The last 15 days and 100 breaths. . .


Over the last 15 days, I have been pushing my own boundaries: emotionally, physically and spiritually.
I have been detoxing physically to make my body lighter. I have started jogging to be fitter and
I started with my weight program again so I can be stronger.

I have also undertook to venture into the deep dark places of subconscious as to forgive the old wounds that

This has not been an easy task. I have had to dis-create old agreements that I made for myself.

I have also undertaken to break last years treatment record in my practise! of 411 treatments for 2013,

I am now on 421 treatments for 2014. (still time to better it)

Spiritually I have gone deep within my heart and become stronger in my believe system.

I have been tested by the universe and put in all kinds of awkward situations so I can affirm me
And say no.

I have also ventured out of my comfort zone. I have had dinner at my neighbours, I have socialized in a bar,

played pool, gone to Durban in the traffic and had excessive noise in order to grow me as a person.

I have realized that I live a truly blessed life and that I am thankful for this experience.

I have understood why and what human beings have to endure for money and found a deeper compassion all round.

I was happy to return to my shire of silence, of listening to the birds, communing with the wind and
Knowing that the Universal spirit is here in truth and in my happiness of serving.

I have also learnt that I too need a massage to release my knots, my tears and to keep
Opening my heart to learn from any and all experiences.

I have learnt to communicate better,
To speak from the heart.
A gentle heart combined with my inner voice will always guide me.
For now the warrior is tamed within, the journey continues.
The sword that I once used has been transformed into a flower of love.
All my love.



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