Your Fate Lies Within you!



Yes! I watched the movie “Brave” and I loved it.  Your Fate lies within you.

I see many people who are dreadfully unhappy in a dead end job, and a loaded mortgage.

They work to pay off the mortgage but forget to live, YES! it seems to be the right thing to do

but happiness, true happiness is important!.

You need a plan!

1. Decide what makes you happy? What will make you jump out of bed at 5am in the

morning and be willing to do what you love. (For me, its definitely facilitating healing in the human body)

2. Start reducing your debt! Sell the car. Sell the house. Start to live SIMPLER. Cut up the Credit card.

3. Start doing INTRO spection of your SPIRIT and SOUL. Get to know who you are.

4. Do a Inner cleanse of Old Emotions! Write them down, burn the page releasing anger, bitterness,

sorrow! Then forgive, bless all involved including you  and choose to move on.

5. Do an OUTER cleanse : Give away what you no longer need. Old clothes, Furniture, junk.

6. Start doing YOGA and  go for a morning walk everyday.

7. Raise your vibration : Eat clean food like vegetables and fruit. Reduce your cigarettes, alcohol. Explore

juicing and smoothies. Find out about raw food, salads, superfoods.

8. Create a VISIONBOARD of moving forward. Collect pictures from magazines.

9. Save, Save, Save $$$$.

10. Invest in you. If you need to study: Do so.

If you need to learn a skill, look for volunteering opportunities or internships.

11. Start gathering what you need to function as a business owner. For example,

if you want to be a massage therapist, buy a 2nd hand massage bed. Collect towels, essential oils.

12. Knowledge is power: Read up, Research, Learn all you can about what field you intend to

enter. GOOGLE! go to the Library. Start exploring what you love.

13. Start a spiritual practise like meditation to open your Intuitive gifts.

14. Listen to your heart only. If someone gives you advice :

Ask – where have you been?What have you done?

Where are you going?

Being fulfilled creates happiness within.

A happy body has no disease.

A happy person who fulfills their purpose is supported by the Universe.

You can email me : for a cleansing massage or

Reiki session.

The Time to start is NOW!



4 thoughts on “Your Fate Lies Within you!

  1. Wow, I love this piece, wanted to continue reading forever, I felt as though the whole piece is being refferd to me. This I think is a wake up call.
    I will be 20years by december 28 and the awkward reality is I still haven’t figured out what really I wanna do with my life, because am not succeeding in all I realy want to do n become, instead I find myself in field n place I have never dreamt or thought of being in. I just hope I figure my life out sooner!
    I joined your channel on bbm n I love your inspirational posts I get a thing or two to think about everyday!


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