Your Aura and Your Motivation



This is an aspect of your Aura! Every feeling, emotion, experience is filtered through your


You are a magnificent being of Light

sometimes DARKNESS comes

and you need to SHINE your Light

and face your Darkness.

Some methods which I use when I am faced with my darkness:

1. Read books by SARK or Sonia Choquette or Robin Sharma

they will kick start your inner light.

2. Movie that inspires  : WHAT the BLEEP do we Know?  learn about metaphysics.

3. Go for a WALK

4. Self Talk : Talk to Yourself.

5. Cry in the Shower.

6. Scream in a pillow, or just bend your knees and


7. Write down your feelings and express them, then burn the page:
forgive, bless, love and move on.

8. Your Shadow will try and involve others : with drama, Gossip.

OWN your Darkness and Handle it with Love.

9. Take a nap of 20 minutes everyday.

10. Start learning about something NEW, get those brain cells working.

11. Reduce your CYBER world Links: less Facebook, Less Twitter, Less

Whats app. Take back your Time.

Enjoy the New Revived you!


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