in the Domican Republic: Cancer and Reiki


Cancer : Alternative Methods.
The Emotional root source of Cancer is deep resentment, helplessness, hopelessness, self pity,
And Distrust.
I treated my first cancer patient in 2009. She was in her 50’s, a single mom and she ran her own business. At that stage of her cancer, she was in remission. Her kids were grown teenagers.
She recently lost her husband and she was a widow.
The cancer itself was in her pancreas.
Her first reiki session was a tearfilled one. I explained how the cancer was created. She told me about her husband, how you verbally abused her with words. He was mean to her body and her soul. She felt hopeless because she could not leave him, a deep resentment grew within, hence the creation of the cancer.
I explained how the Reiki works, how it heals the body on a physical, emotional, intellectual level. How the energy itself has a intelligence of its own.
I reiki’d all of her chakra’s : Crown, 3rd Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar plexus, Sacral, Base, Knees and Feet.
{Chakras are the energy wheels of the body}
Her body was completely relaxed and balanced. I explained : I would be doing psychic energetic surgery on her pancrease to remove any traces of cancer.
For the next 3 months we worked on igniting the healing within her body, with Reiki and massage.
She quit her stressful job.
She started creating a garden.
She started creating mosaic.
She even met someone, she was now cancer free, loved and happy. The cancer association was going to do research on her being a cancer survivor with reiki. I was very excited, her will to heal and willingness to do the inner conscious work healed her.
How can you prevent cancer from growing in your body?
Take 20 min of Rest everyday : Nap Time.
Take care of yourself with exercise everyday.
Ensure your diet is high in fruit and vegetables, with limited animal products.
Feed your spirit everyday with creating, playing, doing what you love.
Try something new.
Read inspiring books to keep you motivated.
Try to live a happy and stress free life.
Choose to be happy everyday.
Choose to Forgive and Bless by Letting go everyday.
Love your body.
Let go of any negativity that hinders you.
Say NO! and mean it.
Speak your truth.
Live an Honest and healthy life.
Be kind to yourself and Others.
For questions or queries :
Colleen van Heerden
Reiki Master/Therapist/Blogger
Facebook: Midlands houseof Healing
Blackberry Channel : C0024A0B6


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