7years of Healing Reiki ..lessons so far

Face with crystal SML


I received my Reiki Masters Attunement on 13th September 2007, on that same day, I

became a vegetarian. It was not planned, I just couldn’t put a living piece of meat or

chicken into my mouth anymore. For the next 6 months, I couldn’t walk

down a isle with meat in it. I felt the animals last “thought” of fear, anxiety and

uncertainty of what the moment of death brought to them.

I learnt later on to just release and let the spirits move on.

I quit my corporate job in 2007, and journeyed to India to find

my true self: The Colleen on the Inside.

I have been practising Reiki for 7years and

what I have learnt is that I am the “vessel” for the

healing to take place, I just activate the LOVE that is already inside

of you. Your body has a Healing capacity of its own which is

ignited by LOVE.

I have found that people will lie easily.

It is far easier to be a victim, to choose suffering, to

feed excuses than to actually make a plan to

take full responsibility of your life.

The people who rave the loudest about coming back for Reiki

and how amazing it is, you might see them again in 5 years time.

People often practise more self abuse than self love.

People will freely give you advise on how to make money or grow bigger:

I look at ? where you have been? where are you going?what have you achieved? How is your life?

I have met many people offering me land to build a healing centre,

but they actually have no plan at all. Listen to your inner voice it will guide you.

Your focus as a “therapist” and your intention to assist others to heal is imperative.

A clean vessel : no meat, no alcohol, no toxins : A healthy body and healthy mind is key to be awesome at what you do.

Your needs as a person should be looked after. After India, I agreed with myself

I will live in a place with electricity, a good road access, hot water :

these are my  necessities, so I am taken care of.

A healthy delicious diet with balance is good for me,

so I stay healthy and happy.

Within myself I need to keep Reiki ing me and keeping my heart clean and light.

Everyday is a new day to keep walking my path….

Cultivating a happy day everyday because I love my life and

I love what I do so much.


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