3 day detox : my challenges





I started a detox program for myself and a friend to rid my body of toxins both physically

and emotionally.

Day 1 : We drank raw green juices: Celery and apple at 7am. A smoothie of papaya/banana with berry juice.

At 10am we had one bowl of rice with fried radishes/onion to clean out our bodies.

Radishes are a lovely detoxer of mucus. My  nose instantly became runny and I sneezed alot.

In between: We had rooibos tea with honey/lemon. Water. Kombucha a probiotic drink to cleanse our liver.

At about 12pm we had a small portion of nuts, the size of our palms of our hand.

At about 3pm, a apple, with some nuts.

At 5.30pm a green soup consisting of spinach / sweet potatoe from the garden blended and

cooked, two bowls for dinner.

This meant we fasted for +-12hrs until 7am the next morning.
It was hard, and very disciplining.

I spent time doing alot of introspection of my feelings :

1. Things I hold onto, unintentionally.

2. Old agreements : Discreating them and Changing my inner affirmation.

3. I was forgiving and releasing more.

4. I journalled alot to clean out all the old emotions and disappointments.

5. I was busy all the time but I never felt weak, I felt stronger for being more disciplined.

6. I grew healthier in my mind by letting go of the old wounds.

7. I grew to love myself more and just became more relaxed and accepting of alot feelings.

8. I grew to love Silence. To listen to my body and its inner voice more.

9. The no food – made me speak my truth more, no sugar coating or withholding anything.

10. I feel free : Lighter and more enthused to be myself by being disciplined in my diet.

It  is good to journey inwards to affirm who you are and what you stand for!


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