Body Confidence?

Body Image Thin

Learning to be comfortable in your body, takes practise.

We all were raised to find fault with ourselves, our bodies, our partners

but this leads to an endless life of misery! = No thank you.

Finding a better way is to LOVE.

Love your imperfection.

Make it part of who you are.

Wear the bikini even if you have love handles.

It means you have lived.

Swim as if there is no tomorrow.

Walk up that flight of steps, cough, laugh but enjoy it.

I have abseilled, kayaked, travelled, cycled, built housing in India,

walked on the beach in India with this body.

I have gotten naked to be massaged by beautiful guys.

It didn’t matter that I was fat, or that I have stretch marks,

what mattered was that I loved myself and

that I was prepared to surrender and receive Love.

Surrender and Receive the LOVE.

Connect with others.

Hug more.

The more you love you, the

more you will grow to be your best


All my love


PS! It is totally permitted to have pleasure, ie. ORGASMS with your Imperfect body.


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