My Simple Pleasures

After my detox, I have found myself to be more expressive of my truths and feelings.
The simplicity of my life and the choices I make everyday to keep it that way.
So, here are some of the questions I receive:
Will you go camping? No, because I love my bed and pillow and my home.
Will you go to a trance party? No, tried 2 and I didn’t enjoy it. I love being at home and enjoying my space of silence and just being.
So do you drink alcohol? Dope? Nope, I believe in being sober and clean. What I do to my body affects my mind, body and spirit, so clean is good for me thanks.
Appreciating my life more and more each day being filled with Gratitude for all that is, is my happiness.
For living in nature and enjoying the silence.
For being content with the simple stuff.
I will definitely try something once, but if it wasn’t fun, the chances are slim that I’ll do it again.
I enjoy reading and learning about different healing techniques.
I enjoy mixing oils and experimenting with new massage techniques.
I enjoy walking in nature, alone.
I enjoy being in my own space and company so much.
My life is happy, joyous and full. I wake up at dawn and do yoga, I walk in meditation and
Use the time to focus my energy and body for healing.
I enjoy being with my partner and we welcome anyone for tea and a good laugh.
I go to bed early, by 8pm, I need my pillow and off to bed I go.

The Simple Pleasures of just living is what makes me happy!

What makes you happy! Well go do it….


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