Life so far. . . .

Colleen AUG

Life so far. . .

The last two months has been busy. So let me start :

I had my greatest month as

a therapist ever! I did 51 treatments in 31 days for July 2014.

I was determined to compete with myself and grow me and

face my deepest fears of being successful both financially and materially.

Next, my partner got tick bite fever, which he has had before but this time

round the “crazy” fever and overcoming it was a little bit more intense!

Shoo~! so glad its over.

We created a vision board and two items has already come true on it!

How amazing!

I have been venturing out of my comfort zone :  to Durban, facing traffic, noise and loads of

people to learn to cope with being sensitive around people.

I take rescue remedy and carry pietersite, ulexir and obsidian on my

body so I don’t feel anyones vibration.

I enjoyed Durban so much! people were walking on the beach,

running, cycling. It was awesome. I spent 4hrs on the promenade

with Nicole and loved every minute. Thank you Nicole.

Next: I went to have dinner at my neighbours : Katie at Lemonwood cottages.

She made my partner and I  : A 3 course meal: cheese puffs,

fish pie and chocolate pudding. The evening of great laughter

and joy was amazing! Katie is awesome, amazing and

an inspiration to me. I so enjoyed having dinner next door…

thank you !!! Katie

Things I have realized is that most people’s life isn’t easy.

Here are a few of the things I have been pondering about …

I am blessed and I am living a abundantly life.

I live next to a forest.

I walk to “work”.

I love what I do and I get paid to do it.

I love being healthy : I love my raw juices, smoothies, pizza once a week / cake

once a week.

I love being healthy and drinking love infused water and kombucha.

I am a vegetarian and I love eating healthily.

I don’t do caffeine, coke, fizzy sugary drinks, no milk, no alcohol, no drugs.

I choose to live a healthy awake and aware life, and this makes everything amazing

and sacred.

Being a healer / Therapist isn’t for everyone but I love it!

I accept that I am fit and that I am OK! with not having a 6 pack,

but I have decided to be AMAZING despite my imperfections.


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