Good + Bad = Shades of Grey

Grey clouds

As a ex catholic/christian/jew/ religious freak, my view was good or bad, right or wrong.

I believed in absolutes! but that isn’t what I believe now…..

Years later, I am discovering all kinds of shades of grey in my life and with all other human beings.

I used to think that people who create weapons of mass destruction, ie. guns, landmines, nuclear weapons were bad people. Well subsequently, I have met two people who are passionate about making weapons, firing them and designing them. They have also saved many lives in their profession.

Hollywood has romanticised James Bond 007, who is a spy, who kills people, who is a weapon within himself.

There are actually people out there who are happy to be in war zones.  War =  Good Money! for some.

I have checked them out : they have Aura’s, they are born healers, and empathic, highly intuitive, clever human beings.

(the two: I have met, so far.)

I recently read Don Miguel Ruiz book, called the The four agreements:

refrain from judging, blaming, assuming and taking things personally.

I can honestly say, I could not have done healing on these humans if I judged them.

I looked at them with compassion and love like any other person. They needed love and healing.

As a adult I realise that people do jobs for money, it’s their survival instinct to want to exist.

Obviously, these types of jobs have their karma. So, why are we prejudice about it?

Is it much less a bad thing to bad mouth our spouse or back bite our neighbour with our words than to kill people for a living?

I feel each one is a path.

We choose it with our words.

Giving into victim hood, suffering, opening wounds of the past and living off anger :

All are Harmful to the Spirit!

So, I find the human body, mind, spirit fascinating.

I find that no matter what our job is, deep down..we can choose to be of exceptional character.

To live our truth.
To speak it.

To live our passion.
To be happy.

This is every human beings right.

To be authentic.

We are after all just human.

Finding our way to spirit.


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