The Elusive happiness




We Seek it.

We long for it.

Only once a threat of it being taken away, do we chase it –  for dear life.

So, what makes me happy?

Living in a silent space in nature.

Completing my own thoughts.

Writing & Creating.

Laughing until my tummy hurts.

Crying on my partners shoulder while watching a good movie.

Exercise, yoga, Meditation makes me happy.

Being strong in my body.

Eating healthy with the occasional chocolate or pizza.

Dressing up nicely makes me happy.

Colourful underwear.

Meeting Like-minded spirits to chat to.

Drinking rooibos or green tea.

Going to bed early.

Waking up at Dawn.

Living my purpose driven life of repairing bodies.

Receiving appreciation.

I get to live my dream everyday!


I know that not alot of people are happy ?

Old wounds, issues, baggage, judging, blaming, assuming,

taking things personally  usually cause conflict.

My advice!

Start Affirming what makes you happy!

Feel how your energy starts to ignite more positive in

your Life!

Then :…..KEEP at It….


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